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Created for developers of all skill levels to find the essentials of common operations combined with the fastest reference guide for writing code. This handy 6 page laminated guide is a concise desktop reference to key concepts behind Python logic, syntax, and operation. Expertly written to concisely cover the planning of a program written in Python, assigning your first variables, importing other libraries, formatting output strings, and creating classes. Beginning students or seasoned programmers will find this tool a perfect go-to for reference to those core concepts. This unbeatable value makes it easy to add this reference to your programmer’s toolbox. 6 page laminated guide includes: Working with Python Using Python CodeImporting ModulesScope (Indentation)Naming ConventionsReserved KeywordsCommentsWriting Code Basics Making VariablesTypesConsoleError HandlingSaving & Loading FilesCoding Structures Math Operators (int, float & complex)List Operations (list, tuple & dict)StringsStatementsFunctionsDictionariesUsing Structures String FormattingString MethodsEscape SequencesBool CharactersWriting Boolean StatementsRecursion & IterationClassesCoding Concepts InheritanceGeneratorsPolymorphismLambda Expressions

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May 1, 2019
6 pages

File Size: 68 MB
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  • There is a lot of great info. however the 3 hole punched is over some text so words are missing. The picture online does not show the 3 hole punch and would be better without. The hole punched at the bottom removed text from ‘Making Variables’.
  • As an experienced engineer trying to ramp up quickly on python, this is just what I was looking for: a terse, compact overview of the language. If anything, it gives more than I need from a resource like this; I don’t need definitions of variable, recursion, polymorphism, etc. What I do need is a quick cheat sheet of things like what data structures exist natively and what the the syntax is for working with them. Or the syntax for declaring a class member variable, or the most idiomatic way of writing a for loop. This six page resource is exactly that.To clarify the format, it is actually three sheets printed front and back, in a trifold arrangement. The holes of the three hole punch are along one of the folds, and the third page is slightly shorter so that it folds in like a magazine centerfold. (It would be incredibly useful for a student who is already carrying around three ring binders of notes and study materials.) It is true that the hole punch could have been planned a little better; a few words were cut out. But I included a photo of the only one of the 12 places (3 holes * 2 sheets * 2 sides of each sheet) affected by the hole punch where the content was actually obscured. It is quite easy to figure out what’s missing, and the other 11 places fall where there was no content to obscure, so please don’t let that issue hold you back from purchasing this excellent quick reference.
  • The information is good, however having 3 hole punched ruins it.. The picture online does not show the 3 hole punch.
  • Good buy for the price and exactly what I was looking for. It does have holes punched in it for use in a binder, but I do not feel like they are an issue and no commands are missing because of it.
  • Glad i bought this. It is a handy, quick reference for the majority of Python vernacular userful for student to seasoned programmer. You can find all the info on the Web of course, but it’s great that you can put it in your 3-ring binder as a ready reference among your books.The 3 -ring binder hole punches obscure a couple pieces of info (the company should probably address that in next releases). but it’s no deal- breaker.This reference is well made and worth the money — especially if your tired of looking at screen all day!
  • The info on this sheet is a great summary and a very convenient and helpful quick reference. I haven’t found any errors, but I’m still learning so something on there might be off, but so far every discussion and command description I’ve used is accurate. The lamination seems very good. As a matter of fact, the way the pages are placed and the plastic applied, the ‘hinge’ is very flexible and the whole thing easily folds flat and stays that way. Sometimes a menu in a restaurant won’t fold along the crease well, and wants to open up. This will fold flat and stay that way. Very unexpected and very nice.
  • I was hoping this would be a cheat sheet for when I didn’t remember syntax or function name but this is a condensed pamphlet that is more like an introduction to Python. In prime real estate, first page, upper left the author provides reasons why Python is good. Really? I think it is safe to assume I knew that because I bought the product. In its defense, it says it is a QuickStudy tool, not cheat sheet. Why they would laminate such a thing is a mystery. Save your money and Google “Python language”
  • Just learning Python for personal / semi-professional reasons…The examples via code snippets are terse – yet clear and concise – for example showing all the list operations….I also got the Python Standard Library reference for when I get to that level of coding… Indispensable! 6 stars!!
  • Covers a lot but not all. There are some glaring omissions. All and all not too bad. The prudent thing to do and what i did was to add what is missing onto an A4 page and staple in to the chart. Worth the money and then invest a little time with it.
  • If you like the idea of so-called ‘Cheat Sheets’ then this set of 6 platicised and linked pages easily beats anything I’ve seen before. Highly recommended.
  • It’s a good resume for python developer…
  • Me encanta
  • Covers the basics of the Python language. An excellent source for rapid reference.
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    File Size: 68 MB

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