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This practical, tutorial-style book uses the Kali Linux distribution to teach Linux basics with a focus on how hackers would use them. Topics include Linux command line basics, filesystems, networking, BASH basics, package management, logging, and the Linux kernel and drivers.If you’re getting started along the exciting path of hacking, cybersecurity, and pentesting, Linux Basics for Hackers is an excellent first step. Using Kali Linux, an advanced penetration testing distribution of Linux, you’ll learn the basics of using the Linux operating system and acquire the tools and techniques you’ll need to take control of a Linux environment.First, you’ll learn how to install Kali on a virtual machine and get an introduction to basic Linux concepts. Next, you’ll tackle broader Linux topics like manipulating text, controlling file and directory permissions, and managing user environment variables. You’ll then focus in on foundational hacking concepts like security and anonymity and learn scripting skills with bash and Python. Practical tutorials and exercises throughout will reinforce and test your skills as you learn how to: – Cover your tracks by changing your network information and manipulating the rsyslog logging utility – Write a tool to scan for network connections, and connect and listen to wireless networks – Keep your internet activity stealthy using Tor, proxy servers, VPNs, and encrypted email – Write a bash script to scan open ports for potential targets – Use and abuse services like MySQL, Apache web server, and OpenSSH – Build your own hacking tools, such as a remote video spy camera and a password crackerHacking is complex, and there is no single way in. Why not start at the beginning with Linux Basics for Hackers?

No Starch Press; Illustrated edition (December 4, 2018)
248 pages

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“The information provided can help even a general user to get more comfortable with the Linux operating system without feeling overwhelmed by more complex, security-related topics and usage. While we could all benefit from more attention to security, Linux Basics for Hackers just might inspire the next crop of budding techies into the security rock stars of tomorrow.”—Tim Everson, The Ethical Hacker Network”If you’re just getting started or working your way to expert level, getting a copy of this book might be one of the best things you can do to develop your cybersecurity skills.”—Sandra Henry-Stocker, Network World”Linux Basics for Hackers is immediately practical. Its quick and dirty approach to exploring and using a Linux system was welcome.”—Jesse Smith, DistroWatch Weekly”If you are starting out in Computer Science and want to get up to speed quickly on Linux and Unix like operating systems, working through this book will put you well ahead of your fellow students, and quickly.”—Greg Laden, Greg Laden’s Blog”A great guide for those who are not familiar with Linux as well as those who are proficient.”—Davin Jackson, Alpha Cyber Security, Books to Start Your Penetration Testing Journey”Linux Basics for Hackers is the best book for Jr. penetration testers and newbies who want to learn InfoSec. Though aimed at hacking, it’s the best general intro to Linux I’ve read. Gives a great overview of Linux basics and useful terminal commands.”—@hackerb0t About the Author OccupyTheWeb is an infosec consultant, forensic investigator, and trainer with more than 20 years in the industry. He maintains the Hackers-Arise training site ( and trains US military personnel, Department of Defense contractors, and federal employees in information security and hacking. <div id="

  • I know that there are many good reviews for this book already and that I will be lost in the shuffle. However, I would like to give you my opinion.The book is not three inches thick. I don’t have time to read a three-inch book.The book moves along at a great pace with just the right level of detail. If I want more detail on a subject, I’ve got the internet at my disposal.The book is not a tutorial. You can turn to any chapter and get instant value. I’ve been coding for 37 years. I hate tutorial books. I don’t want to follow some tedious example for two-thirds of a book. I want the flexibility to learn at my own pace and learn subjects in the sequence I choose.The book says “hackers” and “Kali” but it is not. I wanted to learn enough Linux quickly in order to find my way around and be productive on that operating system. This book gave me that. I use Ubuntu desktop and server.
  • As a cyber security expert I have been watching this book for a while. Maybe I had higher expectations for it then It deserves but it TRULY is for beginners, script kiddies here’s your book! One good thing I do love is the cover.
  • This book was well written, easy to follow, and relatively concise. I think it creates a decent base of learning some of the general functionality of linux, but I would absolutely not recommend beginning your linux journey with this book. While Kali is a great tool (note the use of the word tool,) it is designed to be run from root, uses a modified kernal, and you will likely need to install loads of software in order to make it a daily driver OS (since it isn’t one). It’s sort of like if you wanted to learn how to drive, and found a concise, well written driver’s instruction course for driving a forklift on the interstate. I hate to penalize the score because it truly is a well written guide, just not the guide I would recommend using. Keep Kali on a bootable USB or VM, but maybe try Mint or Ubuntu first.
  • This is a great book that teaches the absolute basics of Linux. There are a few great chapters in here that are specifically geared towards hacking, however if you are looking for a book on hacking you may want to look elsewhere. This book is best for somebody with no Linux knowledge.I purchased this book to see if there were any tips or tricks that I could pick up on. It is a really easy to read and follow book and has a great format.
  • If you have little to no experience with being a white hat hacker, or even Linux, this is a great book to get. You’ll have an awesome jumping off point that not only explains the core commands (the ones people tend to use the most), but you’ll also see them from the frame of a hacker. If you’re getting started in Linux, and you have already read introductory books, still consider this one as you’ll see them from a different frame. I’ll use myself as an example.I’ve been using Linux as my primary OS for about a year and a half. I recently passed the LPI Linux Essentials exam, which generally means I have enough in my head to be a power user. One might assume this book is too basic . . . but it’s not. I got a chance to see some of what I already knew in action in a different frame. Actually, I kind of wish I had read this before I took the exam as there were aspects that probably would have been easier or more understandable.You’ll also get an introduction to Kali hacking tools like aircrack-ng. You won’t do anything too crazy, but you’ll get a starting point. That’s the key. From here, you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to know what you’re looking at as you continue to gather resources to expand your knowledge of white hat hacking and the Linux environment in general.This book specifically focuses on Kali Linux, which is a Debian derivative. Coming from Ubuntu (which is also a Debian derivative), it’s relatively easy to get comfortable with Kali.
  • This book is great for getting started with KALI linux. The beginning of the book goes over the basics of using linux which is really not useful if you are a current linux user such as me (25yrs). The book is great if you are starting to use linux and how to set up KALI on your computer using Virtual machine. The author’s goes into how to use the system without being boring and has screenshots of the processes. He also gets into writing python scripts in which you will have to use as a part of working with network security. I also suggest to do the exercises at the end of the chapters so that you can make sure that you grabbed the concept of the content. I would also suggest to visit the authors website so that you can expand on what you learn out of this book. I really like this book the only thing is that is missing is that there is no reference to using Wirehark, which is a very important tool in using for diagnosing network traffic and spotting attacks. If you are serious about getting started in cyber security get this book.
  • I really liked this book and it was a great read, not too long, not too short, it was the perfect amount. Coming from a programming background and already knowing a bit of linux, I found the chapters to be quite informative and well presented, and will take you anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes approx, many here have said that the book will not teach hacking, and that’s half true, it will teach you all the basics of linux and some bash and python scripting, and in my opinion that’s enough, you will never be able to hack by reading a book, but this book will give you all you need to get started in your journey. My only critique of this book is that the python scripting chapter is a little on the smaller side, having had experience in python programming, I didn’t have a problem, but an absolute beginner to the world of infotech might have some difficulty.
  • I was a skeptic when I saw it. This book is not going to make you a super hacker or anything like that but it is well written, has practical and useful information. The chapters are the perfect length, not too long, not too short. You can read each chapter in about 30 minutes. I will be keeping my eyes open for any future books written by this author. If you are on the fence, take the plunge, it’s a great book.
  • Although I am an Arch Linux user, I expected to find some serious new information about network security etc in this book. I was sadly disappointed. Throughout the book, the information is no more than a regular user of linux would already be familiar with and beginners would find it in a ‘Linux for Dummies’ type of book, or preferably online and in ‘man’ files. There were several mistakes as well. the first biggie came when I tried to use snort.conf in the text manipulation chapter. It wasn’t installed on my virtual box Kali distro. Odd! It wasn’t available in Kali although it most certainly was in Arch. Eventually I realised that the Kali Repos were not activated and I was able to go into the relevant ‘.resolv’ file and correct that. Surely, the author should have caught that one. It was also annoying that whenever the book started to get interesting, the author would stop with his stock phrase of ‘but this is beyond the scope of this book’. Annoying! In short, I regret paying the money for this book. I usually like the ‘nostarch’ books so this was a big disappointment. I don’t recommend buying this book. The information in it is readily available on the internet and in other learner books.
  • I decided to give this book 4 stars just because I like the way it is laid out (speaking frankly colour in the book wouldn’t have gone a miss, it is all black and white with a little grey) and also that it is useful if you are just beginning to get into all this stuff. There were parts that when I followed along it worked and some other parts it didn’t work but that is because I didn’t have all the proper tools/packages installed.I am wondering why carefulbuyer decided to buy this surely he could read the title of the book?? I read his review and since he was already familiar with all the concepts it made no sense and his weird thing of wanting to find new information didn’t make sense given what the title is, I suppose some new concepts could be introduced however since this was clearly aimed at beginners and people with very little knowledge then he just decided to buy the book to bash the author which I think is wrong.There are parts the author could improve in the next book if they decide to write a new book or a more advanced book in the future. A little bit of testing while also writing the book couldn’t have gone a miss either, however if the book doesn’t tell you what packages you need and you need to do research on the internet to find out I will just guess that is the author not spoon feeding everything to you, you don’t learn by being given everything, you get given a little and you make something from that and what you don’t know you find out from research yourself.I am using my real name because people can use any name for their reviews and I find leaving the real name allows reviewers who read the reviews to say yes this guy must be real or this guy was clearly paid to write a review.Regardless of whether you read the reviews or not just think carefully whether you want to spend your money on this book as it is your money and only you can make the decision whether to spend it or not. Always do the research first before buying.Thank You for reading this reviewMark
  • I know its aimed at “hackers” but this is the best general intro to Linux I’ve read.Easy to read, practical examples with the added bonus of being aimed at Cyber Secuirty so fits my needs perfectly. I wish I’d ordered the paperback and not the eBook, but thats my age probably.I’ve pre-ordered his newest book based on the quality of this.
  • Firstly this is an introduction to Linux. If you have already been exposed to Linux you need to pick up something else. Book runs through the basics from setting up a virtual machine to the way Linux is structured to more advanced exploitation techniques using Kali. The book is aimed at those who have an interest in InfoSec or who are already in the sector, the author very much sells it as in order to defense you need to know how to offense. Personally I currently work in the sector but very much from a compliance perspective so ISO 27001, PCI, auditing. This book is ideal for patching the gaps and giving a foundation of Linux skills to build on. Its really well printed and the author relly presents the topic well. The author also has a great companion website with a video series although this is an additional fee. In short would recommend.
  • This books gets down to the very basics and teaches you plain English without over complicating things. I had this on ebook but wanted the physical copy. I did really enjoy this book I won’t lie and its well written. Looks of practical in here too. Highly recommend
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