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Sit back and relax.Your one-stop guide to a perfect island vacation is right here!Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes you to a deserted island and lets you craft it into your own personal paradise inhabited by a unique, character-filled community. This premium book is both the perfect guide for getting the most out of island life, and the ultimate reference for anyone who insists on having it all.Get AcclimatizedWe’ll get you settled in on your new island home as quickly as possible. Our useful primers will get you oriented and informed on everything a new resident needs to know.Create Your ParadiseThe sea’s the limit when it comes to customizing your island – you just need the right tools and a little guidance ( and maybe a bit of insider information for playing the stalk market). You’ll find all of this here, and more: every tool and app is explained and our tips for design and money making are not to be missed!Discover and ExploreMuseum lovers will be in for a treat – as long as you’re willing to be the one providing the exhibits! It’s a hands-on approach to preservation, and every budding naturalist or palaeontologist needs a solid reference book to consult. You won’t find a single specimen that’s not covered here. Shop Till You DropYour island wouldn’t be much of a paradise without decent shopping facilities. Luckily, Timmy and Tommy’s retail experience brings a wealth of desirable goods for purchase. Every last option for the fashionista or interior decorator is lavishly catalogued. Stunning PhotographyWant to see some of the hottest island destinations that have already found their feet, built a community and began attracting high-volume tourism? We’ve discovered some true gems and arranged photo shoots that are sure to provide plenty of inspiration for building the island of your dreams.Special BonusesFans of Animal Crossing will be delighted with the high-quality bookmarks we’ve included – one side features beautiful character artwork, and the other is filled with useful info. We’ve also created an online calendar for keeping track of events on the island and making sure you never miss a resident’s birthday!

Future Press
April 9, 2020
432 pages

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  • I’ve had this book preordered since I was able to and it exceeds my expectations. I’ve spent the last hour looking through it and have already learned quite a lot. I appreciate the detailed flower breeding guides, along with the fishing/bugging guides. I didn’t know that some bugs and fish don’t “unlock” until I’ve already caught a set number of bugs/fish.I bought this book mainly so I can keep track of what I’ve bought at Nook’s and Able Sisters. I am floored by how many clothing items there are! I’ll have to stop buying items in every color option, because I’m going to run out of storage space very quickly. This guide also shows which clothes only appear in certain seasons.I love that the guide shows what each villager’s house looks like inside, including their original catchphrases. There’s also very helpful information about Happy Home Academy rankings, score bonuses, lucky furniture, and Feng-shui (20 pages worth of info!). And I can’t wait to read the pages about reaching a 5-star island.This is a terrific companion guide and I highly recommend it. It’s a shame there are so many impatient people that have given the book a negative review because the shipping was delayed. Have they forgotten we’re in the middle of a pandemic?
  • Will forever be delayed at this point. Really wanted this guide. Unless they are adding more info… DO NOT BUY
  • The pages that aren’t wrinkled and smeared are great, but mine has definite printer errors.I wanted to return for another copy but that isn’t an option, so I guess I am keeping my damaged copy. Waited months for this book and wish it was a better copy.
  • Given the current global economic climate, a delay is to be expected and, to a certain extent, understood.The goodwill of that understanding goes completely out the window when you ship a defective product that should have been caught during quality control.Pages 377 through 382 were misprinted and mangled during the printing process to the point of illegibility. The worst part about this is that there is no guarantee that the replacement Amazon is supposed to send (expected in another month and a half, no less….) will not have the same defect.
  • I ordered it before the game came out and i get mine thursday you have to order it really early. There is an old saying you snooze you lose. To the people who are complaining you snoozed so you lost stop complaining
  • Large encyclopedia-like book for Animal Crossing. I got it because I have loved Animal Crossing for a long time, and I just knew I had to have it. It took a while due to delays due to worldly circumstances, but it was worth it.
  • I just got my guidebook today, and after flipping through it, let me say I’m so thrilled to have it! This book is an amazingly detailed reference for everything from characters and villagers, to items in game such as clothing, fossils, furniture.. with color pictures and useful info for each. The beginning of the book is a very detailed introduction and explanation of the game. I HIGHLY recommend this book to ANY player regardless of experience or how far you are in the game (I’ve played since Wild World and have 100+ hours into NH now). I consider this book useful and will continue to be.I’m not sure why amazon approved some of these negative reviews considering they were made by people who didn’t even have the book to be able to review it. Sure, there was a slight delay in manufacturing and shipping, very likely due to there being A GLOBAL PANDEMIC going on right now, but we are all eventually getting the guides we ordered. If you can’t be patient, you should just cancel your order, it’s not fair to the company to unleash your anger on them because of delays that may be beyond their control. It’s a great product, that’s what matters.
  • I like many other guide collectors/lovers waited forever to receive our ordered guides. Mine came damaged. The entire upper right hand corner is ruined. And the bonus Bookmark inserts were not in the guide! I am quite disappointed with the experience of this purchase. Just super disappointed with missing items and careless packaging.
  • First of all let us start with the fact that this book comes with two bookmarks, one of mine has the Nook twins on, and the other has Isabelle. On the back of the bookmarks though, can be found even more handy little information which is such a fantastic extra detail.Moving on to the book itself, this is a hefty paperback that feels very much like a textbook. Unlike your average textbook though, this one includes a stunning dust jacket, which is the main cover you can see in the image. This feels high quality, and the underneath cover is just as stunning though, perhaps more plain. The paper is rich in quality, leading to really well defined colourful images. Many of the pages use extra art details just to liven up the pages from the bulks of text, and again this is all stunning and makes this book worth owning for these adorable images alone. The book also feels just well put together, the binding is secure even from a lot of flicking back and forth – as you would expect with a guidebook.The content itself is broken down into sections that make sense, and even when urgently flicking around while playing, it is incredibly easy to find exactly what it is you need. Each chapter starts with a stunning two page colour display of some of the characters too, which makes this a stunning book to flick through.This guide works well for newcomers to the series and can hold your hand throughout the gameplay if you need it. That said, there is also something here for the more advanced players too. Many areas are explored in-depth, so you can make this game as complex as you personally want it to be. There are progression charts, full catalogues, check lists and more. I’d go as far as to say this is a cataloguers absolute dream! I personally intend to try and collect everything, and this guide provides lists to help cater to that.Whether you are a new player, or a returning player this game guide has everything you could possibly need and more, just be wary if you start trying to catalogue all your clothing, as the colour choices make it hard to decipher which version you own at times. Also, sadly this guide was accurate as of the game releasing. Since then we have already seen one big update and are due another big update tomorrow, which will make this stunning guide sadly outdated in many ways. I still highly recommend getting this book though!
  • Very big, thick book, quite heavy, pages feels really good quality, great colours.It’s split into helpful sections so good to dip in and out of too.The writing is a decent size to read and its all set out inside really clear making it easy to follow along as you are playing.It’s almost as addictive as the game itself.It also has some interesting back story to the game and its characters.Love the cute bookmarks that were included within the book too.The only thing that doesn’t seem to be featured are the seasonal events & downloadable updates but I guess they have to save some surprises and they are always adding updates so not all would be in the book.
  • Great book for trying to collect everything in the game. Charming, nice art work and some great advice on playing the game and understanding certain features e.g. hybrid flower breeding. However there are some errors (a couple typos and some number are wrong e.g. fossil prices). those typos and errors are not really much of an issue for me as the typos don’t make it unreadable and the numerical errors are not really info I cared about (I either donate fossils to the museum or sell in which case price doesn’t matter I just get what they give). Buyer beware: the only bigger problem I would say is as of 24/04/2020 the guide will be out of date, while much of the content of the book will still be useful past this date, there is so much new content and events not covered in this book. I kind of hope that rather than releasing a new guide with all info in the future, they release a smaller book with just the updated stuff, that way making those who buy this feel it was not a wasted purchase.
  • It’s a BIG informative book, it’s like an animal crossing encyclopedia. Wasn’t expecting it to be so big. Pleasantly surprised.
  • I don’t normally buy merchandise but Animal Crossing is the sort of game you really need help with tracking and planning. I saw a few pictures of this book and thought it looked cute. £25 seemed like a lot of money at the time, but I was expecting a regular-sized hardback with maybe a third of the page count.This is not that book. It’s basically an almanac with a lot of lists, but it’s much larger (A4-ish) and thicker than I expected. £25 suddenly seems CHEAP for the sheer volume of information presented here, but it’s also done with adorable illustrations. It’s not the sort of book you read from start to finish (although you can) but dip in to whatever you’re looking for. Want an olive flounder to earn some Nook Miles? What time of day are they fishable? Starting to design your home? What furniture can you eventually acquire, and how? Who is Tom Nook, and how did he get started as a landlord/entrepeneur? And the list goes on…. and on… and on…Definitely worth £25!
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    File Size: 9 MB

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