Anger Management Workbook for Kids: 50 Fun Activities to Help Children Stay Calm and Make Better Choices When They Feel Mad (Health and Wellness Workbooks for Kids) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Show your anger who’s boss―50 fun activities about anger management for kids ages 6 to 11Anger is a normal emotion just like joy, sadness, and fear, but it can be difficult to know how to express those feelings in a good way. The Anger Management Workbook for Kids is filled with 50 playful exercises to help you handle powerful emotions. You can stay calm and make better choices when you feel angry. Other workbooks about anger management for kids wish they could be this fun!This workbook about anger management for kids includes:Assorted exercises―Doodle, write, meditate, and make crafts like the Glitter Jar as you work through angry feelings with this delightful workbook about anger management for kids.All about anger―Learn about what anger is, how it feels, how to look out for it, and more.Feel-good habits―In this workbook about anger management for kids, you can explore lots of healthy habits that help you react better in situations that make you mad.Stop angry feelings in their tracks with the activities in this workbook. Who knew anger management for kids could be so enjoyable?

Samantha Snowden MA
November 27, 2018
160 pages

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“Anger Management Workbook for Kids is a comprehensive compilation of exercises aimed at identifying anger and its triggers and finding tools to deal with the frustrations that lead to an outburst or hurt feelings. Samantha Snowden uses all types of identifiable situations that children find in everyday life, and includes easy charts and formulas that show how to head off anger by learning the triggers. She furthers the experience by teaching what causes those feelings, both physically and emotionally, as well as exploring possible unwanted consequences. This book is a must-read for parents, educators, and children, and should enable all readers to find the monster that anger can become, remove its fangs, and reduce its power forever.”―Carole P. Roman, author of Mindfulness for Kids“With this workbook, Samantha Snowden has provided a rich and useful set of practices to help develop the skills to notice and manage our internal states. Once kids start to develop a sense of freedom from their own emotions―not by ignoring them or pushing them away, but by validating the processes and circumstances that are creating them―great self-regulation skills can start to develop…The exercises and readings in this book will help kids of all ages break through the habit of automatic reactions, provide tools for labeling and understanding how their anger and discomfort work, and support them on the path of learning to be comfortable with their own emotions.”―Andrew Hill, PhD, Founding Director of the Peak Brain Institute and UCLA Lecturer in Psychology“As a former teacher and school counselor, I find Samantha Snowden’s The Anger Management Workbook for Kids to be an incredible resource and tool to help kids go beyond managing anger to replacing it with choices that help them thrive. This useful workbook is thorough, yet not heavy in any way. Snowden has performed a beautiful balancing act with this book, providing kids with information; exploration and interaction; and activities, strategies, and skills that they can take out of the workbook and into their lives. The workbook is inviting and non-judgmental―kids don’t feel accused or like adults want to “fix” them. In a gentle yet honest and frank way, this book helps kids explore their anger (thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and behaviors), its causes, and its consequences. I highly recommend this book for any child whose anger is overpowering and interfering in their life. With its approach that neither shames nor reprimands, kids will develop understanding and skills that will help now and as they grow into adults.”―Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, author of eight mental health books, including The Mindfulness Workbook for Anxiety“Samantha Snowden has created an engaging, thoughtful workbook for kids who are interested in exploring exactly what is taking place inside our bodies and minds as anger forms. These hands-on activities encourage communication, self-reflection, and creativity, as children are guided step-by-step to investigate their emotions, recognize and identify feelings and needs, and practice, and ultimately shift, negative reactions. I highly recommend this interactive book, and applaud with gratitude Snowden’s support of self-awareness, connectivity, and compassion.”―J. Robin Albertson-Wren, parent, teacher, mindfulness instructor, public speaker, and co-author of Mindfulness for Kids About the Author Samantha Snowden offers mindfulness coaching and facilitation for youth, adults, families, schools, and educators. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA and a master’s degree in clinical and educational psychology from Columbia University. Samantha is currently the international mindfulness coordinator for Peak Brain Institute. <div id="

  • My son has had really bad anger and rage issues for the last 2 years. We have tried pretty much everything from calming techniques, contact sports, counseling, etc. Nothing seemed to even slightly help. However we have seen a dramatic improvement since using this workbook. We are only on the 5th activity but he is starting to recognize his anger more and enjoys working in it. I can tell you the first time we told him about it and the first activity sheet was a very very rough go. I am excited to see how he will be at the end of the entire workbook.Personally I think the book looks super cool, fun to work through and very colorful and kid friendly. Great teacher about anger and even explains it in a biological way
  • My daughter is suffering from anger issues from a divorce. This workbook is amazing and is truly helping her get through a tough time. It’s a big workbook, identifies and defines anger and also has activities where the child has to define exactly how they feel, identify to them what anger looks like, what color it is. I love this workbook and can’t recommend this enough. If you have a child with anger or going through a tough time, this workbook is truly amazing!
  • Ok so I got this for my 9yr old son. He doesn’t have ‘anger issues’ but I’ve noticed he is having trouble with problem solving and wasn’t following teachers directions, which was very new to me.I actually thought this book was for the parents, comes to find out its for your child.I absolutely don’t understand why ‘anger management’ is written big fat on it. I realized my kids (all three of them) thought it was a little to ‘harsh’ and ‘too serious’.My son completed some of the activities but found them ‘stupid’ (his words, not mine)There were questions like: name your anger or how does your anger smell like. My son is very mature so it might be just him. I am looking for different books but we will still complete some of the activities.
  • This helpful workbook is destined to be used by many counselors and parents as it covers a wide spectrum of issues. It’s a tool that will likely get repeated use, and it keeps mindfulness in the background as it helps adults work towards solutions and/or develop strategies. Each section begins with an introduction that provides insights for adults, followed by three to five exercises for kids. Although each exercise has spaces where answers can be written and pictures drawn, it’s likely many of these will be conducted orally, as counselors decide what’s appropriate for each situation.Some representative examples of the sections include: What Else Can Anger Be, with corresponding exercises on getting to know fear, sadness, and disappointment; and Who Makes Me Feel Angry, with four sections that include When Things Get Hard at Home, and Conflicts at School.Parents who purchase this book may find it provides insights into situations they are seeing at home. In some cases, simply being able to recognize the issue(s) is useful and act upon it may be enough, but in other cases the questions may help to highlight an underlying cause or to suggest a situation is escalating and professional help would be useful. Any tool that helps adults support a child’s emotional development is useful, provided it is adapted to individual cases. Author Samantha Snowden has a master’s degree in clinical and educational psychology and extensive experience.
  • I am a school social worker and this will be a great book to address anger with the kids I work with. It is very kid friendly and has great activities to do either individually or with a group. I like that it is about accepting and “getting to know” your anger in order to cope with it, instead of trying to avoid anger all together.
  • My students love this workbook! I’m a School Counselor and today I handed the book to one of my 5th graders when he came for a break in my office. I told him to go through all the bookmarked pages and add a check to the pages he wanted to complete with our anger management group. After about 5 minutes he said, “can I add checkmarks to pages you didn’t bookmark too?” My heart melted! This resource is really wonderful and I look forward to using it with my elementary aged students all the time! Thank you!
  • Been working on this book with my almost 7 year old. Also been using it for group work in my NGO in East Africa. Love it! Worth the investment.
  • This book has been great for my son and for myself. He’s 7 and has anxiety, unfortunately his anxiety manifests as outburst and whining and then ends with him in tears when he says he doesn’t know why he got so mad. We’ve been doing a few pages of this book each morning while he’s completely calm and thinking clearly. It’s also really helped me stop and think about my own emotions before I react.
  • This book is wonderful.I am in desperate need of help to manage angry outbursts of my 9 yo, but didn’t want to go as far as external help. I know what the issues are ( Covid, new school, 11 plus) but I didn’t know how to fix it- it’s incredible how little control we have over our children’s’ lives…This book offers good old fashioned CBT, but written in the language the 9yo can understand. We do the exercises together and it really gives me an insight into my son’s thinking eg- what stresses him out the most about the school is all the new rules and he gets really bad headache when he’s angry ( which is probably making each episode even worse). I realised it might be a generalisation, but I think a lot of boys this age are not able to recognise their feelings and this book creates an ideal platform for exploring them. This morning my son woke me up, book in hand asking: “ Can we do a bit more of the anger book?”You will need to put some time aside for it though, when you are not rushed and they are not tired. But I highly recommend it if you are struggling, which I know a lot of parents are at the moment.
  • This was recommended for a 6 year old but would say its more suited to a 8 year old and upwards due to the text and language used in this book.
  • Really helpful handbook for children coping with difficult emotions.
  • I have tried so many things but this book engaged my child, we are working through it
  • Good resource for working with children with anger issues
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