First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level A: 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Jumpstart reading success with this big collection of motivating storybooks correlated with Guided Reading Level A. Most pages of these full-color storybooks feature just one line of simple, repetitive text to help children learn to read with ease and confidence. Includes a tip-filled parent guide. A great value!Includes these 25 titles:1. Hello, Beach2. What Can I See?3. Cold Rose4. Birthday Surprise 5. Fun with Mud6. I Like School!7. What is for Supper?8. Fun at the Playground9. Look What I Found!10. What Shines?11. Bubbles12. What Do I Need?13. Where is Petey?14. HIDE AND SEEK15. HATS, HATS, HATS16. SHAPES FOR LUNCH17. WINTER IS HERE18. WHAT IS READ19. I LIKE STRIPES20. WHEN NIGHT COMES21. SWEET TREAT22. I CAN DRAW!23. ALMOST SPRING24. HURRY UP! HURRY UP!25. CLASS PETS For use with Grades PreK-2.

Deborah Schecter
October 1, 2010
25 pages

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Deborah Schecter is a writer and editor of books for educators and children. Some of her previous Scholastic titles include Follow-the-Directions Art: Nursery Rhymes, Follow-the-Directions: Easy Origami, Teaching Reading and Writing With Nursery Rhymes, Sight Word Manipulatives for Reading Success, and My First Little Readers: Level A. <div id="

  • This product is neatly packaged and a good price. I’m a licensed teacher who purchased these to teach son how to read. These books include high frequency words, but not enough words to decode. For instance in the book Bubbles the author wrote the following: “Bubbles in my drink.” Instead she should have written “Bubbles in my cup.” It would have had the same meaning and would fit with the picture. This change would give an emergent reader the opportunity to practice decoding. CVC (consonant -vowel -consonant) words are a good starting place. I saw this over and over within all of the books. They really aren’t good for beginning readers, but are fine for a little later on. After purchasing these and being a bit disappointed I searched and found some better options. I really LOVE Lakeshores Sight Word Readers! They have a fiction and non-fiction set. My son conquered these quickly, and it really helped his esteem as a beginning reader. My list of alternatives that are great for first time readers:1. Lakeshore Fiction Sight Word Readers2. Lakeshore Non-Fiction Sight Word Readers3. Starfall Set4. Bob Books Sets (There are several of these on Amazon.)
  • This set consists of 25 tiny, very short books. Each book has 7 pages, plus a title page. The books have pictures on each page which help illustrate what the child is reading (although sometimes they are a little too helpful, as there are instances that my daughter will look to the pictures rather than sounding out tougher words). The books are on the flimsy side, made of paper with a single string binding each one. For beginning readers, they are really helpful for practicing sight words and sounding out simple vocabulary. They don’t keep my daughter’s attention as well as larger books for beginners that have more vibrant illustrations and more of an actual story behind them, but they do hold her interest better than simple flash cards for practicing sight words. Having a variety of books to choose from is also nice. In some books, the first two or three words of a sentence will repeat for several pages, which can make it easier for the reader. This also seems to build some confidence, so I didn’t mind it too much. Overall, we have found them to be quite helpful as she learns to read.
  • I bought this book set for my 2 preschoolers. The books are cute, short (8 pages each), simple (no more than 1-2 simple sentences per page), and colorful! The box is sturdy enough, and the books are well-made (paperback).To answer the question “what age group are these for?” – in my opinion it varies depending on how ready your kid is. My 4yr old has no issues reading these books, identifies most of the words, and it is super engaged in reading. On the other hand, my 5yr old is not as engaged, and has a harder time identifying each word. Regardless, these books are the perfect tool to introduce your kids to the magical world of reading. We will definitely be buying the other sets!
  • To my great surprise, soon after my son turned four he was suddenly reading. It started with R-E-D and then he was off! We grabbed these and the easier choices (What is Red?, What Do I Need?, Hurry Up! Hurry Up!) really helped him feel like he was reading when he was mostly using repetition and matching the first letter of a word with the picture to “read”. Since then, he’s moved on to consistently sounding out words. I don’t think these have a lot of longevity, but I do not at all regret the purchase. They held up great despite reviewers claims that they were flimsy, even when my 16 month old toddler played with them.I highly recommend these, and after you build some confidence, the “I Like to Read” series is a great next step. We found quite a few at our local library: “See Me Dig”, “See Me Run”, and “Car Goes Far” were particular favorites.
  • one star for these books as “beginning” reading material. I agree with other reviewers that these are not for absolute beginning readers. Not enough decodable words. Too many sight words. Too many visual hints. No particular pattern to the learning and no particular reinforcement of any one element of reading (repetition of a particular vowel sound, for instance). For the kid who picks up reading almost instantly these might work but for a child (mine) who was rather laboriously learning to sound out words there were better options.By the time a kid can read these books easily, he would probably rather read something else.The books are rather flimsy and short which might be OK since you only expect to use them once with any one child. Probably only 2-3 sheets of 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper used to assemble each book.
  • If you’ve got a beginning reader having difficulty, these might be for you. I thought the stories were so short with so few words that they would be seen as boring. However, the child in question sees them very differently. She is thrilled because she can read them. This is a useful set for reading practice.
  • I bought these little readers to use with my beginning readers (I teach 1st grade). The words are simple and the pictures help kids decode the words. The one thing I do not like about these books is that the book binding is stitched with string. That being said, it’s a challenge to find books simple enough for kids who are just starting to read books. These books have helped me fill that need with my 1st grade class.
  • Bought these for 3yr old toddler learning to read. Very nice repetition of words in each story, nice simple drawings for reading clues, cute stories that engage interest at this level, included are good tips for parents to teach kids. Why 4 stars, because they are very flimsy, very thin pages, way too easy for toddler (targeted age group)to rip before you can rescue book. These go on the out of reach shelf unless we are reading together, which is kind of a shame really because one of his favorite things to do is sit and thumb through his books picking out words he knows telling himself the jist of the stories. Also, I know kids books are expensive in general, but the quality of the books ( not the content)could have been better for the price.
  • These are a great books for first learners, My little niece love them, and keep wanting to read them. Her learning improve and I strongly recommend them to parents who want make children interested in reading. Every books just contains 6-8 pages and every page just one or two small sentences that don’t make children tired of reading and they would feel great when they read a whole book.
  • Not really first readers. Words can’t be sounded out with phonics for those who are just starting. Songbirds by Julia Donaldson are better as first books. Words like beach, hello, rose, cold, birthday, surprise, what… Better for those who can already read a little
  • Pre warning to buyers in the UK. This is a nice collection of 25 books for early readers aged 3 upwards, however they are written for the US market and therefore have lots of “American English” words such as “Dime” “Flashlight” “donut” and “ladybug” (a few examples.)We have still been able to enjoy the books and have explained to our 4 year old that there are some differences in the words and spelling. This has been understood, but it’s an important thing to know before purchasing.
  • Good little books to raise confidence for beginner readers.I found it very helpful to follow the instructions and go through the book and talk about the pictures before letting them read it.
  • Really thin flimsy books that wouldn’t last 2 minutes. I thought they would be perfect after reading the reviews here but they were just genuinely awful. Sent back for a refund
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