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New (2022) 9th Edition contains many updated techniques, scripts, and tools! It is time to look at OSINT in a different way. For many years, and within previous editions of this book, we have relied on external resources to supply our search tools, virtual environments, and investigation techniques. We have seen this protocol fail us when services shut down, websites disappear, and custom resources are dismantled due to outside pressures. This book aims to correct our dilemma. We will take control of our investigative resources and become self-reliant. There will be no more need for online search tools; we will make and host our own locally. We will no longer seek pre-built virtual machines; we will create and configure our own. This book puts the power back in your hands. The new OSINT professional must be self-sustaining and possess their own tools and resources. You will become a more proficient subject matter expert who will be armed with the knowledge and readiness to articulate the sources of your findings. This new ninth edition contains hundreds of pages which have been updated to keep your OSINT investigative methods fresh. It includes new online and offline search tools; a new Linux OSINT virtual machine with pre-built scripts; and tutorials to replicate all Linux OSINT tools within Mac and Windows operating systems. Brand-new search methods for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others ensure you have the latest techniques within your online investigation arsenal. An entire section is devoted to Methodology, Workflow, Documentation, and Ethics which provides a clear game plan for your next active investigation. All digital files are included via download. Today, we start over.

Michael Bazzell
January 1, 2022
524 pages

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  • Author an expert in showing how we as a scociety desire to be “helpful” giving away personal information then resold to other third parties. What is more scary are data breaches, medical records, drivers licenses you thought nothing about being helpful and letting each doctors office photocopy. Law Enforcement is fine if there is a valid reason to ask for identification. Dentists, Doctors, and phony signs to make people believe it is the law. Examining ones ID probably is OK, copying it or relying on worthless privacy policies is un necessary risk. Someone feels certain i am not who i say, i can sit and wait if needed for a peace officer to say i am who i claim to be. Why? If i lied at a doctor’s office, likely silver bracelets will be next and a ride downtown. Dont let the crooks drive policies that weaken our privacy. Even in the emergency room just an insurance card and credit card have been sufficient. Most states they have duty to care laws which mean they fix you regardless. Stick to your beliefs, stay calm and especially reasonable and polite. The book shows how to research mass databases and breaches where sadly most folks personal data was stolen from. My doctor does not have to worry, 20 years, and i have not provided such information, a breach in some new cloud service will get minimal information. I highly recommend using the techniques in this book to help shape up your future by not giving info that many times is not needed, and cleaning up any you can.
  • Got this after following Mr. Bazzells podcast and it is the absolute best guide to approaching OSINT investigations available. Keep in mind tools, operating systems, and services change regularly so by the time you get this, you already need to adapt. Nevertheless, this is a very comprehensive guide for an OSINT investigator regardless of skill level.
  • The details are ALL here. One thing that is missing is for the author to admit that Digital Forensics is a total fraud. When pressed by a clueful questioner these “DF frauds” admit that they can prove NOTHING in terms of who did what, when. But they sure can dazzle the Courts with, well, you get the idea. But a worthwhile book nonetheless.
  • Informative book and very helpful information.
  • Ignore the reviews about missing search tools. All of the tools work and are updated every month. You can see in the negative review that the person mistyped the URL for access but blames the author. The book is great and the digital assets are wonderful. cant go wrong
  • I just bought this book mainly for the search tools, using the credentials provided it says that it’s no longer available and I have nobody I can contact and the website says I can’t ask anything about the book.. so now what?
  • Packed full with a lot of great content and tools. Highly reccomend. Also, his other book is a great companion tool (Extreme Privacy)
  • This book has a massive coverage of osint and is probably the definitive work on this subject. The only downside from my point of view is that it is fairly USA centric.
  • Sans aucun doute le meilleur livre sur l’OSINT qu’il existe à ce jour.Un concentré de méthodes, d’outils, de retours d’expérience, d’astuces…On est à la fois dans le technique (vous saurez mettre en place une machine virtuelle pour protéger vos investigations), dans l’opérationnel (vous aurez tous les outils pour réaliser proprement vos investigations) et dans le méthodologique (des supers exemples pour illustrer l’utilisation des outils).Avec un retour d’expérience sur des cas concreets à chaque fois.Pour ceux que l’OSINT intéressent, c’est un MUST!
  • Top best of this book series! I love it! 🙂
  • Faites attention en Europe le livre est imprime par amazon en Pologne et je viens de recevoir ce livre et un autre du meme gabarit. Les deux on plein d’imperfections gênantes pour un livre neuf notamment le fais d’être gondolé et des imperfections sur la couverture. Sinon excellent livre foncez.
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    File Size: 65 MB

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