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The best photographs of the first 21 years of the 21st century take center stage in this incredible volume of National Geographic’s world-famous imagery.In just two short decades of the 21st century, National Geographic has ushered in a new era of visual storytelling excellence, including innovations in digital, drone, and smartphone photography, and reached out to a global audience through one of the world’s most popular Instagram accounts, @NatGeo. In these 21 years, photography has transformed from a rarefied discipline to a universal medium of communication, available in the palm of everyone with a mobile phone. Through it all, National Geographic has remained at the forefront, shining a light on the beauty, wonder, and heartbreak of the world. A remarkable collection, The 21st Century culls more than 250 of the very best, most impactful National Geographic images across print, digital, and social media, celebrating:Extraordinary wildlifeUnique cultures around the worldBeautiful landscapesOne-of-a-kind portrait photography And behind-the-shot stories from celebrated National Geographic photographers like Joel Sartore, Nick Nichols, Jodi Cobb, Anand Varma, and Evgenia Arbugaeva.Spanning the remarkable moments year-by-year from 2000 to 2021, The 21st Century is a beautiful, giftable, and important record of our rapidly changing world–a treasury you’ll want to keep on the coffee table and turn to again and again.Complete your National Geographic photography collection with best-selling favorites: America the Beautiful: A Story in PhotographsWomen: The National Geographic Image CollectionNational Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the ExtraordinaryNational Geographic The Photo Ark: One Man’s Quest to Document the World’s Animals
National Geographic
November 2, 2021
400 pages
File Size: 68 MB
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One of the world’s leading nonfiction publishers, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has published more than 1,700 titles, featuring such categories as history, travel, nature, photography, space, science, health, biography, and memoir. A portion of its proceeds is used to fund exploration, conservation, and education through ongoing contributions to the work of the National Geographic Society. <div id="
  • I have a fairly extensive collection of Nat Geo books. Until now I’ve always been more than pleased. But I dont like this book. They split most of the photographs in half, with the curve of the page and the spine up the middle of the photo. It interferes with the message and what should have been beautiful imagery. Then they chose to print the captions and brief comments about the photos so lightly it can barely be seen in a size so tiny I have to use a magnifying glass to read it. A lot of money for a miserable mess.
  • The pictures in the National geographic book are beautiful. But whoever edited and cropped the pictures for the book should be shot. Each image is cut in half by the binder that holds the book together. So there is not one image that is completely clear. All of them are diminished by not being able to see the entire photograph. All of them!
  • I was very disappointed in the photographs I was expecting to see. Out of 430 pages there are less than 50 photographs that I enjoyed seeing. It appears this is nothing more than the liberal agenda pushing their ideologies down everyone’s throat. I have always enjoyed National Geographic until this book.
  • Worst Ever Book Pics are dark & most cannot make out what Im looking at. Very Disappointed That National Geographic Would Put thier name to this worst descriotiin of Picturess Book. Large heavy would of expected Nice Photos well depicted & put together book. Didn’t even come close. I purchased here in Amazon. I & am returning. Would not suggest as a gift nor keep for myself.
  • If you want BLM and Biden propaganda for your coffee table, this book is for you. It’s an absolute shame that National Geographic could not have stayed out of politics. Don’t make the mistake that I made. Zoom in on the cover to see if you want a picture from the summer of “peaceful protests” on your coffee table. Of all the pictures that they could’ve put on the cover, they chose this one. Very bad decision. When you go woke, you go broke and your book ends up in the bargain bin; it should be in the trash. BLM has done NOTHING for black lives. Those at the top have lined their pockets with millions and bought mansions; not a group to glorify and put on book covers. Sending back.
  • When I saw this advertised, I was excited anticipating spectacular photography. I was very disappointed by the layouts and the quality of some of the pictures. I bought it for a gift, but once I saw it, I just returned it.
  • Lovely large coffee table book. However many photos are spread between two pages, sometimes obscuring important parts of the images. As a $20 deal from the treasure truck it’s definitely worth it. I’m not sure I would pay the $50 retail price though.
  • The cover of the book is a BLM protest where people are classlessly wading in a national fountain? That’s what you chose to believe to highlight on the cover of this book? Did you forget that thousands of people lost their lives on 9/11 and that united us in a way we hadn’t been in a very long time? No, you didn’t forget. You chose carefully. And I’m choosing carefully as well. I choose unity, not division.
  • I bought this as a gift for my husband who loves history and travel. He is thrilled with it and we have both think the collection of photographs is stunning and inspirational.
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