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A comprehensive how-to manual of Polyface Farm’s signature designs–with tips, tricks, and a half century of lessons learned through trial and errorHave you wondered how to build the Polyface broiler shelter, or the dolly to move it, or an Eggmobile, Gobbledygo or Shademobile? For folks getting started, folks adding enterprises, or folks wanting a cheaper bootstrap way to build portable livestock infrastructure, Polyface Designs has all the diagrams and do-it-yourself building specifications. Joel Salatin wrote the text and Polyface former apprentice and engineer extraordinaire Chris Slattery did the drawings. Ultimately practical, the book includes how to build a corral, a home-made head gate and even how to select the right axle for your project. Square footage requirements for the deep bedding hay shed and area advice for pig pastures make this the definitive repository for a lifetime of Polyface experimentation.A massive volume, its 568 pages are in full color and beautiful enough to be a coffee table book even though you’ll use it in your shop. Don’t let the cover price scare you; one building tip can more than save the price of the book.

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March 1, 2021
568 pages

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Joel Salatin and his family own and operate Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The farm produces pastured beef, pork, chicken, eggs, turkeys, rabbits, lamb and ducks, servicing roughly 6,000 families and 50 restaurants in the farm’s bioregion. He has written 14 books to date, is editor of Stockman Grass Farmer Magazine, and lectures around the world on land healing and local food systems. Polyface Farm operates a formal apprenticeship program and conducts many educational workshops and events. Chris Slattery is a mechanical engineer turned farmer/homesteader. With years of experience in CAD/3D modeling coupled with his experience working with his father in the trades and a formal apprenticeship at Polyface, he is uniquely gifted to bring drawings to life. He currently resides on his family’s 112-acre farm in south central Kentucky. <div id="

  • I was excited to get this manual as I need step by step instructions with tools and cut lists to build my farm infrastructure on a budget. The problem? The title says “scalable”. I assumed that meant that they would have instructions on how to change the size of the structures to meet the needs of the readers farm. I was hoping to build an egg mobile or millennium feathernet that would be smaller in scale. I have no idea how to build them smaller on my own. The “scalable” in the title is misleading. I don’t have a flock of 1000 layers, so I don’t need such a huge structure.
  • I am a builder and have built a house and work on cars, etc. I also love to farm. This book was written by an engineer for people who are interested in building items that have been optimized by the Polyface farm of Joel Salatin. If you are like me then you have often wondered during his YouTube videos how he built something or why he uses certain materials over others, then this book is the ‘behind-the-curtain-view’. I love it and have already spent hours looking through it. I plan on building a few for my farm. Mine will likely be a little different but I am years ahead because I at least know some of the lessons learned from Joel. Completely worth the $80 amazon price for all the knowledge he’s provided me over the years!
  • Upon reading J Newman’s comments, I was feeling apprehensive about buying this book. I purchased it anyways and am glad I did. After reading this book I thought it would be worth coming to the defense of the authors as I believe his comments to be misleading. I feel for him and his frustrations that he wanted smaller scale plans because he did not know how to modify them on his own. That is a risk that any author faces when creating a recipe-style book like this. Readers must be able to divide or double a recipe to fit their needs and I believe it is unfair to fault an author for that.Newman feels that the title is misleading, however I do not. Joel Salatin is a for-profit production farmer, not a backyard homesteader. All his designs are created and time tested for the individual wanting to make money on livestock raised in a sustainable way. If you want a book on how to build a coop for 3 chickens, there are plenty of resources already out there. That said, everything in this book is indeed “scalable.” Yes, the millennium Feathernet structure is designed for 1000 birds, but it can easily be scaled down for 100. The eggmobile is created for 200-400 birds, and ditto for making it smaller as well. The broiler shelters are sized for 75. Need more room? Build build two. Need it smaller, build it half the size. Along with the step by step guides, Joel and Chris go into detail on how one can modify these designs and stress the crucial design features one should keep in mind when venturing on their own. They also constantly encourage the reader to be creative and use materials they have available, while adhering to what they believe are the most important facets of each design.Just a back yard homesteader? There’s still plenty for you! Everything from the DIY poultry watering systems to the rabbit cages to low cost fencing systems, gates, latches, hay wagons, and feed storage options make this worth more than double the sticker price.In summary, I’ve never seen a book like this before. It presents some very complicated designs with Lego-like simplicity, while also providing the reader with important insights should they want to modify the designs to meet their needs.Still not convinced? Do a YouTube search on the book. There are a number of videos of people successfully building these structures using these plans.
  • We’ve built a few things out of this and found it made the building process so much easier. We would of liked to see a goat shelter added to the book but there are other designs in there that can be used and tweaked for goats.Thick, thorough and exceptionally organized. This is well worth every penny if you need a no fuss book with building plans.
  • This book is the best manual you can get for everything you will need on a farm. Can’t wait to really get in there and start putting things together!
  • The book is well written and the designs are fabulous. Easy to read and understand.
  • Who knew farming could be plug and play. Well, all of the systems are explained and diagramed. Just follow the instructions and you will be so far ahead of the learn-as-you-go crowd. It’s like having a mentor at your fingertips. It will still be hard work, of course, but Joel Saladin and Chris Slattery have done the heavy lifting of trial and error so you don’t have to.
  • Diagrams and instructions and well developed and easy to understand.
  • You may think the price is a bit deep, but this book is worth every penny. And it will help save you a ton of time, and money. Getting your farm/homestead working smoother and faster. Highly recommend 👍
  • The content of the book is exactly what my husband wanted. The quality of the book itself was not great. The binding on the book let go a week after he received it as a gift and we are looking at getting it rebound. After spending that type of money on a book, I expect the binding to last longer than a week.
  • Very expensive but very informative.
  • Would recommend to anyone thats looking to build farming infrastructure without the guess work
  • Super book! It takes the guess work out of building on the farm/hobby farm. 👍great job putting this book together.
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