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Summer Activity Workbook bridging Grade 4 to Grade 5 for kids ages 9-10Help prevent learning loss and prepare your fourth grader for back-to-school success in just 15 minutes a day with engaging activities, exercises, and fun games―all in one workbook!Summer Learning 4th & 5th Grade Workbooks are a great way for your child to learn essential reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and fitness skills during the schoolyear or summer months that are both fun AND educational! Why You’ll Love This Summer Activity BookEngaging and educational learning activities. “Multiplication problems”, “Reading passages”, and “hands-on science experiments” are a few of the fun activities in this summer workbook to help inspire learning and prevent summer slide.Testing progress along the way. Track student progress before moving on to new and exciting lessons with the Skills Matrix and answer key.Practically sized for every activity. The 160-page summer workbook for kids is sized at 8” x 10 ½”―giving your child plenty of space to complete each exercise.About Summer Bridge ActivitiesAward-winning Summer Bridge Activities® engage children’s creativity and learning potential and keep kids mentally and physically active to prevent summer learning loss and pave the way for a successful new school year ahead.The Summer Learning Workbook Contains:Over 60 days of activities with step-by-step instructionsFlash cards, stickers, and a completion certificatePerfectly sized at 8″ x 10 ½”

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January 25, 2015
160 pages

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“Summer Bridge Activities from Carson Dellosa is the #1 summer workbook series trusted by parents and teachers for over 25 years, designed to prevent summer learning loss with hands-on exercises that can be done anywhere, whether at the beach, backyard by”Summer Bridge Activities workbooks are specifically designed to fight Summer Slide. The activities are meant to be done in just 15 minutes a day, so they’re perfect for those who just want a brush-up between school years. They go up through eighth grade, From the Back Cover School stops for the summer, but learning never should! Research shows that many students forget important school skills over the long summer vacation. Prevent summer learning loss with the award-winning, best-selling Summer Bridge Activities®. Get ready <div id="

  • I have 3 boys that need things to do during the summer to keep the skills they learned at school in their heads. This summer I bought Grade K-1, 4-5, and 7-8 to torture them with!I loved the variety of activities so that they weren’t getting bogged down with math everyday. They were entertaining enough that the kids didn’t get too bored but educational enough that they had to do some serious thinking. The pages were entertaining with quick facts to read and some drawings. I love that they incorporated physical fitness by having them do some jumping jacks or other quick exercise routine.There were only a couple issues I had with the workbooks…Some of the answers in the answer key were wrong! Not too big of a deal for the younger kids but when it comes to advanced Algebra, I need something reliable telling me if my sons answers are right!The workbooks also don’t do a lot of explaining how to do things because it assumes you’ve already learned that skill and are just brushing up. But that worked out OK since my kids learned how to research questions online, which is an ability you have to be good at nowadays.There are more pages then there were summer vacation days for my kids. Which isn’t too big of a deal for me but a WAY big deal for the kids who had to do, *gasp* 2 pages a day!Overall this is a great workbook that I will be using every summer!
  • I’ve gotten these books for my son every summer for the last 3 or 4 years. He hates them! But that’s not a reflection on the product, but rather my parenting style. 🙂 These books provide simple, one-sheet-a-day activities to keep kids’ skills fresh over the long summer. In theory, the activities should not take more than 30 minutes a day (probably less), but with the fighting that goes on in our house, the daily routine can last upwards of 2 hours. (Again, a reflection not on the product so much, but our family.) I have found, at times, that the skills do not entirely line up with our state curriculum, so I do have to teach him skills from time to time. These activities are not a massive time-hog for lazy summer days, but provide enough reinforcement to make the back-to-school transition relatively painless.
  • I bought this for my oldest boy. He was pretty motivated to complete it at first, but now he has no desire to do it. He says it’s too boring. And truth be told, I have to agree with him. There is nothing exciting or interesting to keep my son going. He has ADHD so being self motivated is a challenge, and a boring workbook doesn’t help. There are not any fun graphics, or interesting, fun pages. Just page after page of straight workbook.Overall, I think the curriculum is great, and I like how it is divided into sections for each month.
  • I’m not one to follow every little trend when it comes to children and education (I’m an old-fashioned, books-and-pencils kind of mother), but I absolutely do believe that summer learning loss is a real thing. I have my children do these bridge books every summer (along with the pleasure reading of their choice), and it makes a huge difference. They do 2 pages a day (I’m relaxed on weekends and during trips), so they still get plenty of play time–but they go back to school with at least a vague memory of what they’ve just learned, and I think they’re also slightly ahead of the game with new material. Both of my children have made straight A’s this year. I highly recommend these books!
  • I rarely write reviews but I felt so strongly this one. This book really helped my daughter bridge from 4th to 5th grade. She started 5th more confident and had all the curriculum down. All her papers are coming back with no errors and we really believe it was because of the practice work she did over the summer. I only wish I had done the earlier bridge programs that they offer.We did one page a day, and it was just enough to keep the things she worked on in 4th grade fresh in her mind. All the work in the book was almost exactly everything she worked on. We also enjoyed the little things they included like “take 5 minutes to stretch and touch your toes”.
  • I love these bridge workbooks. We used the 3rd grade one last summer and my daughter had no summer slide and in fact was markedly improved in math I’ve the summer. Her teacher had to ask her prior year teacher if she really had the right test scores.This one appears to have the same quality of questions. The nice thing too is it doesn’t take super long (15 minutes of complaining she doesn’t want to do it and about 15 minutes of work to do it).
  • We have 6 kids going into 5th (2 of them), 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st grades next year. I was a little tentative about whether or not our kids would like these or if they’d just view it as a way for us to ruin their summer with school work! But they absolutely LOVE them and usually ask if they can do more than one day’s worth of activities. Would definitely recommend this and plan on getting them again next summer!
  • This is the best summer bridge book that we’ve used in four years. I love that it was broken up into 3 sections, one each month, and day and includes different subjects within each day’s exercises. The activities were challenging enough to actually be worth completing (other bridge books are too easy), but not so complicated that my girls got frustrated. Completing the pages, 10 or so minutes everyday, keeps my them sharp over the summer and helped to prep them for their next grade. I will continue to purchase this brand for years to come.
  • This was listed as the Canadian version but I was mailed the American version. Amazon was good about returning and refunding but be careful if you’re Canadian. This book no longer comes in print. You have to buy the ebook and print it yourself. Otherwise it’s SUCH a GREAT product. I’ve used these workbooks with my kids every summer for years.
  • Kids enjoy going through this workbook.Parents don’t have to pick and choose which pages kids should work on.Kids can go through the the pages by themselves from the start to the end.
  • I’m not sure what grade 4 student would know what is asked in this book. It is much too hard for this age group
  • I bought grade K-1 and Grade 4-5 for summer 2020. This is a self-motivated, self-pace summer book, my kids love them and they are keeping busy learning and also keeping active every day. I will buy summer bridge again.
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