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A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to crystals.Find a known crystal instantly or identify an unknown crystal in this easy-to-follow directory that includes photographic identification, detailed descriptions, and information on the individual properties of each crystal–including the spiritual, mental and psychological, emotional and physical effects, plus its use in healing. It’s an indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere, featuring over 150 crystals.

Judy Hall
May 11, 2003
400 pages

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An internationally known author, astrologer, crystal expert, psychic, and healer, Judy Hall authored over 40 books, including the bestselling Crystal Bible (2003) and The Crystal Bible 2 (2009), as well as Crystals to Empower You (2013). Her writing has been translated into 16 languages, and The Crystal Bible alone has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. <div id="

  • I’m new into crystal/gemstone healing and protective powers. I’m energetically sensitive and very much an empath. I purchased two bracelets that have several different stones, to include Shungtite, Black Tourmaline, and Tiger’s Eye. This book has helped me also learn about the loose stones that I’ve purchased at a local store that sells everything crystals and gemstones. When I went into the store for the second time in a week, I asked the woman who owns the place if she could point me in the direction of a stone that would help me harness compassion and unconditional love; lo-and-behold she flipped right to Prehnite. After reading the pages on it, I felt a strong sense of calm, as this was the EXACT stone I needed in my life-not only harnessing unconditional love for others, but harnessing powerful properties to heal the healer. I’m infinity grateful to this woman, and to The Crystal Bible, as I continue my journey into learning how to continue to heal myself, while also helping to heal others in this world that so desperately need it through crystals, gemstones, Reiki and other holistic approaches.
  • This is my first purchase of the three-part series by Judy Hall. Volume 1 covers over 200 crystals! I can already tell you I’ll be purchasing volumes 2 and 3 (each of which cover 200+ MORE crystals/stones, not included in volume 1) I love how each crystal description includes photos to further help in identification. I also appreciate that rarity and sources were included. Information about the spiritual and physical impacts of crystals on the body is in there as well! This book is loaded with a lot of great information and is the perfect quick reference. It’s also small and fits easily in my hand. I highly recommend it for beginners.
  • An extremely helpful book. My only complaint is that not every stone has chakra classification and I really think that would be a beneficial feature. I had to look up many stones on google because of this. Otherwise a complete guide with an explanation on EVERY stone I have plus chakra classification on many of the stones.
  • Great intro to crystals. It’s also really nice that it is organized in alphabetical order.The only difficult thing is sometimes I can’t remember the name of a crystal and would like to be able to look it up by color but the internet is good for that 😉
  • While there are great photos and a tad bit of information on the stone’s color, appearance, rarity and source (world location), most of the text in this book (90%) is about spirituality and healing the stones are known for.Location data is by country… The US, China & India are pretty big countries and there are references to continents (I saw Africa listed for one of the stones). I would have thought the locations could have been a little more specific (like US Pacific NW?)Since the title is “The Crystal Bible: a definitive guide to crystals” I expected much more. The title would better read: “The Crystal Bible: a definitive guide to spirituality and healing benefits of crystals”Good news though! While this wasn’t what I was looking for it is perfect for my son’s fiance 🙂 She will totally dig this! So you can’t have it back :-)Not sure how this book got a 4.8 star rating… I can’t be one of the few who expected less ‘spirituality and healing’ and more details, but apparently I am. LOL
  • Unhappy that the crystals listed here are lacking, and ultimately, you must have all three volumes to cover your needs of you are a collector. I prefer a reference book that covers all my needs in one volume.
  • I have worked with crystals for 25 years and it’s been a long process to get better at using them. At first nothing would happen at all.This book goes into so much detail the stone, the colors, the shape, all sorts of stuff. I am so glad I bought it. I think she wrote another book but this one is really important. It goes through the physical & emotional & spiritual impacts of the crystal on the body as well as a ton of other information. If you are looking for a book truly this is it.
  • This is exactly what I was hoping for. This book is user friendly and covers a lot of cyrstals. I was happy to see how each crystal is broken down and described for each of its variances. A lot of books I find talk about one main color… then briefly mention that other colors exist too with slightly different properties. This book is more comprehensive. For example, both quartz and calcite are broken down and explained for their many colors and forms. The picture I included shows part of the pages on calcite. The size of this book is great too. It’s thick but has a smaller frame so it’s easier to bring places. This could fit in my purse. I have had my eye on this book for awhile now. I’m glad I finally bought it. It did not disappoint.
  • Very usefull will be buying the others in the near future. Full of pictures where the gems are found how easily obtained they are ect… Recommend for people who interested in healing cause it gives you that info. But also people who are interested in jewellery. By reading this you can be more knowledgeable of where you stuff comes from what it looks like polished and raw. Full of info.
  • A beautiful book on crystals that will be so useful for me so much,spirituality means so much to me.And buying this book has helped me along that path,Thankyou for a quick delivery.Such a great and lovely seller xx
  • I had this book before but I can’t find it anywhere! It’s a fantastic reference guide and has absolutely everything you need to know in it! As a crystal seller, I often get asked all sorts of weird and wonderful question and this book can usually come up with pretty much every answer!
  • Must be 1 of my favourite as so covers so many crystals along with lots of info on each one aswell as ideas for general crystal use.
  • Perfect book with all the info I needed1st order lost in post but seller immediately posted replacementExcellent service
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