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Easy-to-follow visual walkthrough of every important part of the Google Cloud PlatformThe Google Cloud Platform incorporates dozens of specialized services that enable organizations to offload technological needs onto the cloud. From routine IT operations like storage to sophisticated new capabilities including artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Google Cloud Platform offers enterprises the opportunity to scale and grow efficiently.In Visualizing Google Cloud: Illustrated References for Cloud Engineers & Architects, Google Cloud expert Priyanka Vergadia delivers a fully illustrated, visual guide to matching the best Google Cloud Platform services to your own unique use cases. After a brief introduction to the major categories of cloud services offered by Google, the author offers approximately 100 solutions divided into eight categories of services included in Google Cloud Platform:ComputeStorageDatabasesData AnalyticsData Science, Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceApplication Development and Modernization with ContainersNetworkingSecurityYou’ll find richly illustrated flowcharts and decision diagrams with straightforward explanations in each category, making it easy to adopt and adapt Google’s cloud services to your use cases. With coverage of the major categories of cloud models—including infrastructure-, containers-, platforms-, functions-, and serverless—and discussions of storage types, databases and Machine Learning choices, Visualizing Google Cloud: Illustrated References for Cloud Engineers & Architects is perfect for every Google Cloud enthusiast, of course. It is for anyone who is planning a cloud migration or new cloud deployment. It is for anyone preparing for cloud certification, and for anyone looking to make the most of Google Cloud. It is for cloud solutions architects, IT decision-makers, and cloud data and ML engineers. In short, this book is for YOU.

Priyanka Vergadia
Wiley; 1st edition (April 12, 2022)
256 pages

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A VISUAL tour of Google Cloud Google Cloud offers over 200 products and services to support a wide variety of use cases in the cloud, from routine IT operations like compute and storage to sophisticated capabilities like artificial intelligence and machine learning. That is a lot – even an overwhelming amount — to handle! Where should you get started? Well…this book has got you covered! In Visualizing Google Cloud: 101 Illustrated References for Cloud Engineers & Architects, Google Cloud expert Priyanka Vergadia delivers a fully illustrated, visual guide to matching the best Google Cloud services to your use cases. The author offers approximately 100 easy to follow illustrations across five broad categories of Google Cloud services: Infrastructure, storage & databases — to run & scale applications seamlessly Data Analytics and Machine Learning — to derive actionable insights from data Networking — to connect, scale, secure, modernize & optimize the infrastructure Application Development & Modernization — to build apps using containers and microservices Security — to protect data, users, and applications in cloud This book makes Google Cloud technical concepts fun and interesting with a richly illustrated visual explanation of each concept, how it works, and how you can apply it to your business use-case. Whether you are planning a cloud migration, new cloud deployment, or preparing for cloud certification you will find this book a valuable reference. If you are a cloud solutions architect, IT decision-maker, or cloud data or ML engineer, this book is for YOU! About the Author Priyanka Vergadia has been working with cloud technology for a decade. She holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Electronics from India. Now a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, Priyanka works with companies and cloud architects to solve their most pressing business challenges using cloud computing. She is also an artist and has combined her cloud knowledge with visual storytelling to bring you a unique & concise visual tour of Google Cloud. “I believe that a picture is worth more than 1000 words.” <div id="

  • Pragmatic. Streamlined. All in 1 for whatever reason you may want to go in depth into Cloud computing with GCP. From building a use/business case to helping with a certification and everything in the middle, you should not hesitate in getting this book.
  • Very clear and simply explained. It makes the concepts on GCP much easier. Helps with Professional Cloud Architect cert and practical knowledge for implementing GCP services.
  • Precise and helpful to all GCP communities.
  • Excellent book
  • This book is very helpful to understand all GCP concepts. Visual guide helps me to speed up the process of learning and retaining to memory!!
  • Priyanka’s simple and fun storytelling style has been instrumental in my Google Cloud journey success. Priyanka’s storyboards are effective to learn complex technical concepts quickly and gain the knowledge required to select the best Google Cloud solution for the use case. In this book, Priyanka describes with beautiful pictures and engaging stories the what and why of Google Cloud products. If you are designing a Cloud or hybrid landscape or are getting ready for a Google Cloud certification this book will be one or your most precious assets!
  • Visual
  • Thanks Priyanka for this little treasure!Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to understand GCP in detail with fantastic diagrams that make things stick so much better.
  • Un libro que va desde lo general a lo específico. Te presenta los conceptos de manera gráfica, lo que te permite ver la reolación entre los diferentes servicios de Google Cloud y así lograr esa primera conexión visual que facilita el aprendizaje. Luego te explica detalles sobre cada servicio y lo que es mejor aún te presenta algún ejemplo que te permita ubicar los servicios de Google Cloud y saber cuando puedes utilizar uno sobre otro.
  • The product itself is great but I cannot zoom into the diagrams illustrations at all. I have tried contacting the publisher mentioned in the ebook but they were unhelpful.
  • Conteúdo bom para diversas situações: estudos, preparação para certificação e no dia a dia do trabalho. Vale a pena!
  • Un muy buen libro para aprender sobre GCP y sus servicios.
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