A Little SPOT of Feelings 8 Book Box Set (Book 25-32: Empathy, Frustration, Calm, Belonging, Worry, Boredom, Flexible Thinking, & Feelings Detective) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

This box set includes 8 Feeling Books: A Little SPOT of Empathy A Little SPOT of Frustration A Little Calm SPOT A Little SPOT of Worry A Little SPOT of Belonging A Little SPOT of Flexible Thinking A Little SPOT of Boredom A Little SPOT of Feelings: Emotion Detective

Diane Alber
August 14, 2021


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Diane Alber has had a passion for art since she held her first crayon at age two, which inspired her to subsequently earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State University. She is a wife and a mother of two young energetic children who love books. She became inspired to start writing and illustrating books because she saw a need for a book that inspired art and creativity in children. She also hopes that this book encourages parents to be proud of their children’s art work no matter what it looks like! <div id="

  • I am a special education teacher who is passionate about social emotional learning/social skills development. Enter these amazing books. I originally discovered Diane Abler through her Scribble Stones book. Since then I haven’t looked back. I own every Little Spot Box Set and I utilize them both at home with my own children and in my classroom.These books are great companion books to any social emotional/social skills curriculum you may utilize, but can also stand strong on their own. They are engaging, beautifully illustrated, and full of important life lessons/life skills.In this collection alone Diane Abler covers the following important social emotional topics:Frustration, Worry, Belonging, Mindfulness, Boredom, Empathy, Flexible Thinking, and our Feelings.Teachers and parents and teacher/parents check these amazing books out! You will not be disappointed.
  • I purchased these box sets for several children as gifts, parents all raved about the books. With the anticipated arrival of my Little one in a few weeks I was very excited to purchase several of the box sets to share with her in the years to come. As an adult I myself found great value in the books and would honestly recommend them as a great read for all age groups. It’s a real gem and a go to for gifting!
  • This box set was an awesome addition to my Little Spot collection. I have the other 3 boxed sets as well. I am a middle school social worker (5th-8th) and use these books on a regular basis to help students learn about their emotions and feelings and help them to accurately identify what they’re experiencing. I use them in individual/group counseling as well as classroom push ins. They are a great addition to anyone’s collection who works with children! The students I work with are constantly asking to read one of these books. I HIGHLY recommend these books!
  • Not at all appropriate for a 5 year old ! Pictures not interesting or colorful. Emotions not clearly explained!
  • I have been buying kids’ self help and feelings/emotions book for years now and I have purchased every single highly reviewed book. Actually I have a whole library of them. ..So when I say these books are special I am absolutely serious.My 10 year old will not stop reading these, and we have both gained simple and useful vocabulary to discuss feelings and emotions because of these fun and entertaining yet highly informative books.Daine Alber has done her due diligence in not only understanding the psychological concepts, but has made sure to offer realistic solutions to the emotional issues in the most comprehendible way possible, with lovely and on-point illustrations.The author explains in simple terms:1. The difference between feelings and emotions, and the importance of each one in our lives.2. That having different feelings and emotions are normal, and one can have more than one feeling at the same time.3. Each feeling or emotion is described clearly with illustrations, the colors and words.4. Facial expressions are discussed5. Related body reactions are discussed6. Solutions and tips on how to manage the feelings/emotions are discussed7. There is an extra bonus activity in the end8. The books give the adult and children the correct words to explain their feelings and emotions, making it a wonderful solution for children who have difficulty finding words to explain their challenges, or parents/adults who aren’t sure how to discuss the topic.I have both the Feelings and Emotions sets. And if Daine Alber continues to put out books like this, I will purchase every single one that comes out.I am extremely excited about these and highly recommend these books to any parent, teacher, therapist, coach, and namely anybody in any career that deals with children.An absolute must have!
  • These box sets are amazing they not only clearly explain each characteristic but they tell you why they are important and give clear examples thru a fun storyline of how to incorporate it and become more of that characteristic and at the end of each book there is usually an activity that can be done to help drive it home!
  • My son had problems telling us how he feels. You could see the frustration in his face when he couldn’t express his feelings. My wife and I could notice the improvement these books have made on my son’s speech.
  • These books were much more engaging for both the kids and myself than I expected! Now I have 4 sets of books and the little spot stuffed animals. The kids are referencing them all the time to manage regular family and peer issues!
  • I’m so pleased with these books. The only downside is the American spellings. I teach PSHE in a primary school. I’m also a THRIVE practitioner. The children find the concept of describing their emotions through colours very useful. There is a Utube song of scribble spot that you can use to compliment this book set.
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    File Size: 36 MB

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