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Learn sign language alongside your baby with this adorable storybook for ages 0 to 3Story time is the perfect time to practice sign language with your child. My First Book of Baby Signs is part storybook and part sign language guide, designed to encourage you and your baby to learn new words and signs as you read together. Practice communicating with important, everyday signs for everything from basics like “eat,” “milk,” and “mommy” to more advanced ideas like “help,” “potty,” and “I love you.” This book makes it fun and easy to learn helpful baby signs with:Storybook style—Each sign is paired with engaging text and charming illustrations of diverse families to help depict the meaning of the word. Interactive learning—Every page includes written and visual instructions that demonstrate how to sign properly and allow you and your baby to learn and practice together.40 real ASL signs—These signs are the accurate and up-to-date versions from American Sign Language, and you’ll even find a guide to the full alphabet and basic numbers.This book of baby signs is the perfect way to start communicating with your baby before they learn to speak.

Lane Rebelo
March 9, 2021
50 pages

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“Reading with your baby is such a special time. When paired with signs it can be a powerful experience creating a unique bond with your little one while also offering a peek inside your baby’s mind. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming to new parents. In this book, Lane guides you through practical and powerful signs to begin using with babies as soon as you begin reading together. Pairing her love of shared reading and American Sign Language, Lane’s caring and compassionate nature shines through the pages in her clear descriptions and thoughtfully chosen vocabulary. Every parent should own a copy of this book as they begin their journey in teaching early communication through American Sign Language.” ―Abbey Cook, Speech Language Pathologist and Owner of Communication Junction“In my clinical work, I care for children with Down syndrome and routinely recommend using signs to help promote early communication. For their families, and anyone interested in using American Sign Language signs with young children, My First Book of Baby Signs is a terrific resource. The picture book format allows families to easily incorporate practicing signs while reading out loud―simultaneously building vocabulary, modeling literacy skills, and engaging with their children. Having 40 practical and high-interest signs in one short volume provides families with key signs they can start using in daily life. The illustrations are wonderfully inclusive, and the instructions for the signs are clear. Fantastic!” ―Emily Jean Davidson, MD, MPH​“Using sign language with your baby and young toddler is a great way to reduce your child’s frustration around communication and help them feel seen and heard. It creates a deeper level of communication than what is verbally possible at this tender age. Lane’s book uses beautiful illustrations and simple instructions that make teaching your baby or toddler sign language fun and interactive and promotes connection. This is a great opportunity to support your toddler’s development by helping them feel capable and increasing their sense of control.” ―Devon Kuntzman, PCC, Toddler Parenting Expert and Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood About the Author LANE REBELO, LCSW, is the author of the best-selling Baby Sign Language Made Easy and The Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language. She is also a mother of two and the founder of TinySigns®, an award-winning baby sign language program. Find her online at <div id="

  • I bought this to begin to teach my 6 month old granddaughter sign language. It says it is the first book form baby sign language and that it has essential signs. In my opinion, things like ball; bear; car; hat and shoes are not essential. I wished the author had done a better job of thinking about babies and what is essential or just not use the word essential. The book is okay and well put together
  • I absolutely love this book! We recently began teaching our almost one year old to sign, and this book has been so helpful in teaching US so we can teach HER. I absolutely love how inclusive the graphics are; picturing people of every race, a mom in a wheelchair, what appears to be two moms, young parents, old parents, grand parents, moms, dads. I could go on and on about how much I LOVE that about this book. In a time where representation for everyone is elemental, I’m glad to say I have this in my daughters library! The guides are so easy to follow and understand. I would absolutely buy this as a present or gift for anyone with young kids or expecting.
  • I love that this book introduces the signs through a story about all the things that will happen throughout your baby’s day. This book also offers a short and sweet easy to follow how to at the bottom of each page for lots of practical and fun signs.My baby is 8 months so I usually read her a couple different pages a day.Apparently the book is also very tasty because it’s her favorite one to eat right now.
  • So while this book all on its own is amazing at showing and describing the signs (that alone would give it 5 stars) what I was pleasantly surprised by is how much diversity this book has. This is hands down the most inclusive book I’ve ever seen. It hits every mark and is amazing. 100/10
  • We love this book is beautiful and inclusive. You get to see all different types of babies and parents. We love that the story is from wake up til put down. The only reason it’s not getting five stars is I really wish it came in a board book that would be more durable for a little hands.
  • This little book is packed with just the right amount and type of signs to help you and your baby communicate and ease frustration. It is extremely easy to use, the signs are illustrated and described. Have fun with it, your baby will pick up the signs more quickly than you realize…they may not look exactly like the illustrations, but they will be very close! You are opening a brand new way of communicating and all the while they are learning the words you are verbalizing!
  • I read through this with my kids (2, 6, and 8), and they loved practicing along with the stories! my 2 year-old asks to read this often and loves to practice doing his signs. It’s adorable! I really wish I had something like this for when my oldest was younger. It’s a tremendous beginning resource for teaching little ones sign language, and I love the fact that it has contextual stories that go along with each sign. It makes it way more engaging for everyone!
  • I have bought this book multiple times and it quickly has become my favorite go-to for a baby shower gift. When it first came out, the only binding option was paperback. I am so pleased to see that it is now available as a hardcover! Naturally, I had to get another copy for my house! Now make it as a board book, please! Not only does this cover so many practical ASL signs the pictures are very well done. Multiple skin tones, mothers and fathers interacting with their babies, a user of a wheelchair, different ages, etc are all represented. It isn’t done in an intrusive way and fits the goals of the book, but I love when a diverse group can read a book and all see representation! Also, a personal pet peeve is when kids are represented in media without a car seat or forward-facing way before it is legal to do so. This baby is portrayed rear-facing and it makes my safety-motivated Mama heart so happy. This is the best baby sign book! It’s great to read with your child/children and get signs mastered. Anything that increases communication is a win in my book!
  • The pictures are nice and inclusive but be warned the signs are in American sign language.
  • Lovely concept but terrible quality book. The cover was upside and the wrong way to the story inside. Obviously a knock off. Couldn’t be more confusing for a Child trying to learn signs
  • Read this book to my 11 month old baby every morning in bed and he loves it. He shrieks with happiness when he sees it. He starts signing “up” (the first sign in the book) before I even open it. He’s learned “up”, “all done”, “banana”, and “light” from this book. Fantastic, beautiful illustrations. Only complaint is the physical book itself is very flimsy, we’re taping the pages back in all the time! Falls apart like petals off a flower. Not the author’s fault though. Wish the publisher would make a board book version so we could leave the book out for our baby to play with. Wish the author would make a part 2 with some more signs, especially some more other common foods!
  • Love the book, but the binding completely delaminated and all of the pages are falling out of the book. Was only adult read and handled, very poor quality.
  • A perfect selection of words…..good illustrations for both the signed and spoken word. 👍👍
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