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Getting rich is not just about luck; happiness is not just a trait we are born with. These aspirations may seem out of reach, but building wealth and being happy are skills we can learn.So what are these skills, and how do we learn them? What are the principles that should guide our efforts? What does progress really look like?Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, philosopher, and investor who has captivated the world with his principles for building wealth and creating long-term happiness. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is a collection of Naval’s wisdom and experience from the last ten years, shared as a curation of his most insightful interviews and poignant reflections. This isn’t a how-to book, or a step-by-step gimmick. Instead, through Naval’s own words, you will learn how to walk your own unique path toward a happier, wealthier life. This book has been created as a public service. It is available for free download in pdf and e-reader versions on Naval is not earning any money on this book. Naval has essays, podcasts and more at and is on Twitter @Naval.
Eric Jorgenson
September 8, 2020
242 pages
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“I call Naval the Angel Philosopher, and the Almanack shows why. Packed with unforgettable wisdom and penetrating insights, your mental gears will be working overtime.” –Shane Parrish, founder of Farnam Street “Naval is an incredible source of wisdom. The problem was, you had to look all over to find it. This book is the only place where Naval’s genius is all collected. I’ve already read it twice, and plan to re-read it at least 2 times a year. I can think of no higher praise for a book.” –Tucker Max, 4x New York Times bestselling author “I want everyone in my life to read this book, especially the happiness section.” –Kaylan from Kansas City, USA “This isn’t just a book, it’s a new medium.” –Brent from Columbia, USA “The clearest multidisciplinary thinker on the internet.” –George from London, England (via Twitter) “I can’t say anyone else on Twitter has influenced my thinking and habits as much as Naval. There have been a few topics (reading, meditation, and meetings) where Naval’s advice has completely changed my approach. His words have stuck with me for years.” –David from San Francisco (via Twitter) “You need a better title.” –Mohit from Singapore (via Twitter) “Naval is successful because he deeply understands people. His mental models offer a blueprint on how to live your life.” –Amrit from Pune, India (via Twitter) About the Author Eric Jorgenson is a product strategist and writer. In 2011, he joined the founding team of Zaarly, a company dedicated to helping homeowners find accountable service providers they can trust. His business blog, Evergreen, educates and entertains more than one million readers. Eric is on a quest to create–and eat–the perfect sandwich. He lives in Kansas City with Jeannine, the most wonderful woman in the world. Follow him on Twitter @ericjorgenson, or check out his new projects on <div id="
  • The sample and the front page are correct, but the content inside the book is incorrect. The kindle version delivered to my device is for a book named “Called to Care”.Please fix the error and push the update to all the devices that have already downloaded the incorrect version.
  • If you want it for free, the author has free downloads on If you want to pay Amazon, that’s fine, too.Just reading the first 80 pages will make you deeply consider your life choices. Highly recommend this compilation of Naval’s wisdom and life-perspective. Going to buy the hard copy.
  • The kindle version seems to be mixed with another book content.
  • Already purchased 5 copies to hand out and put on shelf. This will sit right next to Poor Charlie’s Almanac and Dalio Principals for me to read and review and read again for years to come. I think Naval said instead of reading 1000 books, read the 100 best books 10 times. This is up there with the best of all time when it comes to content about life, wealth, and how to live.UPDATE: 1/5/20. I was going to read this entire book again to start the new year. I purchased the Kindle Version and quickly noticed, ITS THE WRONG BOOK. Haha. How does this happen. Right cover, right page, wrong content. Please fix.
  • I am not a Naval Ravikant follower. I didn’t know about him before this book. I am amazed at the value per minute I get while reading. I am constantly leaning back, looking up to the sky, and thinking about just how different my decision making will be now that I’ve been exposed to these ideas.The one key takeaway: happiness is a muscle that we need to exercise. (and that reading opens your eyes to the possible.)
  • Wow. This book is phenomenal.Eric does an incredible job distilling the absolute minimum viable principles to understand the process of building long term wealth.The book is a mixture of mind expanding realizations, harsh truths, meditations, helpful mantras and welcome punches to the face as needed.Could not recommend this more highly for anyone aspiring to have more wealth, wisdom, time, happiness, or peace.
  • This is from someone, who read the PDF document, witnessed the progress on Twitter (albeit not from the start), and still waiting for the Amazon order to ship. I am not directly involved with this project in any way, just a reader.First, I want to talk about Naval. He has broadened my perspective on wealth creation and continues to inspire me to think bigger and better. So, his content, tweets, and interviews are guaranteed to be worthwhile. Plus, he seldomly goes on media, so the wisdom in each conversation is even more valuable.Second, I want to talk about Eric. This book is the product of several beautiful coincidences: Eric making a casual poll on Twitter to compile Naval’s words, Naval giving Eric his blessings & dumping all his Tweets on Eric, and Eric prioritizing this over everything to produce a high-quality book of 200+ pages. I really want to thank Eric for taking the lead to do this thing many want but won’t do. It’s just like a start-up: we all want this thing, so why aren’t anyone doing it already?Third, everyone who is part of the production process is incredible. Publishing is a very messy business. Very complicated, sometimes frustrating. However, this book has such great design, format, edits, graphics, etc. To the twenty+ people working on this and even more beta-testing readers, thank you for making this a possibility.Last, Almanack is something that is always worth your money. Benjamin Franklin and Charlie Munger are behind some of the most re-readable books, and I think Naval’s book will be one that’s representative of the 21st Century. To publish an almanack, the subject first needs to have enough substance for that. Naval certainly does. (Peter Thiel’s Zero to One is sort of his almanack, when you think about it)I hope this book can sell a lot of copies. Even more important, I hope people who read it can actively make use of the lessons and wisdom contained. Then, readers from other countries can get their hands on translations. People read less and less on average now, and I’m worried about the future as depicted in “Fahrenheit 451”, when people have to recite books…Buy a book, pass on the fire!
  • If you find Naval’s wisdom enlightening, but haven’t read / listened to his past content, this is a terrific book for you. It collected and curated some of the gems of his wisdom. They were organised coherently. The visuals were wonderful.If you have read / heard most of his stuff, there isn’t much additional in this book. I expected to read more about the author’s take on the content, or different perspectives/interpretations of Naval’s wisdom. The visuals did that, but that’s about it.
  • I gave full star for this book because the writer deserves the credit for the amount of work he has put on this book. I know it’ll be difficult but if we read this book again and again and try to apply this in our lives, our life would be amazing.
  • I have only started reading the book but just wanted to say re previous reviews saying its contents are wrong – well that issue is fixed.Once I’ve read I will update.
  • Having pre-purchased this and looked to read immediate (big fan of Naval) – the kindle version is currently the wrong book (on September 15th 2020).After the (correct) front page the content inside is the book ‘Called to Care’ that you can find at the below link. fix amazon.
  • Initially I though this book would be just compilation of various tweets and podcast but after reading it I am pretty much satisfied reading book and learnt actual meanings of thoughts and elaborated examples which help made better sense of those publicly available wisdom from Naval
  • If you just buy one book this year, make it this!Great insight into the mind of one of the greatest thinkers, philosophers and creator of our times – Naval Ravikant.Naval so eloquently digs into the meaning and ways of creating wealth, happiness and freedom for one.I often have to put the book down for days just to absorb and fully comprehend the ideas described in the book.A great book for anyone who is a critical thinker and challenges the modern “9-5” work model!
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