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From the author and illustrator of Our Class is a Family, this touching picture book expresses a teacher’s sentiments and well wishes on the last day of school. Serving as a follow up to the letter in A Letter From Your Teacher: On the First Day of School, it’s a read aloud for teachers to bid a special farewell to their students at the end of the school year.Through a letter written from the teacher’s point of view, the class is invited to reflect back on memories made, connections formed, and challenges met. The letter expresses how proud their teacher is of them, and how much they will be missed. Students will also leave on that last day knowing that their teacher is cheering them on for all of the exciting things to come in the future.There is a blank space on the last page for teachers to sign their own name, so that students know that the letter in the book is coming straight from them. With its sincere message and inclusive illustrations, A Letter From Your Teacher: On the Last Day of School is a valuable addition to any elementary school teacher’s classroom library.

Shannon Olsen
March 30, 2022
33 pages

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  • As a teacher, creating a strong classroom community early on in the school year is something I always strive for. Shannon Olsen’s books have played such an important role in allowing me to build all of the necessary and sacred teacher/student relationships required for such an environment. I am thrilled to now have a book that will help me close out the school year just as successfully. The illustrations, like Shannon’s previous two books, are inclusive and allow every student to feel seen. The continuity with “A Letter From Your Teacher on the First Day of School” is truly remarkable. There are so many similarities that students will be delighted to see again during those final weeks of school. I am excited to share this book with my students for many years to come. This would also make a great student gift at the end of the year since there is a spot for the teacher to sign their name. Thank you Shannon for another heartfelt, genuine book with a wonderful message!
  • As a teacher, this book is exactly what I have been looking for to end the school year in a positive way with my class. We have spent so much time together that my students truly become “my kids” and it is always so hard to just say goodbye. Our class has created so many memorable moments throughout the year and this book is the perfect way for students to reflect on all those memories. I love this book because it expresses how much I care about my class and how excited I am to see them continue to grow in their learning in the future years to come. It really shows how even though the year has come to an end, our class and everything that we learned and experienced will always be a part of them and me as well! I absolutely recommend this book to all teachers no matter what grade you teach! It also makes a perfect gift! I will definitely be buying this to give to my own children’s teachers.
  • Every word, from the dedication to the letter TO the teacher at the end TOUCHES your heart. Just like her last two books, Olson shows that she just gets it. Talking about the true victories of the year such as persevering through hard work, finding different paths in math and simply doing your best, the former teacher just gets it. And when she reminds students to come back to visit in the future, all teachers will know just how much this means, and we hope, all students will realize just how much they each touch our hearts. Her third collaboration with an incredible and inclusive illustrator makes for the near perfect teacher read aloud great for truly any grade. Already waiting for the next one!
  • I loved the first two books this author wrote so much, that I bought several copies and gifted the books to my children’s teachers at the beginning of the school year and for teacher appreciation. All of them were thrilled. And now this one tugs at the heart with all those end of the year feels…it will make a great parting gift for so many loved teachers. You can’t go wrong with any of the books from this great author!
  • Oh my heart!If you teach, you absolutely need this book!It is a perfect representation of how a lot of us teachers feel about their students on the last day of school. The illustrations are so cute and very excited to see some male teachers in this book too! I love that you can also sign your name on the last page to really make it personal for your class. I have both of her books and they will forever be what I read at the beginning and end of each year!
  • This book is beautiful. So many colors and a representation of all students and abilities. This books is a great way for the class to reflect on how they felt at the beginning of the year and again now at the ending. A reflection on all they accomplished during the school year. Most importantly it reflect how each class stays with the teacher forever. Absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy and gift to my own children’s teachers.
  • This book captures what every teacher feels as we approach the end of the year, having to say “googbye” to a beloved class. Our students become our children throughout the year, and this book really helps make sense of the feelings that people have as they end a school year. It is a sweet, sweet book, and I would recommend it for EVERY TEACHER. I wish I could buy it for every teacher at my school.
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    File Size: 37 MB