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Prevent summer learning loss and prepare your child for back-to-school success in just 15 minutes a day with engaging activities, exercises, fun games, and more—all in one workbook!Workbook Features: • Ages 4-5, bridging PreK to Kindergarten• 160 pages, about 8 inches x 10 ½ inches • Includes over 60 days of activities!• Phonics, handwriting practice, counting, science, fitness activities, and more• Flash cards, stickers, and completion certificate includedSummer Learning: Summer Bridge Activities Workbook helps preschoolers—kindergarteners keep their skills sharp during the summer months to stop summer slide through full-color practice pages, fun fitness activities, and more.What’s Included: This book includes versatile subjects covering phonics, handwriting, counting numbers, science experiments, fitness activities, early learning skills, and more. Flash cards, reward stickers, and a completion certificate are included.How It Works: Each page is numbered by day so kids and parents can track progress and reach monthly learning goals. Each activity features clear, step-by-step instructions and practice pages to help sharpen students’ skills for the school year ahead.Just 15 Minutes A Day: Two months of learning loss occurs during the summer, with the highest losses being in math and spelling. This activity book is designed to prevent summer brain drain in just 15 minutes per day through engaging activities.Why Summer Bridge: Award-winning Summer Bridge Activities® engage children’s creativity and learning potential and keep kids mentally and physically active to prevent summer learning loss and pave the way for a successful new school year ahead.

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January 25, 2015
160 pages

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“Summer Bridge Activities from Carson Dellosa is the #1 summer workbook series trusted by parents and teachers for over 25 years, designed to prevent summer learning loss with hands-on exercises that can be done anywhere, whether at the beach, backyard by”Summer Bridge Activities workbooks are specifically designed to fight Summer Slide. The activities are meant to be done in just 15 minutes a day, so they’re perfect for those who just want a brush-up between school years. They go up through eighth grade, From the Back Cover School stops for the summer, but learning never should! Research shows that many students forget important school skills over the long summer vacation. Prevent summer learning loss with the award-winning, best-selling Summer Bridge Activities®. Get ready <div id="

  • I’ve been happily using the summer bridge activities books with my son for probably five summers but when I was doing the pre-K to K one with my daughter I realized how boring and repetitive they were. I bought the summer brain quest book and it has completely changed my views. I’ve already bought the summer brain quest books for next summer for both kids. There is so much more color to those pages which is helpful when pulling their attention away from swimming and playing outside. The sticker map in the back is way better than just slapping a sticker on each page like these have. Some of the brain quest pages go by so quick which frustrated me at first because it seemed like she was flying through the book but when I realized how happy and proud she was to be accomplishing something while her brother was stuck on the same boring page for a ridiculous length of time in his summer bridge activities book I realize that this was way better. We already finished her brain quest book mid-July and now I’m using up this book because we bought it but it’s much more boring. I’m still giving them a 4 star because these books are great and I happily recommended them for years but now I know they aren’t the best.
  • I read mixed reviews about this product but all in all in must say this product is PERFECT for your pre-schooler enter kindergarten. I am an educator and work will my daughter daily so that she stays ahead of the game and she’s not even going to kindergarten yet. As others have stated, sure there are concepts that she has mastered already like basic shape tracing and coloring, but it is still cognitively engaging for her. I skip around the book and we review skills she has already mastered and there are also new concepts that she has begun to work on.Someone also made a comment about the directions and children not being able to read them, I thought about that as well but that where WE come in as the guardians, they should be working on materials with supervision; not only for directions read but also for praise and positive reinforcement.I purchased other books to work with her over the summer as well, and sure she finishes few pages a day in This book, but what I most appreciate is the engagement and how the book is broken up into sections, math skills, science project suggestions, letter sounds and sight words, patterns and scientific concepts and is very colorful. I say get the book. IT is worth it. You want learning to be fun so kids want to continue working. I love the fact that she has mastered some of the sills already outlined in the book, it builds her confidence as she tackles other portions of the book. I wouldn’t use this book as my only book for the summer, I would supplement it with additional books/materials as well. I have a separate book just for math, sight words and language arts.
  • I’m not as impressed with it as others were. For example on page 20 where there is a key to color certain shapes certain colors, the color is written out in black ink. Can preschoolers read colors yet? Not many that I know. In a different book I have, the color names are written out with the color ink that they represent. This creates more independence. For this book, I just colored in the shapes the colors that are written so that my daughter could do the activity on her own if she wanted.
  • Way too easy for my daughters. They were in a preschool and are entering kindergarten. Too easy.They finished the first section (which is supposed to be 20 days) in 2 days 🙁 so not worth the money for me. But I like th structure of the book and everything else. Just a little too easy. Not challenging enough. (They are not advanced or anything. Regular kids with normal abilities)
  • Good workbook, content varies and diverse for good transitions. Although my Pre-k child cannot read, he understood how to complete once instructions were provided once so similar content assignments so he was able to complete some areas without closely monitored supervision. He did finish the workbook quite quickly so I noticed it was not challenging enough and i still needed to seek other workbooks/exercises towards reading. I should have just purchased the next grade up. He finished in 2.5 weeks, not doing it everyday.
  • I bought this book for my daughter who graduated pre-k and will be starting Kindergarten in Aug. This was a great educational tool to prevent learning loss over the summer. The book is designed for the child to complete 2 pages of activities and should take about 15 mins a page. The activities range from number recognition, counting, letter recognition, writing, phonics, shapes, opposites, and some science activities. My daughter enjoyed the activities that sometimes she would be willing to do more than 2 pages a day. Summer Bridges introduced some Kindergarten concepts towards the end of the book which provided insight as to what my daughter will be learning this Fall and also preparing her for those lessons.
  • This book was great for a quarantined summer before kindergarten with no daycare. It was fairly self explanatory for 4-5 year old. May need some help at first reading directions and then each days activity is similar themed so could figure out on their own. 3-4 pages of work every day to work on writing, coloring, shapes, letters, numbers and counting. Definitely helped keep learning train going in between school and gain more basic knowledge before starting kindergarten.
  • Summer bridges are my favorite workbooks. I usually have gotten them from Lakeshore Learning store but getting it through Amazon actually was cheaper and I didn’t have to leave my house event better. I like how it starts with preschool activities and the more you get into the book it starts with things my son would be leaving in kindergarten. That’s the whole point of the summer bridges books…
  • Dieses Workbook ist abwechslungsreicher, als man das von anderen Büchern dieser Art gewöhnt ist. Immer nach zwei Seiten wird das Kind mit einem Sticker belohnt, was mein Sohn ganz toll findet. Das Buch enthält nicht nur Worksheets, es sind auch Experimente erklärt, die man leicht mit den Kindern zusammen machen kann. Wir sind begeistert!
  • Super cahier d’exercices en anglais pour enfant rentrant en grande section.Certains exercices sont assez scolaires (écrire les lettres) mais le livre propose surtout de travailler sur des notions super pour les enfants: la flexibilité, la force et l’endurance : à chaque fois sur le plan physique et psychologique. Parfait pour aider un enfant de 4-5 ans à grandir, à relativiser ses frustrations et pour lui donner confiance en lui
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