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The easy way to teach sign language to babies and toddlers ages 0 to 3 Sign language is a fun and effective way for babies to communicate without words and develop essential early learning skills, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. This book of baby sign language makes it easy, with 101 useful, everyday ASL signs and a clear, simple format that explains what signs are best to start with and tips for teaching them. Whether it’s asking for milk or telling you that they’re tired, you’ll learn how to give your baby the tools to tell you what they’re thinking. Baby sign language basics―Get an overview of what baby sign language is and how it can help you and your child connect, as well as how it can aid in their development.How to teach signs―Find guidance for getting started, capturing your baby’s attention, and when to add more signs based on their age and progress.Easy organization―Each chapter is organized by topics like mealtime, getting dressed, playtime, animals, and feelings, so it’s quick to find the signs you need.Start communicating early, with the baby sign language book that makes it simple.

Lane Rebelo
June 12, 2018
168 pages

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“Amen and hallelujah for this book! As a potty training expert, I’m often met with parents who don’t want to start potty training because their child isn’t verbal yet. I’m always a little astounded because our children are always communicating with us, even if it doesn’t look or sound like words. For me, as a parent and a parenting professional, sign language is that bridge. Our little ones understand and have so much to say before their words come. Lane’s book is incredible. I wish I had this book when my son was little! So many power struggles can be avoided with sign language; when you eliminate the frustration over speaking the right words, you’d be surprised how much easier life with an early toddler can be. This book is beautiful and Lane’s knowledge and compassion are superior. “—Jamie Glowacki, author of Oh Crap! Potty Training”Baby Sign Language Made Easy is a beautiful, easy-to-understand resource about how to learn and teach baby sign language to young children. Drawing on the benefits of baby sign language for both parent and child, Ms. Rebelo not only provides a thorough collection of useful signs, but shows you exactly how to introduce them to your child. This is a must-read for any parent eager to use baby sign language.” —Nina Garcia, author and parenting blogger at Sleeping Should Be Easy“Baby Sign Language Made Easy is a must-have book for parents! Lane does a wonderful job describing how to begin teaching sign language to babies. She breaks it down into simple steps so it’s easy to know where to start. I love that she shares the top signs for different categories and that there are images of children signing. Everything you want to know about baby sign language is in this book!”—Angela Thayer, author of Play & Learn Toddler Activities Book and Blogger at About the Author LANE REBELO, LCSW, is the founder of Tiny Signs®, an award-winning baby sign language program providing classes, workshops, and professional trainings in the Boston area and online. Lane is a licensed social worker and worked for many years with families in the Boston area. Lane began studying American Sign Language in 2006 after her first baby was born and was amazed by all she had to say. She lives with her husband and two children in MetroWest Boston. You can find her online at <div id="

  • The truth is, I bought this book because I personally know the author. My own children are school-age now, so I figured I’d browse through the book and then give it to a friend who has an infant. But when I saw my 10-year-old poring over the book, practicing signs, and smiling to himself, I couldn’t wait to delve deeper into the book myself. And when I did, I realized that I can’t possibly regift this book; it’s too special to give away!This is the book I wish I’d had when my children were infants. When my first child was born, I was vaguely aware that signing with my baby would be beneficial, and somewhere I picked up a few signs: MILK, MORE, and EAT. My baby took to these signs right away, and they became valuable communication tools for us. I considered teaching my child more signs, but when I glanced at baby sign books in the library, they looked overwhelming and daunting for my sleep-deprived, new-motherhood-addled mind. My child ended up speaking early and well, but I can’t help wondering what I missed out on before speech emerged. What would he have communicated to me had I introduced more signs to him? I talked to my baby all the time, but how would he have responded if he’d had the tools to communicate back to me?I’m sure that if someone had handed me this book at that time, I would have glanced through it and been drawn in by its clear illustrations and accessible format. I would have jumped right to the chapter on the first 10 signs and introduced my child to several useful and then playful signs, and even my fatigued brain would have been able to utilize the author’s concise memory tips to recall each sign. After meeting with success with these signs, I would have gone on to introduce mealtime signs, changing and getting dressed signs, bath and bedtime signs, and animal signs. I would have loved to use the author’s suggestions for incorporating signing into books that we happened to already own and songs that we were already singing. During my more lucid moments of my child’s first year, I would have gone back to read the author’s introduction and explanation of baby signs, and I would have felt even better about making the decision to incorporate signs into our daily life.This book is written with such loving awareness of infant development. With its anecdotes about the author’s own signing experiences with her children, it feels as though a friend is patiently guiding the reader along. No wonder my 10-year-old and I were instantly taken with the book! What we missed 10 years ago, we can now understand together.
  • My toddler just signed “I love you” for the first time, yesterday.She lets me know when she’s hurt by signing hurt and pointing to something that hurt her. She lets me know when she’s hungry by signing eat or thirsty by signing milk. When she sees an animal but can’t enunciate the name she signs it and makes the animal’s sound, letting me know what’s interesting to her. She shows me trees, and flowers through signs. We learned nearly every sign in the book, and it enabled us to communicate before she could start talking.She’s talking now, and so we’re dropping signs gradually. But now, we still use signs to soothe tantrums. If, during a tantrum, I sign how she feels (i.e. grumpy) she knows I get how she feels, so much more than if I were to use words. It helps tremendously, when she’s looking for that empathy.This book is wonderful and has brought us so many memories.
  • I bought this book to use with my second daughter and I am so happy I did! Lane does a wonderful job of presenting the information in an easy to understand way which was critical for me because I am a busy working mom. I was really happy to see that there’s a free online video dictionary too! I didn’t realize the book came with that and was really pleased to find a link in the book. It’s so helpful to see the author demonstrating the signs to get a better sense of how to do them correctly. The illustrations in the book are great, but seeing the signs in action is super helpful.
  • Didn’t realize babies/children learned sign language until our daughter told us our grandson was learning signs in daycare. What really helps is the author’s website, where she demonstrates each sign. After reading the book and reviewing all the signs, it was great to see them live.
  • I love the fact that has all kinds of learning signs for family members and everything in between. It’s an awesome way to communicates considering my babies can’t talk.
  • It’s not too much, it’s just right. There are other books with 300 signs, and those are just intimidating to me. When you’re dealing with the stress of a newborn, a two month old, and constantly trying to catch up with life in addition to taking care of your kid, a complicated book will not help you. This book strikes the right balance between being too simplistic or being overly complicated. It is just right. Finally, please excuse any typos as I have submitted this review via voice to text on my phone.
  • I love this book and am currently using it to teach sign to my 3-month old. What I love about this book are the extra songs she includes that incorporate the signs that you just learned. This is a fun way to teach your child about signing. She also has a website you can access after you’ve purchased the book that has more signs and you can see her demonstrate it live.I’m really happy I bought this book and recommend it to friends.
  • I love this book. It’s great all around for a beginner with a baby. My nonverbal 1.5 year old is already signing. And for signs that she can’t do yet, she understands when I did them. This book has been a huge help.
  • The content of book is really great but I wish I have paid attention on reading the cover of book closely as it gives you the clue that sign they have used in the book isn’t “British Sign Language”.
  • Great, easy to use book, however, it is Australian sign language and not British. I searched for British sign language book and this came up to be told different by my health visitor.
  • Easy to use and have used for our little one. Just a shame it’s ASL rather than BSL or dedicated baby signing
  • Looks a nice book, but i understand there are differences between British sign language and American sign language. My mistake for not reading similar comments made earlier, but in my defence i had searched for BSL and this appears.
  • Very simple and easy to read and copy the actions, a great reference book when choosing which subjects to learn, also very helpful, when choosing which subjects to watch on you tube…. a great little hand book.
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