CompTIA Security+: SY0-601 Certification Guide: Complete coverage of the new CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) exam to help you pass on the first attempt, 2nd Edition PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Learn IT security essentials and prepare for the Security+ exam with this CompTIA exam guide, complete with additional online resources―including flashcards, PBQs, and mock exams―at securityplus.trainingKey FeaturesWritten by Ian Neil, one of the world’s top CompTIA Security+ trainersTest your knowledge of cybersecurity jargon and acronyms with realistic exam questionsLearn about cryptography, encryption, and security policies to deliver a robust infrastructureBook DescriptionThe CompTIA Security+ certification validates the fundamental knowledge required to perform core security functions and pursue a career in IT security. Authored by Ian Neil, a world-class CompTIA certification trainer, this book is a best-in-class study guide that fully covers the CompTIA Security+ 601 exam objectives.Complete with chapter review questions, realistic mock exams, and worked solutions, this guide will help you master the core concepts to pass the exam the first time you take it. With the help of relevant examples, you’ll learn fundamental security concepts from certificates and encryption to identity and access management (IAM). As you progress, you’ll delve into the important domains of the exam, including cloud security, threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, technologies and tools, architecture and design, risk management, cryptography, and public key infrastructure (PKI).You can access extra practice materials, including flashcards, performance-based questions, practical labs, mock exams, key terms glossary, and exam tips on the author’s website at the end of this Security+ book, you’ll have gained the knowledge and understanding to take the CompTIA exam with confidence.What you will learnMaster cybersecurity fundamentals, from the CIA triad through to IAMExplore cloud security and techniques used in penetration testingUse different authentication methods and troubleshoot security issuesSecure the devices and applications used by your companyIdentify and protect against various types of malware and virusesProtect yourself against social engineering and advanced attacksUnderstand and implement PKI conceptsDelve into secure application development, deployment, and automationWho this book is forIf you want to take and pass the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 exam, even if you are not from an IT background, this book is for you. You’ll also find this guide useful if you want to become a qualified security professional. This CompTIA book is also ideal for US Government and US Department of Defense personnel seeking cybersecurity certification.Table of ContentsUnderstanding Security Fundamentals Implementing Public Key InfrastructureInvestigating Identity and Access ManagementExploring Virtualization and Cloud ConceptsMonitoring, Scanning, and Penetration TestingUnderstanding Secure and Insecure ProtocolsDelving into Network and Security ConceptsSecuring Wireless and Mobile SolutionsIdentifying Threats, Attacks, and VulnerabilitiesGovernance, Risk, and ComplianceManaging Application SecurityDealing with Incident Response ProceduresMock Exam 1Mock Exam 2

Ian Neil
Packt Publishing; 2nd ed. edition (December 24, 2020)
546 pages

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Ian Neil is one of the world’s top trainers of Security+. He has the ability to break down the information into manageable chunks so that people with no background knowledge can gain the skills required to become certified. He has recently worked for the US Army in Europe and designed a Security+ course that catered for people from all backgrounds (not just the IT professional), with an extremely successful pass rate. He is an MCT, MCSE, A+, Network+, Security+, CASP, and RESILIA practitioner. Over the past 23 years Ian has worked with high-end training providers and was one of the first technical trainers to train Microsoft internal staff when they opened their Bucharest Office in 2006. <div id="

  • Anyone looking to pass the 601 should buy this book. Read it as many times as you need to feel confident. I can say that it has everything you need to pass the exam. I’m not the best test taker, but I passed on the first try. I couldn’t have done it without this book.
  • Great book written in easy to read format. Has a lot of content focusing on the security + objective.There are questions and exercises at the end of almost every chapter which help to retain the info.I find it the chapters to be short and to the point, great for studying and focusing on the important details. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • This book is written to make all the information very understandable. Also the two exams are a great way to prep for the exam! 10/10 would recommend.
  • This book has help me pass the conptia sec+. The test would have been much harder if I didn’t read this book. This book break everything down to where you can easily understand it
  • This book is awesome! I passed the exam and now I’m SEC+ certified because of this book. SEC+ is A LOT of information, but this book breaks it down into concepts and processes, and the way that these are illustrated in the text make them extremely understandable.
  • I highly recommend this book from Ian Neil I finished chapter 1 and oh my, I found it very informative.
  • Going through the class, this book has made it so easy for me to catch onto concepts. The scenarios used in the book really broke it down and helped me see how exactly it is used. If this book didn’t help you then you had to have messed up somewhere in your studies. Ian is amazing and the best for this class whether it be his book, teaching, or even his website ( Amazing and thank you so so much Ian!
  • The book gives descriptive information on different aspects of the exam and what the lessons mean in an actual IT and business environment. The exams and reviews test your knowledge of the material and help you learn well.The author also has flash cards and other materials on his website
  • I do not have any previous experience in IT but I would like to get a job in cybersecurity. The first thing you notice when you start reading this book is how user friendly the content is, this has helped me understand the material. I like the diagrams as they help describe the more technical topics and the exam tips are great. I found the end of chapter open questions help ensure you know the information in the chapter. First time around I did not score very high but when I read the chapter the second time I found it easier. Once you score 100% you then know everything. At the end of the book there are two mock exams that ensure that you understand the application of the information. I really liked the free website where I found over 800 flashcards and another, more difficult mock exam. All in all – I passed first time. You need to complete the flashcards multiple times. They even have a set for acronyms which was my weakness. If I can do it, so can you with the material and studying hard.
  • I passed my 601 first time having little prior IT experience. The information was written in an easy to understand format and the open questions at the end of each chapter ensured that I knew the topics, or I would have to go over them again.The tips in the book are on the money. The mock exams and the flashcards, mock exams on compliment this book and help consolidate the information. This is a great resource.
  • I honestly can’t recall reading a more disorganised and incoherent certification guide. Following some very scant and high level descriptions of concepts In the introductory chapter, I proceeded to read the following on page 8: “A building with a sign saying that it is being filmed with CCTV prevents someone from breaking into your premises, even though there may not be film inside the camera – but they don’t know that!”. Yes, film inside a digital CCTV camera. The Security+ certification has a fairly technical syllabus and the author of the book just lost all technical credibility with that one sentence. I do not understand how this book has nearly 250 reviews at a 4.5 star average.
  • The book is really good for people with little to no experience in IT, it explains everything that’s needed for the test in simple terms. This was the best book I found for Sec+ and it help me pass the test.
  • Information is delivered in a fairly bland format, like a dry PowerPoint presentation. It’s printed in black and white, even though the captions refer to colours in the pictures/images; this is frustrating.Would not recommend.
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