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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!“Savagery appeased can only grow. Once you give in to it, it must escalate, like a fire searching for air.”The man who won the Pulitzer Prize for GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, who wrote the classic films THE VERDICT and WAG THE DOG sounds his alarm about the Visigoths at our gates.In RECESSIONAL he calls out, skewers, mocks, and, most importantly, dissects the virus of conformity which is now an existential threat to the West.A broad-ranging journey through history, the Bible, and literature, RECESSIONAL examines how politics and cultural attitudes about rebellion have shifted in the United States in the last generation. By screaming down freedom of thought and expression, Mamet explains, we kill invention and democracy – the foundations of security and growth.A wickedly funny, wistful and wry appeal to the free-thinking citizen, RECESSIONAL is a vital warning that if we don’t confront the cultural thuggery now, the commissars and their dupes will transform the Land of the Free into the dictatorship at which they aim.
David Mamet
April 5, 2022
240 pages
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David Mamet is one of the foremost American playwrights. He has won a Pulitzer prize and received Tony nominations for his plays, Glengarry Glen Ross and Speed-the-Plow. His screenwriting credits include The Verdict and The Untouchables. <div id="
  • (Note – I am politically neutral. I don’t love any political party, I love good books. I review books based on their content, not the author’s affiliations)This book is a collection of 38 essays, written by playwright David Mamet. In these essays Mamet expresses his far right wing political views, support of Trump, religious views and values, and some unique interpretations; while decrying “the Left”, and complaining about certain aspects of the current state of the country.Right from the start, the author’s strong political opinions will likely illicit a strong response from the reader; and whether that is positive or negative will depend on your personal political leanings. If you are very liberal or left-leaning, then you will probably have a hard time making it past the first few pages, while conservative or right-leaning readers might be encouraged to read on, (for a little while at least.)I would imagine though, that even people that share some of Mamet’s political sentiments, might encounter a few ideas in these essays that they find questionable or bizarre at best.Here is one quote from the 6th essay entitled “King Kong”:“The Miss America Pageant is, essentially the reenactment of a slave auction. King Kong is, of course, a rape fantasy. Here the huge black creature wants the defenseless white woman so badly he is willing to die for her.”In this same essay, Mamet also seems to lament the portrayal of his Jewish people, stating: “In Holocaust films, my people, the Jews, are awarded a temporary status as honorary human beings. The audience is invited to feel sympathy in return for the assurance that we will end the film as soap.” This essay in particular seems to go in a few different directions, and any logical point that Mamet was trying to explain seems to be clouded by some strong emotional biases. He concludes that “In kneeling, delusional liberals offer themselves sexually to those they delight to consider more powerful, acting out the passive side of a rape fantasy.”There are many similar moments in these essays, where I feel like even people that AGREE with Mamet about some things, might pause and question some of the conclusions that he comes to. Mamet does clearly have some knowledge about history and literature, as he quotes many authors from Kipling to the Jewish sage Hillel; but his interpretations and the conclusions he comes to often seem like a stretch, to put it lightly.In conclusion, if you consider yourself to be liberal, you will very likely strongly dislike this book. If you consider yourself to be conservative, you might agree with a few points, but you might still find some of the essays to be a bit unhinged; or at least not very logical. I personally try to read books without bringing my biases into the review, and I don’t have strong political opinions anyway. In this case, I think that many of these essays just don’t make much sense. Perhaps even more frustrating, is that Mamet combines some historical/literary knowledge with strong emotional opinions; sometimes misrepresenting the stance of the original writers completely. I think that many of the opinions shared here are not actually what your average conservative American would believe, and so I’m not entirely sure who the intended audience for this book actually is.
  • This is an excellent compilation of Mamet’s essays. I didn’t know about the forthcoming book or the essays until I saw him interviewed a few days ago. I pre-ordered the book and downloaded it this morning. I’m almost finished. It’s one of “those” books. It grips early on and won’t let go. As you would expect from an accomplished playwright, the prose is brilliant. His thoughts are packed with wisdom that 70-plus years on the planet brings to the humble and gracious among us.Buy it. Read it. Recommend it. Profusely. A book for our time. The immediacy of this disastrous national moment is captured by one of the finest writers of our time. What more could you ask?
  • A broad set of well written essays covering many of the issues facing America. Mainly they challenge the Left and their attempt to usurp the Constitution and capitalism with their attack on free speech (cancel culture, control of media and education), their attack on due process (cancel culture, CRT), attack on property (uncontrolled rioting and looting) and wanting to replace capitalism with government-controlled Marxism. My favorite summary is the author’s reducing Bernie Sanders platform to: “stop working, tax the productive until they stop working, and let the country go to hell.” My one concern with the work is its partisan language doesn’t leave a lot of room for compromise. In order for our democracy to work, we will all need to come together with people we think we may not like and work towards solutions that keep the democracy intact. My guess is we have much more in common than we do have differences.
  • The author has a famously great ear for dialogue, & in 1978, Edward Albee said he was following Mamet’s work to see if there was “a mind to go with the ear.” It doesn’t appear so, certainly not judging by this collection, which will likely be shaded by your politics going into it. Mamet can turn a phrase, but scratch the surface of most ideas within & they crumble at an alarming rate. If spending a few hours being talked at by a bitter old uncle with a decent voice but a lack of coherent ideas is your idea of a good time, by all means, buy this book. Better yet, I’ll sell you my copy! Sad evidence of the sun going down from a formerly promising writer.
  • Very disappointed I should have used the option to “take a look”A bunch of disconnected ramblingsAnyone want my copy you can have it for the postage cost
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