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Instant New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller! An intimate and light-hearted memoir by viral sensation and three-timeEmmy-nominated musical comedian Randy Rainbow that takes readers through his life―the highs, the lows, the lipstick, the pink glasses, and the show tunes.Randy Rainbow, the man who conquered the Internet with a stylish pair of pink glasses, an inexhaustible knowledge of Broadway musicals, and the most gimlet-eyed view of American politics this side of Mark Twain finally tells all in Playing with Myself, a memoir sure to cause more than a few readers to begin singing one of his greatest hits like “A Spoonful of Clorox” or “Cover Your Freakin’ Face.” As Randy has said, “There’s so much fake news out there about me. I can’t wait to set the record straight and finally give people a peek behind the green screen.” And set the record straight he does. Playing with Myself is a first-hand account of the journey that led Randy Rainbow from his childhood as the over-imaginative, often misunderstood little boy who carried a purse in the second grade to his first job on Broadway as the host at Hooters and on to the creation of his trademark comedy character. In chapters titled “Pajama Bottoms” (a look back at the days when he wore pajama bottoms on his head to pretend he was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz), “Yes, It’s My Real Name, Shut Up!” (no explanation necessary…) and “Pink Glasses” (a rose-colored homage to his favorite accessory), Playing with Myself is a memoir that answers the question “Can an introverted musical theatre nerd with a MacBook and a dream save the world, one show tune at a time?”
Randy Rainbow
April 19, 2022
256 pages
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“I was already a big fan of Randy’s commentary on American celebrity and culture. Always smart, always wickedly funny, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. I waited, as we all did, for his next target. Then he asked me to sing with him. His target, Donald Trump. Oh joy! I went to his apartment and met a shy, handsome young guy who just happens to have this enormous talent. It was a joyful two hours. I left his home with a huge smile and lots of swag. I wait patiently now, as we all do, for his next video that will make me laugh, make me feel not so alone in my thinking, make me wonder in awe at the audacious force of nature that is Randy Rainbow.”―Patti LuPone“Discovering Randy is one of my happiest memories. I don’t toss around the word ‘genius’ often, but there’s no other word to describe him. After being in touch with each other, I’m thrilled to call him my friend. He’s as nice as he is talented. Wow.” ―Carol Burnett“Brilliant . . . as good as anyone writing lyrics today.” ―Stephen Sondheim“I fall in love with Randy Rainbow a little bit more with each new video. Brilliant! And that voice!” ―RuPaul“Randy Rainbow is so damn important.” ―Lin Manuel Miranda”A rollicking debut . . . packed with well-timed zingers . . . Rainbow’s gift for striking a well-honed phrase will have readers cackling. Fans are sure to be heartened and tickled by this entertaining account.” ―Publishers Weekly “Buoyant and campy throughout, Rainbow’s revelations and lighthearted banter will entertain fans and newbies alike. A chatty autobiography brimming with heart and humor.” ―Kirkus Reviews”Filled with the kind of anecdotes that anyone raised on a steady diet of Sex and the City and Broadway musicals will eat up with a spoon, Rainbow’s memoir is pure, indulgent fun. Fans of Rainbow (there are millions, and they include big-name celebs, presidential candidates, and Broadway superstars) will want this book immediately, as will anyone who enjoys a good, dishy celebrity memoir.” ―Booklist (starred) About the Author Randy Rainbow is a three-time Emmy-nominated comedian, actor, singer, writer, and satirist best known for his popular series of musical parodies and political spoofs, which have garnered him international acclaim. Randy tours the U.S. to sold-out audiences, and his viral comedy videos receive millions of views across all social media and digital platforms. He resides in New York City. <div id="
  • Admiring celebrities is an interesting part of life. I remind myself, ‘they’re only people who make news’. Some celebrities are not worth the time. Randy Rainbow is a special person!! This world needs more people like him…many more. I won’t waste time with a book review…if you have seen even one of Randy’s videos, well, you know….his autobiography, is unforgettable!!!! Do you want to laugh? I started laughing on page three, aloud, and didn’t stop!!! The Rachel Maddow made me laugh so much I couldn’t keep my eyes open, to keep reading! I also cried the ugly cry, and I wish I could hug Randy!!! I just love him!!! Do you want to laugh?
  • I dont usually review books or anything else for that matter but I need to offer my humble opinion on this one . . . I laughed and I cried and was spellbound through much of it. Randy took me on a total ride with the good and not so good parts of his life. Im going f to start rereading it now. I want to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. Kudos Randy!
  • Randy did not disappoint! I’m a big fan of his videos and it was wonderful getting to know him on a more personal level. The passage about his beloved cat meant so much to me, as I too am losing my darling to Kidney disease at this very moment. Randy, I wish you all the success and happiness that you deserve and hope to see you live, then wait outside the stage door to meet you! Much love.
  • I found I needed some comic relief. Randy Rainbow’s book provided that. PLAYING WITH MYSELF is probably the campiest book you’ll ever read, but it provides insight into why Randy is like he is and the positive effects of humor in these desperate times. Randy gets serious on occasion, especially when dealing with the deaths of his beloved Nanny and his 17-year-old cat, but it’s mostly about the importance of humor and how Randy found his particular niche in the world. There’s way too much name-dropping for me, but then that’s part of the stereotype. Mostly it’s a fun read.
  • Just a great book. Affirmative on so many levels. I think so many people can read this and see themselves as stars when for years they may have been invalidated – for any number of reasons. You don’t have to be LGBTQ to rejoice in his success. And I am so relieved he has a new cat!
  • From a sometimes sad childhood to his triumph as an artist and a mensch, Randy gives us the inside scoop to his unexpected life. With his usual humor but with incredible insight, he takes us on his unlikely journey. It’s a peek behind the curtain of a man who has found himself. In lifting our spirits during these hard pandemic times he has gifted us with his enormous strength, his incredulity at his own success, and his passion to be a Broadway star.We have tickets to see his stage show (which sadly has been postponed twice) but this has made me want to see him all the more. You are a treat, Randy Rainbow. Thanks for the Pink Glasses!
  • I read A LOT of books. I immerse myself in the book as a read it, then at the ending I move on to the next. Rarely does a book continue to reach into my thoughts days after I finish it. This book has prompted me to write a *gasp* review. Playing with Myself takes you on a wonderful ride in roller coaster with the Nanny in your life riding shotgun. I laughed, cried, sometimes both at the same time. My cat was very confused. If you love Randy’s parody videos or you hate Randy’s parody videos, read this book. You will still be quoting this book days after you read it. Or writing a review on Amazon.
  • I owe a big thank you to Randy Rainbow. His book helped me see things I had been afraid to admit about myself. My eyes are now opened and can see the path ahead. (And yes one really does exist) life is what we make of it and reading this book brought many nights of tears, laughter and joy. By the time you finish, you will feel as though you always knew him. I look forward to a second installment! Maybe his mom could write her own book about him…. Sure it would be a hoot!!
  • Randy Rainbow’s new memoir, Playing with Myself, arrived mid-afternoon, and I have to confess to ignoring the hoovering and dusting and laundry to sit down and devour it. What a delight! Very funny and extraordinarily touching by turns, Rainbow pulls no punches in describing the twists and turns of his personal and artistic life. Yes, there is name-dropping galore—LuPone! Streep! Sondheim! Burnett!—but it’s tempered a sort of sweet awe and a consistent sense of gratitude, as if he can’t quite believe his own luck in achieving what he’s achieved. Plenty of bons mots and double-entendres and sarcasm, but plenty of sincere revelations of deeply-felt pain and fears. A very entertaining piece of work, rather like its author.
  • I bought this book to say a BIG thank you to Randy Rainbow for providing so many wonderfully entertaining videos during covid for my husband & I to enjoy and share. I am happy to say the book is very entertaining (as expected). Thank you Randy for all you do and continued success from a couple of Canadian friends.
  • I’ve enjoyed Randy Rainbow’s musical comedy as a remedy to the depression brought on by the Orange one, and it was great to learn more about the actual person behind the clever wit and amusing videos.
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