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In the terrifying video game Bloodborne, deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner of a horror-filled gothic city. Bloodborne: Official Artworks collects the hair-raising artwork behind this modern action role-playing classic. Included are character concepts, creature designs, location illustrations, weapons, items, and more!

July 4, 2017
256 pages

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  • I know a lot of people want to back up Udon and FromSoftware with the fact that this is paperback and it’s its own book, but I can see why people would be displeased with the fact this isn’t a hard cover nor is there an option for that also. The art is amazing and I still fully recommend the buy. However, it’s clear that they knew this would sell like hot cakes and because it’s a smaller publisher they went cheap to maximize profit. That’s the problem I have. It’s not a reflection of the quality of Bloodborne. If I was Hidetaki Miyazaki (I don’t know if I spelled that right) I’d make sure to go with Dark Horse next time. The final thing about the physical quality is that a lot of people say it’s not fun to compare, but in one sense you have to in order to gauge what a good, long lasting, and readable book is. In another you have to understand art books are collector’s pieces. Do I want to collect a fat magazine that may not hold up after 3-4 reads? Or would you like the lesser priced (for what I paid) Fallout 4 art book that is so thick and heavy you need a crane to read it? (Obviously that’s rhetorical for perspective) It is rather on par with some text books that could cost triple its price.About the art, sadly I have the least to say here because you can only write so much about art from a game many of us have beaten repeatedly. Obviously the book has content we’ve never seen until now. So for the alternate designs of the weapons, characters, architecture, and maybe most importantly, the beasts, I’m extremely impressed. I could expect nothing less from the Japanese artists who took so much time exploring Arthurian Lore and taking the time to interpret old legends of western culture. All you really need to know is this book is worth it if all you want to see is the art and you don’t care that a great deal of other books on the market (for some games that aren’t even AAA titles) have much better physical quality.
  • I preordered this over 2 months ago. The artwork and print quality is phenomenal, and any fan of Bloodborne will love the content. But in all honesty… this really should have been a hardcover. It’s very similar to a Prima ‘strategy guide’ in terms of quality. For a $40 book, it was shipped in a yellow envelope and stuffed in my mailbox. It has several minor dents and curled corners. It deserves a proper hardcover release. Grumble.
  • Took half a year, but I’ve also finally received my copy.First I want to clear some misconceptions. It is regrettably SOFTCOVER which isn’t a deal-breaker for me but a slight disappointment compared to the Bloodborne strategy guides which those were hardcover. Unlike other reviewers have said however, the artbook DOES INCLUDE art from the DLC, The Old Hunters. It has its own separate section in the back of the book.The good/eh: The book uses a very shiny gloss paper. It makes the pictures look nice, but fingerprints are a high risk. I wouldn’t touch the pages directly unless you want to see your finger oils smudging up the blacks/colors. They could’ve also increased the font size used in this book; it’s quite small. I enjoyed the arsenal section the most since you get to see the detail in each weapon, though I would have liked a similar section devoted to the armor sets. They also included a section for all the item/trophies icons, though it’s nothing special or different since they’ve just used the same icon. In addition to the main game and the DLC, they have a section devoted to art you can only find in the Chalice dungeons. I’m also confused on their layout of the book. It’s read as if you’re progressing through the game, though I think it’d be more coherent if it was sectioned as “Characters/Bosses, Settings, Weapons, Armor, etc.” but maybe that’s just me.The bad: I’ve bought the Bloodborne strategy guides and the Okami Official Artbook also from UDON Entertainment and they are miles better than this book. This artbook has barely, if any, descriptions or details of the art beyond a name as a small caption or some dialogue quotes sprinkled throughout. Personally, I think there’s way too much blank space that could’ve been taken up by some commentary or some game details or even some more art. Also, I noticed they’re missing some things in the game, like some bosses or characters. Honestly, the book feels like a mediocre Photoshop job, which if you look hard enough, some of the pictures are Photoshopped in. Going from UDON’s Okami artbook, where its character makes it look like an old binded book, made with sturdy thick paper, and commentary/tidbits on almost every piece of artwork, to this thinned-out, somewhat cheaply made book is a shame. I don’t mean to sound so harsh, but it’s clear they, and other Bloodborne merchandise, have done better.If you want a good Bloodborne artbook, I’d recommend getting a copy of the strategy guides if possible.
  • Only Negative thing I have to say that there wasn’t a HARD BACK option and the lack of DLC Artwork. Also slightly disappointed not much commentary from the Creators was included. Over all the art was beautiful(and horrifying <3 )
  • I picked up this book because I really love art books for video games and animation. I’m a big fan of Bloodborne’s gothic lovecraft inpsired aesthtic, and the book does a great job of showing large clear shots of SOME design art, and the paper quality is good.That’s where the good ends.The binding of this book is going to break. It’s not an if, it’s when. If you are careful with the book it will last a while, but if I were to actually open the book fully to look at some of the double page spreads, this book will fall apart with the quickness.Second, the reason to buy these artbooks is too see all the cool sketch and design work that goes in, and this book feels more like it’s only showing me the final “send this to the programmers and modellers” drawings. It’s still hella pretty, but I’d be pretty pissed off if I paid full price for this book.TLDR; The included art is pretty, and the book looks super sweet, but it doesn’t have enough art, and the spine binding is going to fall apart.
  • Artwork and screenshots are plastered all over the artbook with poor contrast and poor layout. Various pieces of art are stretched across two pages which makes it impossible to see some of the detail. As well as that, black backgrounds are used throughout the book, resulting in poor contrast since Bloodborne’s aesthetic is already so dark, making it hard to appreciate the detail in the art. The only text in the book are lines from the game such as “Behold! A paleblood sky!” and it offers no insight into the thought process of the development or design of any of the characters, lore, items, or areas. To top it off, the binding is visible on some pages. I have attached photos so that you can see exmaples of all of this.Overall, very disappointed as Sony’s and Udon’s other publications are of a far higher quality than this. From Sony’s Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War artbooks, to Udon’s Persona 3, 4, Persona 4 Arena, Dark Souls and various Capcom books, it is a shame to see that the level of care in those books was not applied to this Bloodborne artbook.Can only recommend if you want to have a physical item that contains Bloodborne artwork and screenshots, as it offers nothing other than that. At least, this book includes The Old Hunters DLC expansion in its catalogue. I’m afraid this one is going to the attic and is not staying on my shelf. If you do want more Bloodborne goodness, I recommend the comics by Ales Kot which are available through Amazon. They are fantastic and interesting.
  • In regards to people being disappointed with the fact that it’s not a hardcover and that they expected more content – I would personally agree. However, for what is provided, it is a worthy addition to a Bloodborne collector.I own a few art books and guidebooks for various other games, but Bloodborne is the one I own basically everything there is to own, so I might be a bit biased here, do keep that in mind.While the book is indeed not hardback (which is common for the UDON publisher), so you don’t get that “feel of a book”, the quality is still good, don’t think that it’s some sort of leaflet with pictures.The art itself consists of original concepts, alterations and some pages have in-game screenshots with added artistic enhancements, so to speak, to make it match with the rest of the book aesthetically.When it comes to the concepts themselves, never have I seen a more faithful transition from concept to the final product with every little detail, every tiny piece of clothing or a gravestone, everything you remember from the game is there in the concepts, perfectly transitioning from art to video game.Apart from the details on some bosses and enemies (which admittedly could use more attention apart from a single image) that you might not be able to see in game, all of that is present to quench your curiosity.Some details that were not included or included only partially are there too.The most interesting part for myself personally was that, every Hunter armour set, in full size, usually with back and frontal views, also has a neat detail – how it looks without the coat/cape/top cover/etc. just showing what is underneath that tiny bit of armour that you’d never see in gameOverall well worth getting if you don’t mind the softcover.
  • Contents-wise this is a Hunter’s Dream. Many early sketches and much Insight into how one of the most remarkable games ever made was designed.Sadly this edition’s quality as a physical book is far inferior to the Japanese original, and what really bothers me about that is the price. This is £40 and it honestly feels like it’s going to fall apart one day soon. I don’t have a problem with softcovers per se but this has been done on the cheap and is being sold at a high price to exploit the fact fans will want it anyway.So it’s a bit of a mixed bag. As a book, it’s incredible. As a physical book, I wish Sony and Fromsoft had gone with any other publisher than this. The game deserved so much better than these cowboys gave it.
  • OK, This book should be hardback, also the content should be better, blood starved beast has 1 meager picture, same with other enemies and bosses, there should be a few pages to each! it is lacking. However what is here is good and the book is a fine edition to the Bloodborne collection, it’s just a shame it didn’t quite live up to expectations.
  • As a massive fan of the game, it was a real treat when this arrived in the post. The images are really high quality and printed on glossy paper. It features a good combination of world concept art and character art although I was hoping for a bit more concept work of non-featured ideas. Regardless, the artwork is awesome and brings out the horrific vision of the monsters in a way that game can’t. The artbook itself arrived in perfect condition with no damage to the pages or spine.
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