A Little SPOT of Emotion 8 Book Box Set (Books 1-8: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Happiness, Sadness, Confidence, Love, & Scribble Emotion) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

This box set includes 8 Emotion Books: A Little SPOT of Anger A Little SPOT of Anxiety A Little SPOT of Happiness A Little SPOT of Sadness A Little SPOT of Love A Little SPOT of Confidence A Little Peaceful SPOT A Little Scribble SPOT

Diane Alber
May 15, 2020


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Diane Alber has had a passion for art since she held her first crayon at age two, which inspired her to subsequently earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State University. She is a wife and a mother of two young energetic children who love books. She became inspired to start writing and illustrating books because she saw a need for a book that inspired art and creativity in children. She also hopes that this book encourages parents to be proud of their children’s art work no matter what it looks like! <div id="

  • I wish I’d done an “unboxing” video of this book set. My kids (especially my 7 year old), couldn’t get through them fast enough. He read all 8 in one afternoon and expressed repeatedly how much he enjoyed them! I love them so much. He was able to relate to so many things and applied them To real life (speaking out loud about different examples mentioned in the book). One thing he read in the book that sticks out for me was that it’s easy to give up when things are hard, and that it can be frustrating, but to keep trying! He said “that happens to me all the time and I can do better next time”. I then overheard him telling his younger brother (3) that there’s a “spot” with us all the time but we can’t see it. It’s really special. I haven’t even read them yet but their reaction to them makes buying this set worth it already. A+
  • I LOVE these books. One was recommended to me and when I saw others I just had to buy the box set. I am so thankful I did. They’re well written and great concepts, cute illustrations, made well and even my 1.5 year old sat through an entire book. Understanding your emotions is so important and I cannot wait to read these for many years with my 1.5 year old! I will buy other Diane Alber books.
  • I cannot imagine a better set of books to teach my children all our emotions. One of our children (currently 3.5 years old) has rather big emotions. These books do a phenomenal job teaching about different emotions: what they are, what affects them, and how to control or change them in a way that is so creative and easy for kids to understand. I cannot praise these enough. Easily one of the best book purchases I have made for my kids thus far.
  • Using this set of books particularly for my 7 year old with anger issues. I’ve also started reading the series with my 5 year old.It’s not as kid-like in word choice for my 5 year old, and he gets bored with the books quickly.My 5 year old’s preschool teacher read I’m Not Just a Scribble by the same author and I absolutely fell in love with the book. This book series just seems like completely different writing style. Some words aren’t in the same usage or form, like “confidence” listed with “proud” instead of “confident” and “proud”. Only seems to bother my mom brain though.The overall concepts seem to be covered well, and the illustrations are great. I just wish these books were up to par with “I’m Not Just a Scribble”
  • LOVE these books. My 5 and 7 year old girls are learning so much from these books. They ask to read them EVERY night. My oldest (the 7 year old) struggles with some anxiety and these really seem to help her make sense of her emotions. I questioned buying them after a review stated they filled her child’s head with new worries they hadn’t thought of before and I gotta say I definitely disagree. These books aren’t specific enough to cause that issue.
  • As a Kindergarten teacher, I fell in love with these books the minute I found them. Then, to find a set that includes all the feelings mentioned in the “Little Scribble Spot”, I decided I needed the full set to introduce one at a time in the order the feelings are presented in the book. And the savings buying them as a set were a no-brainer. I can’t wait to use them next year!
  • These books are amazing. The Little Scribble Spot is my favorite. These teach emotions in a way that make it simple for kids to understand. The Little Scribble Spot teaches how to recognize what emotion you are feeling. It makes the important point that no feeling is inherently bad, it is only bad if we let our “spots” get out of control and we don’t know how to keep them in check. Each Spot has a calming technique or a sharing technique. I’m amazed at how quickly my kids have picked up on them all.These are a must if your small children suffer from anxiety or, like most kids, struggle to control their emotions. They’re also a great reminder for adults!
  • 5 stars for the feelings books– but am surprised Amazon sent it with a completely destroyed carrying case in which they are packaged. It even had an “Inspected” sticker on it which I’ve never seen. How in the world did it pass inspection? I’ll keep it because the books are fine and only because I don’t really need the little case it comes with for my counseling library– but if someone did, they’d be bummed! But most importantly, these books are so great for helping kids identify and work through feelings!
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    File Size: 29 MB