First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level C: 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Jumpstart reading success with this big collection motivating storybooks correlated with Guided Reading Level C. Most pages of these full-color storybooks feature just two or three lines of simple, repetitive text to help children learn to read with ease and confidence. Includes a 4-page, tip-filled parent guide. A great value! 1. The Pie that Jack Made 2. Funny Foods 3. Round the Clown 4. Follow that Cat! 5. Counting Bugs 6. Lunch Crunch 7. Bubble Shapes 8. All About Dinosaurs 9. Make a Pizza 10. This Little Piggy 11. Tail Tale 12. Eight Arms are Great 13. Bat Facts 14. Snow Tracks 15. Lots of Legs 16. Polka-a-Dot World 17. The Teeny Tiny Man 18. Giant Friends 19. Hot Dog, Hot Dog 20. Squares are Everywhere 21. Surprises 22. Shadow Guessing Game 23. Monkey Business 24. Draw a Pig 25. Clay Play For use with Grades PreK-2.
Liza Charlesworth
October 1, 2010
96 pages
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Liza Charlesworth is an educational editor and author who specializes in books for primary students. She has written several books for Scholastic Professional Books. <div id="
  • So I’ve attached a bunch of pics because when I purchased this there weren’t that many showing the content. My daughter started reading basic words when she was 3 so I got set A for her (the red one) and she loved them. Now she is 4 and a half and reads pretty fluently for her age. I have been going to the library but these books are more systematic so I decided to get another batch. I didn’t get ‘B’ because it seemed very similar to ‘A’ from the reviews so I went ahead and got ‘C’. It’s not really challenging for my little one, she read them all in one day and needed help with about 10 words in total. I could’ve gotten ‘D’ and it would be fine but this is a good stepping stone too so yeah I’m okay with it. I’ll probably get ‘D’ in a week too since she loves them.
  • First Little Readers have been a great addition to our home and have really helped in my child’s reading progress. Similar to the beginning box sets, each book adds a bit more complexity to continue to challenge our budding reader.I do enjoy that this set not only teaches reading but also how to do things!Draw a Pig teaches them how to draw a pig while reading, Make a Pizza provides step-by-step instruction on, you guessed it, how to make a pizza.Squares Are Everywhere asks kids if they can spot the shapes in the book.Your kids will learn facts about bats and dinosaurs, learn how to count in Counting Bugs and Lots of Legs.I also purchased many subsequent First Little Readers (D, E, F, G, H, Folk & Fairy Tale) and have a few pictures to show the added complexity of each set. We introduced these books to the kids around the age of 3. My eldest is 6 now and still grabs these books to read occasionally.ConstructionThe books are ~5.5 inches in length and width and really the perfect size for little hands. Each book is 8 pages long and stapled. The set comes in a little box with a top handle.
  • These little books (and they are little: see pics for scale next to my adult hand on my fullsize keyboard) are a wonderful learning resource that came highly recommended by my son’s kindergarten teacher. We bought the “C” box, and she said that the goal was to have our son able to read “C” or “D” level books with almost no mistakes by the end of kindergarten.The topics are little kid friendly: bugs, dinosaurs, making pizza. Words repeat often for the kiddo to gain confidence. There are a lot of “sight words” throughout, which is also a great help.Note: these are 8-page little books with one sentence per page. They’re perfect for learning to read, going slowly. Perfect for little hands. Sometimes we cover the pictures up for the first read-through because our son was guessing words instead of sounding out letters. After one or two read-throughs, he’s memorizing the sentences, so we are prepared to pass these on to another family as soon as he’s done reading through them all a few times. Basically, these are not “keepers”; they’re a tool for learning to sound out words and read sentences. For the price, I think they’re really worth that!We made a homemade Advent Calendar with big used envelopes from a caligrapher friend (but standard greetingcard envelopes would work, these are such small books). See pics for that, too. We put one book in each of the envelopes, and our son is SO excited to open up a new little book and slowly work though the reading process every single morning. He even made us video him reading them a second or third time for his [remote school] teacher.
  • I have a soon to be first grader who needs more reading practice at home and these books are just the thing. The A, B, C levels are spot on and there are enough stories in each pack (25) to keep him from getting bored. Pictures help with context and give clues to words he doesn’t know, but not everything in the story. He still has to read it. A great box set for any beginning reader. I would buy these again and recommend them to family and friends!
  • These are about what you expect them to be. Little, super thin, square paperback books in a little box with a handle. I teach first grade and bought these as a holiday present for my kiddos. I made them all personalized bookmarks and let them each pick out a book as their present. Most of them are right around a C reading level, which is why I picked this box. They loved it! The box also comes with a little insert in it for parents, so that was pretty cool.
  • Gives confidence to the young readers!
  • Definitely recommend these, they are short, funny and they give my son a lot of confidence. I started him on these after doing a bunch of Bob books and sight words. These books are definitely not for just starting out. He knew his pre-primer and about half of the primer Dolch sight words before starting these books. He’s more of a level B, and that is the level his teacher has him on, but he’s fine with trying out C too. Most of the time, he can figure out the none-phonics /none-sight words by looking at the pictures.
  • Perfect for my 4 year old nephew that’s learning to read . Has really expanded his vocabulary and sentence structure . The assortment offers a great variety of short stories to chose from so they never feel like you’re reading the same material too much
  • I love this series. My six-year-old is learning to read using this four-box set. She loves it and prefers it to all other learn-to-read books, including Dr. Seuss! I strongly recommend these books. They have just the right mix of text-relevant imagery, repetition, story, and humour (there’s a surprise twist on almost every final page). We haven’t tried the fourth set as it’s going to be Christmas present.
  • 25 beautiful small books for little kids learning how to read. It came in perfect condition. I’m very pleased with my order. 🙂
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