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What will you learn from this book?You know you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so you look to Design Patterns: the lessons learned by those who’ve faced the same software design problems. With Design Patterns, you get to take advantage of the best practices and experience of others so you can spend your time on something more challenging. Something more fun. This book shows you the patterns that matter, when to use them and why, how to apply them to your own designs, and the object-oriented design principles on which they’re based. Join hundreds of thousands of developers who’ve improved their object-oriented design skills through Head First Design Patterns.What’s so special about this book?If you’ve read a Head First book, you know what to expect: a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works. With Head First Design Patterns, 2E you’ll learn design principles and patterns in a way that won’t put you to sleep, so you can get out there to solve software design problems and speak the language of patterns with others on your team.

Eric Freeman
O'Reilly Media; 2nd edition (December 29, 2020)
669 pages

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Eric Freeman is a computer scientist, technology writer, entrepreneur and a former CTO at the Walt Disney Company. Eric’s most recent book, Head First Learn to Code, is a beginners book for coding and computational thinking. Eric lives with his wife and young daughter in Austin, Texas. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University.Elisabeth Robson is the co-author of several Head First books, including Head First Design Patterns, and is a principal at WickedlySmart, an online learning company for software developers. <div id="

  • I have the “10th Anniversary – Updated for Java 8” (2014) version of this book. I couldn’t find any description of what is new in this 2nd edition so I bought it to find out.The books are practically identical. Flipping through the books side-by-side, the chapters are exactly the same or have only one or two pages with minor differences like a different clipart or page title. I didn’t see any new content or code that would be worth an upgrade. Rating 4-stars because it’s still a good book for a Java programmer that is new to design patterns.
  • The visuals are what makes this book special, but sadly that doesn’t translate well at all in the Kindle version. Do yourself a favor and buy it in print.
  • I read the first book way back around 2013 – 2014 while I was in college, as I was really interested back then in design pattern strategy despite never really having to use it back for college courses. Back then however, as I was reading the patterns of this book I chopped up my not understanding some of these concepts as a means of me just not having enough experience in the field.Now in 2021,, with a lot more experience diving into technologies, and after taking a massive break from coding in 2017, to pick it back up in the start of 2020 and being in my first job in it, reading this books new edition, I found the structure of this book really hard to follow. I feel that a lot of the content of head first in this particular series is a lot of unnecessary comparisons to abstractions that make it more confusing to understand some of the concepts thrown in this book. I say this as a good amount of this book is a reference to the famous gang of four from the following book: https://springframework.guru/gang-of-four-design-patterns/Reading this now and even back then I didn’t even know this, and although I can understand why you may want to make a more visually appealing novel to this (as the industry as well as examples have massively changed), the examples that are thrown in this book make it actually extremely confusing in my opinon for explanations that do NOT require the amount of volume that is in this book. A really great comparison that I would love to introduce to all of you if you are reading this review is the following book https://refactoring.guru/design-patternsThe above is a book / website that I was introduce to as some of the references at my current job. It is by far not only the best resource that I have ever seen for design patterns, but also for clean code. Granted this is a more interactive and fleshed out product of a website, but even as a documentation source, the concepts here are all drawn within a single page of a website, that is much easier to digest as you can also change the language of the examples given here to a language that you do understand. These are also appropriately grouped into the categories of the gang of four, which I find important as the umbrella the pattern falls under gives a good idea of what the theme of the pattern is designed to tackle. The worst thing, at least in my opinion this book does is try to bombard you with so much idiomatic information that is unnecessary that you end up associating patterns as a much more specific thing than what it’s purpose was meant to serve.
  • It’s a great book on design patterns, but the down fall for me is that I would like it to focus on C# rather than JAVA. I bought the book because I have heard great things about it, but did not realize it was in JAVA. There are many other books on the subject designed around C#. Gang of Four.
  • Very good introduction to design patterns especially if you have never used them before or are relatively new to some OO principles. The pace is nice and slow at first, but can get tedious after some time with every chapter describing a made up (not real world) scenario and how someone might approach the problem with a simple solution. Then it shows how this simple solution has quite a few drawbacks and introduces that chapter’s design pattern. After going through many of these, the 600 pages to read felt quite tedious and I wish that it only did so with about 5 patterns and then did a quick overview of the rest, sort of like how the appendix goes over 9 patterns with 2 pages each, but maybe a little more like 10. That would have made this book a lot more consumable, but I had to force myself to get through the entire thing so I would rate it 4 stars for being excellent but docking that one star because it was too long. Sort of like this review. Haha.
  • So far the book looks promising, but it smells terrible like gasoline. It’s almost overpowering. Yuck.
  • If you are new to design patterns i HIGHLY recommend this book. You might think its nit “serious enough” at first. But as you go through it things just stay in your head mkre and makes the learning of patterns enjoyable. And the definitions of each Pattern are the official definitions from the Gang of Four.
  • This book is very good at explaining and simplifying patterns!
  • Too much fluff, very little substance!
  • The way the book is written makes it easy for the reader to comprehend the concepts. I believe it’s a great resource for software engineers, especially those who are interested in Object Oriented programming. Because the examples and sample code are written in Java, knowledge of Java is required.
  • If you have bit of experience programming and want to level up your skills by learning how to approach problems using standard design patterns, this is a very well explained intro.
  • Good book tells everything about design patterns with good explanation.
  • I really liked this book. It made an important, but what could be a boring a topic, into an interesting read.
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