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This bestselling text pioneered the comparison of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research design. For all three approaches, John W. Creswell and new co author J. David Creswell include a preliminary consideration of philosophical assumptions; key elements of the research process; a review of the literature; an assessment of the use of theory in research applications, and reflections about the importance of writing and ethics in scholarly inquiry. New to this EditionUpdated discussion on designing a proposal for a research project and on the steps in designing a research study.  Additional content on epistemological and ontological positioning in relation to the research question and chosen methodology and method. Additional updates on the transformative worldview. Expanded coverage on specific approaches such as case studies, participatory action research, and visual methods. Additional information about social media, online qualitative methods, and mentoring and reflexivity in qualitative methods. Incorporation of action research and program evaluation in mixed methods and coverage of the latest advances in the mixed methods fieldAdditional coverage on qualitative and quantitative data analysis software in the respective methods chapters. Additional information about causality and its relationship to statistics in quantitative methods. Incorporation of writing discussion sections into each of the three methodologies. Current references and additional readings are included in this new edition.

John W. Creswell
SAGE Publications, Inc; 5th edition (January 2, 2018)
304 pages

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“This text is incredibly helpful and among the books I use most frequently in my teaching and my own writing.” — Andrew Ryder About the Author John W. Creswell, PhD, is a professor of family medicine and senior research scientist at the Michigan Mixed Methods Program at the University of Michigan. He has authored numerous articles and 30 books on mixed methods research, qualitative research, and research design. While at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he held the Clifton EndowedProfessor Chair, served as Director of the Mixed Methods Research Office, founded SAGE’s Journal of Mixed Methods Research, and was an adjunct professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan and a consultant to the Veterans Administration health services research center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was a Senior Fulbright Scholar to South Africa in 2008 and to Thailand in 2012. In 2011, he co-led a National Institute of Health working group on the “best practices of mixed methods research in the health sciences,” and in 2014 served as a visiting professor at Harvard’s School of Public Health. In 2014, he was the founding President of the Mixed Methods International Research Association. In 2015, he joined the staff of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan to Co-Direct the Michigan Mixed Methods Program. In 2016, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. In 2017, he co-authored the American Psychological Association “standards” on qualitative and mixed methods research. In 2018 his book on “Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design” (with Cheryl Poth) won the Textbook and Academic Author’s 2018 McGuffey Longevity Award in the United States. He currently makes his home in Ashiya, Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii. <div id="

  • When I purchased this book, I thought I’d be getting the legit 5th edition, not a book from “bad” batch that was accidentally printed and now being sold as the “real thing”. C’mon. In my class of 20, two others students had the same issue. With 3-4 errors (typos, spacing, punctuation) on each page, it can be difficult to take the book seriously and follow along. This version SHOULD NOT be sold for $40! I should’ve gotten my book from the original publisher.Edit: I posted a review on the distributor’s page and, when I requested a refund, they were going to withhold my refund until I deleted the review.
  • I acquired this book for the EME6062 class. I think that the author targeted this book to Masters or Doctoral students, as the amount of information covered and verbiage used seems to be overcomplicated. For example, I found the book “Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research” from the same author (ISBN# 978-0-13-136739-5). Although the book is older (4th Ed. from 2012), this book covers the same information using an easier language, using lots of examples to explain the same concepts. I used the older book to clarify the ideas I was reading in the newer version.
  • The content of the text is good. It would make a very useful reference textbook if the editing wasn’t so god awful. Typos are abundant with random characters appearing all over the place. The general typesetting is no better, making it nearly impossible to read in some sections as entire paragraphs morph into a single long word. I don’t know how the past editions compare but this is honestly one of the worst examples of bad editing I’ve ever seen.
  • First off, why is the digital version twice as expensive as the print? That literally makes no sense so shame on Amazon for that one. Secondly, the digital version is a vastly inferior product, the text doesn’t line up, the tables are all broken up over several pages and not really comprehensible. It is not hard to fix this on the front end so in the end you get a broken product for more money. Nicely done Amazon.
  • I may change this review once I’ve read the book — this is a review regarding the Kindle version. It’s formatted for the stone ages. Two examples:The font size is small and you CANNOT change the font size (you can pinch/zoom like it’s a pdf, but then you’ll be continually moving the document back and forth to read it). Nor can the Fire use speech-to-text as it does with normal Kindle titles.So, it appears to be cheap on Kindle. That’s because it IS cheap…cheaply made. Just suck it up and buy the hardcopy, or you’ll waste ten bucks.Unless you can read a 6pt font, that is…
  • I purchased this book from an Amazon seller. It said it was new; however, as I have been reading the book, I have noticed numerous spelling and grammatical errors AND there are big chunks of information missing on some of the pages! I have even noticed that the footer for some of the chapters are WRONG! I will have to purchase the book again because there is very important information that is missing.
  • The academic field of research methods describes how different approaches to research can yield insight and results. Historically, quantitative (i.e., numerical) approaches have dominated. Recently, qualitative (i.e., descriptive in words) approaches have increased. Also recently, mixed methods approaches have combined the two to tell interesting stories more expeditiously. In this work, Creswell and Creswell delineate all three methods and help the reader make the most of their research efforts.The fact that this book is in a fifth edition speaks to its strength and staying power. Copious references to the literature adorn its text. In addition, concepts – like putting interventions into action through, say, social-justice or feminist perspectives – are covered concisely yet in detail. Newer, activist approaches provide ways for research to reach outside of the so-called “ivory tower.”Examples of the concepts in action are provided through boxes that illustrate the concepts. The text gets to the point and does not ramble. As such, the reader can transit efficiently from ignorance to knowledge to action. From the examples, one can easily transform this information into a robust product of writing. Useful strategies like concept-mapping and coding are also exposited and help the reader grasp how to gain further insight into their field.Obviously, those engaged in research efforts are targeted by this work. It is appropriate for graduate students, teachers, and researchers of many stripes – especially in medicine, education, psychology, and the social sciences. It provides a helpful way to structure their work. It is accessible and readable enough that anyone engaged in critical inquiry can gain from this work. One does not need to be a Harvard professor to appreciate the Creswells’ contribution… though Harvard professors, too, might appreciate their clarity and erudition!
  • An excellent resource on the research process, stepping through the entire sequence step by step, including selection an approach, literature review, application of theory, strategies for writing, and ethical considerations. The entire research process is covered, with numbers examples and tables to provide guidelines and insights. Under the actual chapters on research design, the authors cover the specific contents of the research report – introduction, purpose statement, research questions and hypotheses, as well as specific guidance on the design of all three approaches – qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches.An exceptional resource in the design and implementation of a research project.
  • Whilst the content of this book is incredibly helpful and easily understood, the ebook constantly fails and asks you to redownload it on my kindle paperwhite. Having contacted amazon I was informed that this is a known issue that they are working on – I will update my review when/if this issue is fixed.Other than this, I have been informed that this issue has not been happening on the free kindle computer app, and as this is a reference book it is not too difficult to read on there. This ebook should be advertised as non-functional on kindle devices, and considering it’s price it’s very disappointing it’s lack of functionality on devices has not been factored in.
  • The actual information in the book is brilliant and exactly what I wanted. But, the front cover was damaged, chipped at the corners and bent in places. I wanted to exchange but when i have tried to through amazon, it only gives me the option of a refund? I like the product information but not pleased with the front page quality with the bends in the front cover page.
  • This book fell apart the first time I used it. The international edition print edition is shoddy and my copy is held together with sellotape.
  • I liked the price and the delivery speed. However, I have just realised that this is a paper back is not an original copy. This book has been photocopied, the text is blurry-ish! I am not entirely happy, but I had already written my name.
  • Content of the book is good, but the printing is fuzzy and due to the thin paper the text on the back of the page shows through making it very uncomfortable to read – eyestrain sets in after about ten minutes under good quality lighting. Not what I would expect given the price of the book.
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    File Size: 85 MB

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