School Zone – Big First Grade Workbook – 320 Pages, Ages 6 to 7, 1st Grade, Beginning Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Basic Math, Word Problems, Time, Money, and More (School Zone Big Workbook Series) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

School Zone products shipped and sold by Amazon are genuine and authentic. Products sold by other sellers may be of lesser quality and are not guaranteed by School Zone.Visit the School Zone store at FEATURES320 pages: 302 activity pages, 18 answer key pagesFor ages 6 to 77.75″ x 10.75″ pages with durable glossy coverBook has multiple sections with Parent notes for each: Time, Money & Fractions, Phonics & Spelling, Basic Math, Reading Comprehension, VocabularyColorful, kid friendly illustrations reinforce the lessonsEasy directions and visual clues promote self-directed learningConcepts flow from easy to more difficult, and pages are perforated to easily tear out for individual worksheets AMAZING – Big First Grade Workbook has 300+ colorful exercises that make learning fun! These proven activities will help prepare your children for success by teaching first grade math and reading skills, with problem-solving in order of increasing difficulty for added reinforcement learning. Kids learn to read and build skills in phonics, vocabulary, first grade writing, spelling, reading comprehension, logic, story problem-solving, inference, and deduction all in this book. This is also an addition and subtraction workbook that teaches 1st grade math with place values, telling time, fun fractions and much more! With the colorful and kid friendly illustrations and easy directions and visual clues, this first grade workbook is fun and easy to use. The perforated pages make it easy to tear out and create individual worksheets, and each skill being practiced is listed at the bottom of each page to help keep track. When the Big 1st Grade Workbook is complete, you can fill out the included “Great Job! You’re #1” certificate to reward a job well done. Hang it on the wall or fridge to display their achievement with pride.WORKBOOKS FOR KIDS – Using kids workbooks is a great way to improve learning. Writing by hand, as opposed to typing on a computer, fires up specific areas of a child’s brain, improving their ability to not only remember what he or she learns but to think of new ideas. Completing physical pages also give a sense of accomplishment that’s hard to get from a digital product. This is a workbook kids are sure to enjoy!PREPARATION – Let us help you prepare your young children for the next grade level with our workbooks, flashcards, card games, early reader books, and online learning program – Anywhere Teacher. Keep kids “classroom ready” with these great supplemental learning tools and more!AWARD WINNING – School Zone content has won The Parents’ Choice Foundation Award, Tillywig Toy Awards, Brainchild Award, Family Choice Award, Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence, Gold Star Toy Scholastic Parent and Child Award and many more.OUR STORY – More than 40 years ago, long-time educators James Hoffman, Ed.D., and his wife Joan Hoffman, M.A., began a retail supply outlet for teachers, then soon identified a need for at-home learning materials to help parents support and supplement their children’s classroom instruction. School Zone Publishing fast emerged as the market leader in workbooks and flashcards for preschoolers through sixth graders.School Zone remains family-owned, focused on excellence, responsive to customers, alert to emerging technology, and committed to the community. We continually update our products with new features and content, reflective of changing standards, evolving teaching methods, and overall best practices.
School Zone
July 1, 1997
320 pages
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About 7 months ago I got the first grade book because he was almost done with the kindergarten big book. I got him the preschool book at 3 yrs old which was his very first work book ever. I have gotten him quite a few of these books as well as the flash cards and one product after another he has just simply love them and he is able to follow the instructions and remember the material. I’ll a homeschool Mom and I bought this books as a fun complementary fun part of my curriculum but now they’ve become a very essential part of my child’s learning main focus. The books are fun and easy to follow and quite rich in content. My five year old child is functioning at a first grade level and he actually asks to get the book and do it on his own therefore I get one book for him to have and familiarize himself with its content a book for me to integrate into his everyday lesson plan. He also started the Big Spelling 1-3 book about 4 months ago and has less than 100 pages to go out of 320 pages. He is also working on the Big Math 1-2 workbook that he has been working on for about 10 months and to him it is like he playing since the book are so pleasing to the eye but he is learning at an extraordinary rate. –School Zone WebsiteI liked School Zone workbooks when I was a kid. I saw them at used book store and Dollar Tree so I got some of them. On Christmas day I saw that Walgreen had the big workbooks for 2/$12.99 or 1/$9.99 so I got one. I know my son is only three years old, but if I see it cheap now then I know he will have them when he is ready. –School Zone WebsiteMy son is almost done with this book and it was so fun and easy to understand. He starts the 2nd grade book soon, so I will make sure to comment on that soon!!! Thank you for making this book and can’t wait to get the third and fourth grade ones soon. –School Zone Website <div id="
  • Pretty easy workbook for a very simple review of 1st grade material. Lots of word searches and single word answers or circling your answer.
  • This book is great! I bought this so my soon to be 6 year old will have a good start for first grade class in the fall. It covers lots of subjects that his kindergarten class hadn’t covered, but with a more detailed explanations on the subjects he couldn’t grasp, he is able to finish the work sheets with no problem! My son’s reading level has also immensely improved. I positively recommend! He definitely enjoys this workbook! 😄
  • This is the best workbook for 1st grade kid; they covered different exercises on math topics and time telling. The paper quality is also very good that you can’t find any mark in next page. It’s not that expensive also. Great workbook!
  • Usually, I like the “BIG” books because I think they make school a little easier for kids. They have nice big pictures and both of my kids actually enjoy doing their workbooks, however, I noticed that the First Grade one is lacking a little. I used it for my daughter, who seemed a little bored with it, and skipped most of it to move to the Second Grade one. I got a second one for my son when the time came and it hadn’t changed much, he too seems bored so far. I switched brands and tried another First Grade book, he seems to prefer that one. I don’t think this book is challenging enough, however it could work for studying with a kindergartener over the summer.
  • Over 300 pages of colorful characters and extremely engaging questions/activities. My little girl will be 6 in a few months and has graduated kindergarten. However, due to the pandemic, schools are in limbo and I refuse to allow her education to diminish or be forgotten. This helps tremendously. I work from home and can work with her on this and do my job at the same time. It’s so easy to just jump in and guide her through the more complicated activities.She gets so engaged that she forgets how many pages she’s doing once she starts. At the rate she’s going, this won’t make it past 2 months. I can’t believe this is only $5. I’d gladly pay $20 for this quality. Seriously. I can see why there are so many 5-star reviews. The book deserves it. Truly.It’s worth it. I’d hate to see my baby fall behind simply because I didn’t do everything in my power to ensure she would succeed. This is too easy. $5 to help your child develop or sharpen their skills.Don’t be lazy, and don’t be cheap, just get this book and get ready for fun!
  • This is a great “big book” for review and skills reinforcement over the summer. As a curriculum specialist, I can see where improvement is needed, but I think the authors tried hard to create an inviting, comprehensive resource for building skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, math, science, and other language arts, with ethnically diverse characters and contemporary themes. My granddaughter, who is 6 and going into first grade, uses this book frequently and skillfully in guided lessons and independent work.School Zone staff, your publications deserve error-free excellence. There were too many errors in grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. I am a technical writer, curriculum specialist, and professional editor. Another set of “eagle eyes” can help you avoid publishing substandard presentations.
  • Bought this to supplement my son’s learning for 1st grade. They don’t give homework in his class, but he needs a little more reinforcement than what he’s getting in class. This has been a great way to do that. We do a few pages a night (switching between math and reading/writing). He enjoys it and it seems to be helping since he gets the one on one instruction. Very glad we got this!
  • I like the book and so does my daughter. I purchased other books from Walmart ect. and this book seems more like what she’ll be doing in school. My daughter is in Pre-K right now and we’ve done kindergarten books so it was time to more on. I would purchase this for my son when he gets old enough.
  • I purchased this workbook for my 5 year old preparing for his Year 1 curriculum over the summer holiday. My son loved School Zone books and this one was a success. The full colour page layout makes it looks like an activity book rather than a workbook, but this is exactly what it is intended – to make learning fun. It has over 300 pages of colorful Maths and English exercises made this the perfect workbook for hot summer afternoons. My little one worked on a few pages a day in his own pace. It is an American book, but it worked well. The section dealing with money was in American Dollors, we didn’t use those pages. All in all, I am happy with it.
  • my son loves anwering this book.really colourful and interactive book.
  • I wasn’t going to write a review. I mean, with a 4.8 start rating with over 11 thousand reviews, what would be the point? But then I opened this book, and went through every section, cover to cover. This reminds me of the school books I grew up with almost 40 years ago in school. The graphics are amazing, and drew my daughter in right away. She was begging me to let her work in it before I was finished looking through it. It has phonics, spelling, reading comprehension, story progression, printing, addition, subtraction, fractions, greater than and less than, addition charts the kids put together, time, money, shopping, grouping for counting, math word problems, graphs, basic science, and probably more! I just am flat out amazed at the content in this book, the work pages taking up 302 of the 320 pages. I cannot imagine needing another book for grade one besides wanting to teach her French on the side. I will be doing other things just to spend more time, but this covers so much.
  • Great quality! And excellent content. My child is about to go into first grade in september and he has leaned a lot, ready for the new school year! I am really happy with the book and the actvities.
  • Ya había adquirido un libro de esta serie y por eso me interesó adquirir otro libro para más niveles de enseñanza. Las ilustraciones son muy buenas, los colores son atractivos para niños, las actividades son fáciles de entender y divertidas de realizar, y tiene muchas hojas!
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