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If nobody has told that you have a Strawman, then this could be a very interesting experience for you. Your Strawman was created when you were very young, far too young to know anything about it. But then, it was meant to be a secret as it’s purpose is to swindle you, and it has been used very effectively to do just that ever since it was created.

David E. Robinson
October 2, 2013
80 pages

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  • Simple and easy read, Truth is always simple and the author lays down simple Truth. Don’t just believe what is in the book and do your own homework and do the research for yourself. Many have know how our banking, governmental, and society institutions are corrupt and immoral. Author plants seeds for the beginner to start to understand a system of enslavement built long before you were born. Our ignorance and apathy is what keep this immoral system going. The misuse of words, believing what you were told, and just doing what everyone else is doing lead us here. The court system manipulation of words that you think you know what they mean, but you don’t. The immoral act of usury, and interest the banks profligates to create money out of thin air. Why our military and cops and the “I was just following Orders” crowd always leads to more suffering and enslavement. This book lays down a good foundation of opening you’re eyes to what is really going on. The author uses simple words, keeps it short and sweet, and even post links to verify yourself. Which is the most important step. This is a beginner’s book but unfortunately most people can’t even comprehend what’s in it. Knowledge is not power it’s how you choose to apply that knowledge thats the real power. This book is a must read. But, hey who needs to read books? Ignorance leads to slavery, it is an inevitable Law in nature.
  • First, I must start this review with an admission.I threw the book across the room three times. Not in a tiff or because it was boringly wordy. It’s nowhere near that. I threw it because I woke up to the realization that I had been lied to all these years.This is *THE RED PILL*. You can not unread it once read and I am into my third read only because I keep throwing it across the room at page 19 (it’s bookmarked with a post-it flag). Page 71 is where the meat and potatoes comes in and it’s all the sources and references. Nine pages worth.Monday, April 27, I’m going to the courthouse and read the deed to the house I made my last payment on. If the word tenant (page 73 #9) is anywhere in that deed and it refers to me as that tenant, I may have to throw the book a fourth time and buy several copies to hand out to my friends, and family members.I have this and The UCC Connection presently. I will get this man’s remaining books.If you have heard about the Strawman, or wondered about the legal corporate entity that is using your name, or your status as property, this is the book (or one of several) you NEED to have in your library. You NEED to read it carefully. You NEED to read it several times and not because you slam on the brakes and fling it. There are sections that need careful consideration (page 14-19). That covers what dealing with debt, what money is, how the banks “cook the books” (this was where I started throwing the book), dealing with police, registration, consent… Just to name a few of the chapters in the first 34 pages.I can’t offer more other than this is a significant book and it must be shared with everyone that’s willing to hear what it has to say.
  • OMG, this is the red pill to wake the heck up. [Ref: the Matrix, movie] I have been enlightened and my mind will never fit in the small prison it was in before I read this book. Get an education, people, find your own freedom and get out of the system of debt and servitude.
  • Very Informative about the secret person hidden in you name in all CAPITAL LETTERS ! How and why the U.S. Government corporation steals money from us ! A Must Read !
  • Informative on the right information and how to free yourself from the traps of the strawman.
  • This is a great information primer on the fictitious entity framework, why it is in place and what actually happens invisibly. This is another great addition to the home library to introduce the lay person to the world that has been pulled over their eyes and made them a s-l-a-v-e of a system they cannot see, taste nor smell without being shown what it is. Again, the concepts are hard, but after a read or two, and checking the sources, the information becomes invaluable.
  • This is a great little book. Tells you the lies that we’re are living in. The government are de facto, they strip our fundamental rights and freedoms away from us by classing us a class of persons as statutory creatures of the state, governed by statutory power. With this system they trick us and tax us, fine us, send us to jail. All this trickery and by doing so, hiding our natural common law rights that we the men and women have the right to exercise. They did this is a way and socially conditioned us in their schooling system teaching us to fear the police (who are a private force, crown servent, not public or men and women’s servants). Teaching children that the law is law but do not tell us or hide the fact that statotory law in different to common law. This a huge matrix and deception we live in, I am just proud on the fact that I found out what’s going on……
  • Just page after page of useful insightful information. Really opened my eyes to so much thank you. It will be my bible now.Easy to read and follow and worth far more than the price i paid for it. Thank you.
  • A very concise but clear and easy to understand explanation of what your strawman is, why it exists. The information will blow your mind but also make total sense.Contains info about the UK and USA too.If you don’t know what your strawman is, you can’t protect yourself from being swindled by those that do understand its true purpose.I strongly recommend this book to everyone!
  • Amazing book which explains in simple terms what corrupt elites have sneakily done to us since birth. An excellent starting point on your journey to divorcing yourself from the grip of corporations….i am now on this journey
  • This book will be a revelation for many readers unfamiliar with the Strawman. The book makes clear the implications for us because of the Strawman, and offers a lot of practical advice that can be quite easily put to use.My suspicion is that there’s little we can fundamentally do about the situation which probably goes back to the emperor Justinian and his new legal codes, most especially the Deception.People involved with common law movements will enjoy this book.
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    File Size: 68 MB

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