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Create a timeless keepsake that will be treasured by future generations. Tell Me Your Life Story, Grandma is a beautifully designed gift to capture all of Grandma’s precious memories and wisdom.This simple guided journal helps grandmothers record their life story with over 200 questions.The thought-provoking questions and prompts are organized into chapters based on your grandmother’s life stages to help her record memories, experiences, treasured moments and reflections.Once completed, this gift will become a precious treasure and personal keepsake of your grandmother’s most important recollections, stories and life lessons that can be passed down to your children, grandchildren and cherished by future generations to come.Ideal Gift. Makes a perfect and thoughtful gift for any occasion.Over 200 journal prompts. 126 detailed questions and 75 short questions.Elegant design. 122 pages. Beautiful interior design, divided into six chapters.Perfect Size. 7 x 10 inches (17.8 x 25.4 cm)For grandmothers of all kinds. The inclusive questions are suitable for all grandmothers and family structures.Printed in the USA. Proudly designed and printed in the USA.Available in both Hardcover and Paperback.

Questions About Me
April 18, 2021
122 pages

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  • Hi all! Just purchased two journals for my grandmother’s Christmas gift. First off, I have to say, the questions in the journal are awesome! These aren’t your average, “What is your favorite ____?” but seek deep thought and reflection from grandma. I am sure my grandma will be thrilled receiving this journal and filling it out. However… a few points for consideration:1.) When filling out about her family, there is only room for your grandmother to list four children she had. My grandmother was born in the 1930s. She had eight children. I recognize that most women don’t have that many children, but it was not abnormal back then. I have a feeling she is going to be disappointed she has to pick only 4 to discuss instead of all 8. There is a “Notes” section at the end of each chapter where I guess she could talk about her other 4 children, but it isn’t the same. If grandma has more than 4 children, this may not be the product for them.2.) There is room for grandmother to discuss one husband. My grandmother had two husbands – one who died early on in the marriage and then she remarried later in life. I have a feeling (again) she isn’t going to know which husband she should discuss when completing the prompts. With so many couples divorcing or remarrying nowadays, this journal wouldn’t be great for women who had multiple husbands/remarried.3.) The print/size of the text is way too small!! My grandmother has a hard time seeing small print as it is, and the font is probably set at a size 11 or 12 type. I have a feeling I will be purchasing a magnifying glass to go with the product. If your grandmother needs larger print, this journal isn’t written for that.Overall, I am pleased with the purchase and I am not returning it. However, keep these points in mind before your purchase for yours truly. I’ll need to explain them to my grandmother when she opens it at Christmas.
  • Cool gift for a grandparent
  • Purchased as a gift for my parents and in-laws from my kids. We’ve had a great time reading through and asking questions to get more info on the stories. I suggest spending time together reading through the entries. There are good prompts for storytelling from generation to generation.
  • I ordered two of these. One came fine while the other is covered in some kind of black ink.
  • Although, it had some questions that I thought would be beneficial to add to a life story of my parents and grandparents, I was highly disappointed that they felt the exact same questions would be of interest to all the different roles of people in your life. The questions are all basically the a version of the ones you find on the internet for free and none of them are personalized to the theme of the book. I guess we will use it as a guide as we go through the list. Also, be prepared to download additional questions off the website, by entering an email address that you can get additional promotional and spam from. I really wish it would be worth the cost to return these, however, I will just be donating them to the library.
  • If you’re wanting to get to know your grandparents, some of their stories, friends etc this Is definitely a great choice. My grandmother is getting older & as many stories as she’s told me over the years.. I could only imagine the ones she’s left out.This book lets you get a little deeper view of who and what your grandma is like. I personally went with the paperback version & it came packaged well, very clean & professional looking.
  • Great for my future grandchildren will be able to get to know me even after I’m gone.
  • Came covered in oil and ink, the book was scuffed and the pages bent and worn. This is supposed to be a gift! Awful
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    File Size: 7 MB