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Learn how to code while you write programs that effortlessly perform useful feats of automation!The second edition of this international fan favorite includes a brand-new chapter on input validation, Gmail and Google Sheets automations, tips for updating CSV files, and more.If you’ve ever spent hours renaming files or updating spreadsheet cells, you know how tedious tasks like these can be. But what if you could have your computer do them for you? Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, 2nd Edition teaches even the technically uninclined how to write programs that do in minutes what would take hours to do by hand—no prior coding experience required!This new, fully revised edition of Al Sweigart’s bestselling Pythonic classic, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, covers all the basics of Python 3 while exploring its rich library of modules for performing specific tasks, like scraping data off the Web, filling out forms, renaming files, organizing folders, sending email responses, and merging, splitting, or encrypting PDFs. There’s also a brand-new chapter on input validation, tutorials on automating Gmail and Google Sheets, tips on automatically updating CSV files, and other recent feats of automations that improve your efficiency.Detailed, step-by-step instructions walk you through each program, allowing you to create useful tools as you build out your programming skills, and updated practice projects at the end of each chapter challenge you to improve those programs and use your newfound skills to automate similar tasks. Boring tasks no longer have to take to get through—and neither does learning Python!

Al Sweigart
No Starch Press; 2nd edition (November 12, 2019)
592 pages

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“With lessons on how to use Python to program Excel spreadsheets, crawl websites, parse PDFs and Word documents, send emails, and other productivity-boosting task automation, it’s a stellar resource for office workers, academics, and administrators.”—Mashable”I think many educational resources jump levels way too quickly. One of the best I ever used was Automate the Boring Stuff with Python – that book stayed at the right level the whole way!”—Oscar Baruffa, @OscarBaruffaPraise for the first edition of Automate the Boring Stuff with Python:”The best part of programming is the triumph of seeing the machine do something useful. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python frames all of programming as these small triumphs; it makes the boring fun.”—Hilary Mason, Founder of Fast Forward Labs and Data Scientist in Residence at Accel “Do you need Automate the Boring Stuff with Python? Yes, if you want to enhance your workflow by using automation, this is an excellent place to start. Highly recommended.” —Network World   “Valuable to have on your shelf…an extremely useful book.” —Kids, Code, and Computer Science Magazine   “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is perfect for anyone who has menial tasks they don’t want to spend hours doing.” —GeekMom “Whether you prefer working through a book, or learning by watching, or both together, Automate the Boring Stuff will have you productive in Python in no time.” —Serdar Yegulalp, InfoWorld”If you seriously want to know how much Python helps with automation, my favorite place is the Automate Boring Stuff with Python book, a simply awesome book.” —Javin Paul, Hacker Noon”This is certainly a much more engaging way to learn Python . . . it gets you all excited by the prospect of making cool little programs that will save you time.”—Andrew Lau,”I’ve found both the book and Udemy course of Automate the Boring Stuff with Python by Al Sweigart to be really helpful.”—Mark S, @Awful_Curious”Best Python book you can buy today.”—Rodrigo Ribeiro, @mcapablanca About the Author Al Sweigart is a professional software developer who teaches programming to kids and adults. Sweigart has written several bestselling programming books for beginners, including Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, Cracking Codes with Python, and Coding with Minecraft (all from No Starch Press). <div id="

  • This book is intended for beginners, and really breaks down python in a very approachable manner. Despite that being said, I wouldn’t recommend this book to a beginner. In the preface, the author mentions that this book uses many bad habits (or at the very least frowned upon habits), which is true. Many of coding examples are inefficient (which, to the author’s credit, he acknowledges), and while the code might run, it’s not going to be pretty. The projects look worthwhile, and those alone would be what I’d argue makes the book worth it. Many novice developers (as well as intermediate & advanced) can shrug off the idiosyncrasies that are presented in this book, but a person brand new to coding would likely misunderstand the material, ultimately leading to bad habits that’ll be harder to unlearn.For a true beginner, I’d recommend the Python Crash Course book by the same publisher (No Starch Press). The fundamentals are clearly presented, and easy to understand. The foundation developed will be stronger, and you’ll be less likely to develop bad habits, since most of the material is presented in a manner consistent with the python community (PEP).For example, the way variables and input functions are utilized between the two books are drastically different. In this book, user input and assignment is handled as follows:print(‘What’s your name?’)name = input()This is inefficient, and somewhat confusing, given that the alternative (as presented in Python Crash Course) is easier. In Python Crash Course, the same outcome is presented as follows:name = input(“What is your name? “)The print statement asking for the user’s name is excessive. If I’m trying to automate the boring stuff, I’m trying to trim the fat – not eat it.
  • As this book makes very clear from the start, you don’t have to be a programmer to using this book. I’m a professional software engineer that just needed to learn some python automation for work and personal projects. This book helped me get there but I can see how this book really was tailored toward those who are not experienced in programming as it breaks down each section into consumable bits that would seem a bit tedious to someone like me but would be perfectly helpful to someone without programming experience. I was able to skim the first few chapters that teach the language as I’m already versed in programming and was able to glean pythons syntax style pretty quickly. It’s a simple yet elegant language especially compared to others that I use daily. The part about this book that got me all excited was the web scraping section. As a web developer, I deal with web pages a lot and it would be nice to have some scripts that would auto fill forms and interact with the web pages for me as I’m making code changes on the day to day. It would really make my job—even as a developer—super easy, and it has.
  • Add this book to my small collection of Python books, and I am sure it will be a very good book, because this is not my first book for the same author (Al Sweigart), I have one more else, +the author provides all his books for free reading in the net, +there is an Udemy video course for this book by him.Hoping good reading, practicing, time with this book.
  • While this is indeed a great book to get started with python projects I won’t say it’s a great book for total beginners.The author often uses coding concepts at the beginning of the book that are not explained until a later chapter leaving some beginners feeling overwhelmed with his programming methods.I am not a beginner though so understanding the basics was easy for me. The projects are really good for beginners too. Though I would recommend starting with Python Crash Course 2nd edition which goes through the fundamentals in greater detail and is more organized in its teaching approach (it also comes with projects at the end of the fundamental chapters).Overall good book just wished it was better organized for the “beginner”
  • I just bought couple of weeks before. Almost half of the book I have finished. The author explains very well and You can actually use his example in python and test them. I recommend people who looking to work as a Cloud Architect / AWS architect etc.
  • The posted links to the examples at author(dot)com all seem to be pretty much dead, at , least as of the last time I checked several days ago. Big demerit for this.There is a lot of typing for the purpose of entering the code. It would be great, or it would be great if the web site was not DOA, to just be able to download some of those files. Or ship the book with a CD, which doesn’t seem to be a thing any more.Anyhow, it is OK so far, but there are issues with the execution.
  • I am working through this book and haven’t finished it yet. I am a long term programmer having programmed for pay in Fortran for multiple jobs. I have been programming for over 30 years and learning an object oriented language requires a shift in perspective. So, I need little in algorithm development but details on the language features is important and capabilities to do the things that were simple in other languages is important to know how to do it in Python. This book is very complementary to the book Think Python, IMHO.I am working in Data Science and Machine Learning in particular and found that my ability to program in Python was lacking. So far this book has done a very good job familiarizing me with how to do certain critical things in Python. For Data Science having a section on web site data scraping is very important. I could just look how to do this. Also the data structures are much richer and varied. In Fortran you created any complexity in data structure yourself. I highly recommend this book for both new programmers and advanced programmers who need or want to learn Python.
  • Can’t say I enjoy reading technical book but I do it for learning. This one, is a gem. Funny, interesting relevant but not overwhelming. Good pace and got me started with Python better than googling.
  • I bought this because it seemed an easy re-entry into programming, and in particular I wanted to wrangle some data in a way that’s beyond excel, whilst using excel as both data source and output mechanism.I’m a lapsed programmer, so was coming to the party with some previous, and the straightforward approach the author takes was just spot-on, dealing with just enough coding and plenty of realistic examples to whet your appetite and give you something to develop and grow with.The basics are covered first – just enough to get you going, don’t expect a full reference here – then specific topics are worked through such as automating OS-type file/ folder work, then progressing on to dealing with pdf, JSON, CSV, excel (and in this latest version, Google sheets), docx etc files, which gives you a great grounding into the book’s overarching aim – automating those trivial everyday repetitive tasks that take up so much time and are generally error-prone.I’ve now got upwards of 50 short scripts that automate all sorts of work-workload, from wrangling 5,000-record datasets down to monitoring a server folder for excess files (large backups that tend not to get rotated.)On top of re-awakening my interest (and ability!) in programming, I’d estimate this book saves me a good 5 hours a week at work, all boring drudge work. For that alone it’s worth the purchase price.Currently my most-used script scrapes a booking website for Covid-19 vaccinations (I manage a small doctors’ practice), pulls multiple clinics into 1 spreadsheet and outputs a mail-merge file that prints out card labels with name/ DOB/ NHS number/ clinic date & time. I run it every day at the moment and it saves me 30 minutes a day, minimum. More if we have late-changes- so the book is also helping in the fight against Covid!If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a fan.If you have the slightest interest in Python, in learning programming in a practical, useful way, or work a lot at a computer and want to save yourself from boring, repetitive work, do yourself a favour and buy this book. If you don’t save the purchase price in time savings within a week, you haven’t read it properly.
  • Clear and straightforward book, with one small but frustrating problem in the early stages. It is not clear about installation of the additional pip program and features. The links quoted in the book have clearly changed since publication and there’s no easy explanation readily available in how to overcome this. Took me days of trying Google suggestions to fix.Really frustrating because it will put people off. I was fortunate and resolved with the assistance of a professional Python programmer. Not many folk are as fortunate.It’s a common problem with computer books because computer progams are constantly evolving. It’s no excuse for not addressing changes to links in online help however.
  • I’m pretty good in excel, in terms of formulas, nesting, throwing around tables etc, but never really branched into programming and as a New Years resolution (I know!) I wanted a new skill.Speaking to my developers at work, Python appears to be the weapon of choice for coding the day to day heavy lifting. So I’ve started my commitment to a bit everyday and its going well. The book is simply laid out, yet covers topics in depth and clarity.Online resources on Youtube and via the books links are also a great mine of information. At some point I want to break from the book to work on a specific task. A few weeks away yet, but as far as taking the plunge, Python ticks ALOT of boxes.
  • Gone through a number of books on using python for data analysis / ml but wanted something practical where I could build applications to solve real problems for me. Read 3/4 straight through then pick-n-mix the last 1/4 depending on what interested me. Its definitely a book you will use as a reference. So far have automated a few web scrapping tasks and managed to build a custom alert application integrated to my bank. Powerful Stuff.Update – as others have said the physical copy is not great, spine on mine broke. Expect better.
  • The content is the book is great. I have ordered two books, both of which the glue holding the binding peeled away from the cover within 24 hours.I’ll happily reorder when I am confident the publisher has fixed this problem.
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