Complete Book of Starter Spanish Workbook for Kids, PreK-Grade 1 Spanish Learning, Basic Spanish Vocabulary, Colors, Shapes, Alphabet, Numbers, Seasons, Weather With Tracing and Coloring Activities PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Spanish Workbook for kids ages 3-7Support your child’s educational journey with The Complete Book of Spanish for Kids workbook that helps preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students learn Spanish vocabulary, learn about Spanish culture, and more.This Kid’s Spanish Book is a great way for your preschooler, kindergartener, or first grader to have fun while learning Spanish, such as colors, shapes, the alphabet, seasons, days and months of the year, and more through a variety of Spanish learning activities that are both enjoyable AND educational! Why You’ll Love This Spanish Learning Toddler Activity BookEngaging and educational Spanish learning for kids. “Tracing words”, “telling time”, and “coloring” activities are a few of the fun exercises that teach Spanish in a way that helps inspire learning into your child’s Spanish homeschool or classroom curriculum.Testing progress along the way. An answer key and English-Spanish glossary is also included in the back of the PreK—1st grade workbook to track your child’s progress.Practically sized for every activity The 416-page Spanish workbook is sized at about 10 ¾ inches x 8 inches—giving your child plenty of space to complete each exercise.About Carson DellosaFor more than 40 years, Carson Dellosa has provided solutions for parents who want to help their children get ahead and for teachers who want their students to meet and exceed set learning goals. Carson Dellosa partners with you in supporting your child’s educational journey every step of the way.The Spanish Language Learning Workbook Contains:Spanish Songs and rhymesAn English-Spanish glossary and answer keyPerfectly sized at about 10 3/4″ x 8″

Thinking Kids
July 27, 2017
416 pages

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Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch, chinese

The Complete Book of Starter Spanish helps students build knowledge and skills for a solid foundation in Spanish. Featuring kid-friendly activities, The Complete Book of Starter Spanish supports skill mastery, encourages learning, and helps children hone the skills needed to succeed. In addition to a Spanish-English Glossary, The Complete Book of Starter Spanish provides focused instruction on key topics, including: numbers, the alphabet, parts of speech, expressions, days and months, and family and community terms. The Complete Book series helps children in prekindergarten to grade 6 build a solid foundation in key subject areas for classroom success. The Complete Book series offers high-interest workbooks that motivate students and encourage independent study. With The Complete Book series, students have the support they need for school success! From the Back Cover The Complete Book of Starter Spanish helps students build knowledge and skills for a solid foundation in Spanish. Featuring kid-friendly activities, The Complete Book of Starter Spanish supports skill mastery, encourages learning, and helps children hone <div id="

  • Nice introduction to Spanish for my little one. It would help if the person who is teaching knows or has an idea of pronunciation. I included a few random pictures of what you might expect to find in this rather thick book. It seems fairly comprehensive.
  • I am very disappointed in this because there is far too much English used. I was under the impression that this was in Spanish. 90% of it is probably English. This is not a good way for young preschoolers to learn Spanish. Immersion is best and this should have had much more in Spanish. Nouns and a few verbs are not enough. The directions should also be in Spanish.I know that there are well-meaning parents who think this is a good idea for their kids but they’d be better off investing in an immersion program.By the way, my pictures may show up sideways but I took them correctly.
  • This book is a lot thicker than I anticipated! It is full of a very appropriate introduction to Spanish for the age group. The beginning is a nice review for my toddler on colors and then shapes. The alphabet is new to him so I am excited to get started on that section. There is also a section on numbers which partly is a review because we know how to say them but we haven’t touched on the spelling yet. It is hard to find such a great in depth Spanish book that is still age appropriate so I am happy with this purchase!
  • I have a 5 year old and 6 year old who both need to learn Spanish so they can communicate better with their abuela. This is a big book full of all the basics. The directions are in English so you don’t need to be fluent in Spanish to help them understand. My kids were excited to get started because the pages are colorful and fun.
  • I like this book I’m a kindergarten teacher and I teach Spanish and this book it’s perfect for my kids to learn Spanish. It covers everything I recommend this book
  • This one has SO MUCH content. I was so impressed. The only thing I don’t love is the fact that the instructions on the activity pages are in English though I find it great for children whose parents don’t speak Spanish they can keep track of what the kids are learning and they can help with their homework. I really liked it
  • purchased this to complement BJU press k4 curriculum. i couldn’t find anything that was as colorful as this or as complete. The age range seems appropriate, and I think it will take us 2 school years at least to get through it. Love this purchase. I am a native spanish speaker, so all I needed were worksheets for my kids. love the price point too, too many other companies way over price their workbooks.
  • I think it’s strange to read sentences like “color the apples ‘rojo,” and “circle the things that are ‘amarillo.’ I want to keep going with this book because at least it’s a different spin on a coloring book and some of it may reinforce what my son learned in his Spanish-speaking day care. But I’d prefer giving him those instructions in Spanish, with an English translation. This book ignores sentence structure and additional vocabulary by doing it this way. Just my opinion.
  • A very thick book with lots of things in it to help young children learnt to write and speak Spanish.
  • My four year old is working through this at a rate of knots, it is keeping his attention and he is really enjoying the activities.
  • Very happy I purchased this, fantastic for my 6 year old.
  • Why do all the books state that they teach Spanish but make no mention of whether this is Latin American Spanish or Castillian?I’m pretty sure this is not Latin American Spanish. Can anyone verify that..?
  • We purchased this book as my daughter is learning Spanish in class she is in grade 3 and starting in kindergarten Spanish she is catching on real fast and learning with an online program
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    File Size: 36 MB

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