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The groundbreaking NEW YORK TIMES and WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER that taught a generation how to earn more, save more, and live a rich life—now in a revised 2nd edition.   Buy as many lattes as you want. Choose the right accounts and investments so your money grows for you—automatically. Best of all, spend guilt-free on the things you love.   Personal finance expert Ramit Sethi has been called a “wealth wizard” by Forbes and the “new guru on the block” by Fortune. Now he’s updated and expanded his modern money classic for a new age, delivering a simple, powerful, no-BS 6-week program that just works.  I Will Teach You to Be Rich will show you: • How to crush your debt and student loans faster than you thought possible • How to set up no-fee, high-interest bank accounts that won’t gouge you for every penny • How Ramit automates his finances so his money goes exactly where he wants it to—and how you can do it too • How to talk your way out of late fees (with word-for-word scripts) • How to save hundreds or even thousands per month (and still buy what you love) • A set-it-and-forget-it investment strategy that’s dead simple and beats financial advisors at their own game • How to handle buying a car or a house, paying for a wedding, having kids, and other big expenses—stress free • The exact words to use to negotiate a big raise at work  Plus, this 10th anniversary edition features over 80 new pages, including: • New tools • New insights on money and psychology • Amazing stories of how previous readers used the book to create their rich lives   Master your money—and then get on with your life.
Ramit Sethi
May 14, 2019
352 pages
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“Don’t let the breezy, irreverent style of this book fool you. It contains serious advice on personal-finance decisions from budgeting and savings to spending and investing.” —Burton G. Malkiel, author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street  “Ramit Sethi is a rising star in the world of personal finance writing . . . one singularly attuned to the sensibilities of his generation . . . His style is part frat boy and part Silicon Valley geek, with a little bit of San Francisco hipster thrown in.”—San Francisco Chronicle “The easiest way to get rich is to inherit. This is the second best way—knowledge and some discipline. If you’re bold enough to do the right thing, Ramit will show you how. Highly recommended.” —Seth Godin “Particularly appealing to the younger generation with its easy-to-read, no-holds-barred language.”—Business Insider“Ramit’s like the guy you wish you knew in college who would sit you down over a beer and fill you in on what you really need to know about money—no sales pitch, just good advice.” —Christopher Stevenson, Credit Union Executives Society “Smart, bold, and practical. I Will Teach You to Be Rich is packed with tips that actually work. This is a great guide to money management for twentysomethings—and everybody else.” —J. D. Roth, Editor, GetRichSlowly.org “. . . one of our favorite personal finance sites.” —Lifehacker   About the Author Ramit Sethi writes about money, business, and psychology for a million readers each month at iwillteachyoutoberich.com. He’s been featured in Fortune, the New York Times, the Tim Ferris podcast, and the Wall Street Journal. He studied technology and psychology at Stanford and lives in New York.   <div id="
  • A LOT of the book is complaining about people who complain….and I mean a lot. If you are someone who complains about not being able to save but goes out and drinks beer every weekend and reading a book will make you realize the errors in your ways, than this is a great book for you. I bought this book for the Kindle…the book started with 19 hours of reading…by the time I actually found anything that was even remotely relevant to me…I had less than 2 hours of reading left. This is NOT a book for all audiences. I am 46 years old, haven’t owned a credit card in over 15 years, have my house and vehicles paid off, and make very good money. This book for me was pointless. I bought it because of the raving reviews. Your never to far along to learn something new but sadly…this was not the book to do it. Much of it is spent on credit card debt, student loans, and probably 30% of every page is testimonials from other people….hence your paying to be advertised too. “Look how much people think my ideas are wonderful!” A little bit of that goes a long way, and a lot of that tires out quickly. He also bashes on young people relentlessly. He assumes if you are young…you complain and don’t take responsibility for anything you do but yet he assumes you will be responsible enough at your young age to buy a book on finance? Weird assumption. Either way, I gave it a one star because unless you have been living under a rock….there is nothing new in this book. It’s the same format as every other “how to” book out there. Spend 35% talking about what your going to say, 35% giving testimonials, and then if you are lucky….30% of information, which does not and will not pertain to everyone. This book is no different.
  • Did you read the first version of I Will Teach You To Be Rich?If so you might be wondering why you should buy this updated version.Here’s why1. Your financial situation has changed since reading the first version.2. It’s only the cost of a few cups of coffee Ramit will tell you to keep buying.3. When executed accordingly with the new updated checking and investment accounts recommended you will have at least a 1,000 times return on investment when you follow his advice in the next few years.4. If you have investment accounts you’re being screwed by your broker which is charging you a 1% management fee which is actually costing you 28% in the long term against money that fee prevents you from making with the Compounding Interest.5. Ramit is a badass and actually lives by the advice he gives which very few financial “experts” can say the same.6. This book saved me hundreds of dollars of fees by changing my checking accounts away from 2 banks he highly advises against which you most likely have an account or 2 with. (This alone will pay for the book 30x)7. Let me guess you and your partner argue about finances? He includes word by word templates of how to talk about your finances with your partner and finally get on the same page.8. Buying the book is the least you could do after reading and following Ramit’s amazing free content for years or being on his newsletter.Read the book.Take control of your financial situation.You will be grateful you did this now instead of waiting another decade hoping, praying your finances will magically change.Ps, I had the privilege of receiving an advanced copy, so I know the awesomeness you’re about to enjoy when you take action and buy the book for yourself and everyone you care about.Gordie Bufton
  • When I first read this book, I was a recent college grad who had about $40K in student debt and absolutely zero knowledge of personal finance.I read this book in 2013 and am 100% debt free, have saved money (even if just $10) every week since then, and have also had an automated system for my finances the entire time that made it all possible.Ramit’s scripts have saved me thousands of dollars on loan interest, helped lower my phone and insurance bills, and given me the confidence to take control of my financial life and future.Just one chapter of this book could change your life. Don’t even waste a second debating it and just get started.Thanks for everything, Ramit!
  • Until I got this one.Ramit hits it spot on. This is a down to earth ; no BS kinda book, no big fancy terms, no crazy plans or budgeting … Just basic finance tips that will put your financial life on autopilot mode and quick, simple solutions for retirement and living a “Rich Life” that will work for 90% of people (and is likely already 10x better than whatever you’re doing right now). Sounds too good to be true? Read the book, you’ll see.I already shared this book with a few friends and colleagues and will be forcing my younger sisters to read this so that they can start planning their Rich Life asap while still in their 20s. I wish someone had given me this book 10 years ago but as they say ; the best time to start saving was yesterday, the 2nd best time is NOW.For Canadians ; you can safely replace “401(k)” references with RRSP (RÉER) and “Roth IRA” references with TFSA (CÉLI) in the book and although the accounts are not EXACTLY the same as their American counterpart, big picture wise they serve the same purpose. As for the banks proposed in the books, you can easily find equivalents with a bit of Google searching (try searching for “high interest savings account Canada” for instance).
  • Read this if you are from India:Honest reviewsI brought this on 24th May and completed this on 26th May.Book is really good about finance.But the information on this book doesn’t work if you are Indian.This book is totally written with the view point of USA citizen. Better don’t waste your money if you are from India and Indian. The method used in this book doesn’t work for Indian 🙁 quite disappointed
  • After reading the first edition just over 12 months ago, I placed my faith in the process and followed Ramit’s actionable 6 week plan.Fast forward one year and not only has Ramit’s advice made and saved me more than I could possibly imagine, he also offered to guide me and a group of select others through the 2nd edition of IWT.Ramit looked at my exact numbers, said everything was looking good, and then showed me how and where they could be improved. Specifically Ramit suggested I increased the amount I invest in index funds and letting them compound, as that was the most beneficial piece of advice for my particular scenario (under 25 and able to use time to my advantage). This one simple change is set to make me an extra £162,000 by adding an extra £50 a month into what I currently invest… and that is only going to continue to increase.Furthermore, Ramit showed the group how financial issues are caused through psychology and emotion rather than being to do with simple mathematics. The power of not waiting for permission and understanding how and why we make our financial decisions (or do not make them) was revolutionary and something that I have not seen discussed in other financial books. In Ramit’s words ‘This is a psychology book wrapped to look about finance’ and he is correct. If you know that you have let certain financial decisions get away from you, Ramit will help you get back on track with specific steps and zero judgement.Every single person who was in the group was ecstatic with the progress they made in the 4 weeks that we had together and it was very much worth staying up until 3am every Monday in return for a lifetime of financial literacy.Thank you Ramit, anyone would be a fool to not buy this book.
  • 10% interesting recap of information you more than likely have read elsewhere. 90% ‘later on I will teach you the secrets but first…’ guff.Just another self help entry into the pyramid scheme of ‘you too can get rich’ from an author who has only got rich from teaching you how to get rich.P.S those on six figures will be pleased to know they can sign up for Ramit’s advanced course. Just make sure you’ve signed the blank cheque first.
  • In this book you’re going to get a lot of good information but , many of them have no use for me (coming from EU/GE) most of them is speaking about credits and 401k account …
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