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This is the most requested book for what works in the classroom for teacher and student success. It s an education staple for preparing effective teachers at all grade levels, pre-K through college, in all content areas. With the release of the 5th edition, it s now bigger, better, and bolder. The book walks a teacher, either novice or veteran, through structuring and organizing a classroom for success that can be applied at any time of the year.Now in a portrait format, the 5th edition includes a new, 54-minute DVD, You Have Changed My Life, with accomplished actor and singer William Martinez. Through story, song, and American Sign Language, he shares the transformational moment when a teacher realized his potential. His story affirms that teachers ARE the difference in the lives of their students.The 5th edition includes updated research, more examples and stories, and an updated Lesson Mastery unit introducing an easy-to-implement Learning Triangle. The book is used in thousands of school districts, in over 120 countries, in over 2,163 college classrooms, and has been translated into 9 languages.This is the best-selling book ever on classroom management and teaching for student achievement with over 4 million copies sold. It’s practical, yet inspiring. But most important, it works!

Harry K. Wong
Harry K Wong Publications; 5th ed. edition (May 1, 2018)
336 pages

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Harry K. Wong is an award-winning teacher and new teacher advocate. Harry is a native of San Francisco and is arguably the most sought-after motivational speaker in education today having given some 3000 presentations to over a million people. He has been called ‘Mr. Practicality’ for his common sense, user-friendly, no-cost approach to managing a classroom for high-level student success. The March 2006 issue of Instructor magazine named him one of the 20 most admired people in education along with Maya Angelou, Howard Gardner, and Oprah Winfrey. He has received numerous other teaching honors.Rosemary T. Wong is an award-winning teacher and new teacher advocate. Rosemary is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her classroom success led to her selection as one of the first Mentor teachers in California. She has received many Silicon Valley business honors and the Southeastern Louisiana University and LSU Distinguished Alumni Awards.Profits from the sale of the book fund ‘The First Days of School Foundation.’ That foundation has built and funds the 425 student ‘Wong Mean Reth Learning Campus’ in the remote jungles of Cambodia. <div id="

  • This book is overrated, outdated garbage. I bought it after many teachers in an online group recommended it. There are a few useful things in this book about procedures, but that’s about it. The majority of the book is just “fluff”–words to take up space and give acronyms without saying much of anything. The authors (who live lavishly selling books, programs, etc. and haven’t been actual classroom teachers for many decades) go on and on throughout the book about negative, “‘I’ teachers.”Basically, they state that selfish, failing teachers do the following:–want “peace and quiet”–enjoy weekends–need to go home after contracted time is done to “feed the dog,” “pick up the kids,” “prepare dinner,” etc.They suggest teachers need to attend games, funerals, and other events outside of school hours and should not be individuals who do things like wear “trendy clothes.” They also insinuate early in the book that class sizes do not matter. Good to know that in order to be a great teacher you should have no personal life, family, pets, or self-care time; those teachers are selfish and only care about the paycheck, according to the Wongs.They also have photos of signs that are troubling about dress code. For example, one sign they include as a prime example of a morning routine lists the first priority on the list as “conform to dress code.” Pretty sure that’s not the #1 thing a teacher should be worried about.Save yourself the money (and frustration) and read books from newer educators or get advice from people who are actual classroom teachers in 2021.
  • This book was given loaned to me when I started substitute teaching ( i am a retired engineer). the teacher that loaned it to me allowed me to observe her class – WOW. Even though it was elementary school, those kids came in each morning, sat down and either read a book or started some other study – there was no talking or unruly behavior. When it was time to take up money and fill out forms for lunch, the kids took care of it. They were responsible, disciplined and learned what they were supposed to. I even ended up helping one boy who spoke mostly Spanish – my HS and College Spanish came back pretty easily.The next day I went to a different class to observe – what a difference, complete chaos the entire day. Same age kids, just a different teacher.
  • Want to have a great classroom and students ready to learn? Read–no, STUDY–this book. It served me well through my teaching career. I always had one of the best classrooms in my school and the best-behaved students. I was known as the teacher who could teach anyone, and I give Wong and Wong full credit…and my professor who required us to read and use this in our final education course. I don’t know where I’d have been without it!
  • I didn’t find this to be a great resource. If it said “Mr. Blank provides research regarding topic A, it’s a wealth of knowledge and will change your life.”This is an exaggerated example of the text. It says great words but it also says nothing at all. I felt like this was the entire book.
  • This is, by far, one of the best resources for any new teacher. I buy this for any of my new teachers so they get an understanding of the importance of classroom management and classroom climate. Though some of the suggestions may seem elementary, a discerning new teacher can learn all types of strategies to start a school year off right. I cannot reccommend this book enough. I am grateful for the authors and their continued support of their text.
  • This book was a required text for a class I am currently taking. I am a junior in college and I’m pursuing an education degree. This book has so much great information in it that I have found so useful. It is also actually an entertaining read unlike so many books on the same topic. I ended up finishing the whole thing way before I needed to for class. I definitely plan on keeping this for when I graduate because it is something I will return to again and again.
  • As a first year teacher, this book has given me plenty of strategies for lesson planning, classroom management, and effective teaching. I have already instituted some suggestions such as creating a first day power point to highlight class policies, rules, syllabus, and teacher mission statement. I’m definitely happy I invested in this book as I am certain I’ll be reaching for it many times in the coming months.
  • This is very helpful for beginning teachers and those looking to refresh their classroom management skills in preparation for a new year. I bought this and The Classroom Management book by the same authors and preferred that book over this one.
  • A fantastic guidebook for any first-year teacher. Pick and choose what you want to gain out of this book. It is absolutely great at laying out foundations such as classroom management. Highly recommended.
  • The book arrived, but I cannot seem to play the DVD. I would have liked to do this. I wonder if it is a zone issue. So sad.
  • Very helpful insights and structures that help set up a framework for effective classroom teaching.
  • The book is great but Amazon’s packaging has deteriorated badly – this is the fifth book from Amazon I have received damaged.
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